MO-4 and MO-5 Election Updates

Okay, I’m assuming that everyone knows the winners and losers so far (9:55 cst).

Congratulations Senator Rubio. Congratulations Congressman Webster. Thank you for Alan Grayson’s bitter tears. Thank you, thank you thank you!

And so on and so forth. A lot of big wins, a few heartaches.

Ace is covering the election results, as is Red State, Townhall, The Other McCain, and Michelle Malkin.

The two races I’m closely watching tonight, are MO-4, Skelton vs. Hartzler and and MO-5, Cleaver vs. Turk.

Here are the results, so far:

Missouri – District 4

67.5% of precincts reporting

Vicky Hartzler(R) – 50%  76,827 Votes
Ike Skelton (D) – 45%  68,602 Votes

Missouri – District 5

9.0% of precincts reporting

Jacob Turk( R) 58% 9,076 Votes
Emanuel Cleaver (D) 39% 6,052 Votes

Hartzler is projected to be the winner in District 4, taking over a seat that was held for over 30 years by Skelton.

With only 9% of the of the vote counted in District 5, and the urban votes not counted yet, Turk’s lead is looking precarious. He’s off to a good start, but it’s going to be a long night for Turk.



Missouri – District 5

66.6% of precincts reporting

The latest polls were much closer than this:

Emanuel Cleaver(D)61% Winner 70,330 Votes
Jacob Turk(R) 37% 42,896 Votes
Kansas City votes for the economy crushing Socialist. Nice going, there,  urban core. Jacob Turk would have worked his heart out for you.

Final tally in MO-5:
100.0% of precincts reporting

Emanuel Cleaver (D) 49% Winner 122,040 Votes
Jacob Turk (R) 48% 119,240 Votes
Randy Langkraehr (I) 2% 4,189 Votes
Dave Lay (I) 1% 2,412 Votes
PSSSST: Randy and Dave? Nice job, guys….Emanuel Cleaver thanks you.

Debbie Van Pelt McEnroe from the Lee’s Summit Trib:

It’s not over until it’s over. I interviewed someone at the Kansas City Election Board tonight. Missouri’s Centralized Voter Registration system was down (statewide) from 7:15 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. today. So, if someone wasn’t on the roles, the poll workers either sent them to the election board or gave them a provisional… ballot. They have 2 weeks to get those in to Sec. of State. Who knows what untrained election workers did in these cases?


Final results have changed:


Allen West wins in Florida.
Pat Toomey wins in PA.


Decision 2010: Election Day Round-up

Photoshop credit: America Is An Obamanation

I voted with my husband at 10:30 this morning. Our polling place, a church, is currently in a construction zone, so the driveway we were used to going through, was closed. After a brief moment of panic, my husband turned left and saw the entrance on the cross-street. Because of the awkwardness of navigating through the construction, I worried about a depressed turnout, but to my surprise there were more people voting than I had ever seen in our conservativish suburban neighborhood. Normally there are only one or two other people voting, even in presidential election years. This time, all the voting booths were filled when we went in, and mind you, we came in well past the morning rush. A poll worker told me it had been busy all morning. There was already a Jacob Turk sign at the entrance to the parking lot, but I put another one up for good measure.

If you have a  yard sign or two,  you might want to bring it/them to your polling place to support your candidate(s).

Speaking of  yard signs…

Extreme language caution on video: Michelle Malkin: Unhinged Perriello/Obama supporter rips up GOP signs, screams “You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!”

Also at Michelle Malkin, buying votes ain’t cheap: How much “walking around money” will Dems spend today?

I continue to fret about voter fraud…so does Conservative Hideout: Voter Fraud: Are the Levels Unprecedented?:

That, for me, is one of the questions that has popped into my head quite a bit lately.  We’ve all heard about voter fraud before.  We’ve read about fake registrations, people being bused from poll to poll, fake absentee ballots, people being paid to vote, and even more.  So, is this happening more now, or are we getting better at catching it?

We might never know, but what we do have is mounting evidence that the Democrats have turned to dial to on the fraud machine 11.

Keep reading for examples…

Missouri watchdog reports that Fifteen Missouri counties have more voters than census population

Take the time to read the UK Telegraph’s despairing James Delingpole’s excellent oped: Only the Tea Party can save us now

Arriving back at Heathrow late on Sunday night I felt –  as you do on returning to Britain these days – as if I were entering a failed state. It’s not just the Third World shabbiness which is so dispiriting. It’s the knowledge that from its surveillance cameras to its tax regime, from its (mostly) EU-inspired regulations to its whole attitude to the role of government, Britain is a country which has forgotten what it means to be free.

God how I wish I were American right now. In the US they may not have the Cairngorms, the River Wye, cream teas, University Challenge, Cotswold villages or decent curries. But they do still understand the principles of “don’t tread on me” and “live free or die.” Not all of them, obviously – otherwise a socialist like Barack Obama would never have got into power. But enough of them to understand that in the last 80 or more years – and not just in the US but throughout the Western world – government has forgotten its purpose. It has now grown so arrogant and swollen as to believe its job is to shape and improve and generally interfere with our lives. And it’s not. Government’s job is to act as our humble servant.

Keep reading.

Dem strategists, bracing for the demplosion,  huddle in the calm before the storm…as Republicans stock up on pudding, Dems decide whose heads should roll…

WSJ: Pressure Builds on Obama to Shake Up Inner Circle

The strategy sessions aired a range of disagreements over how to help Democrats forestall an electoral drubbing at the polls—a defeat party strategists believe could have been minimized with a different White House playbook.

Among the complaints: Mr. Obama conveyed an incoherent message that didn’t express what Democrats would do over the next two years if they retain power; he focused more on his own image than helping Democratic candidates; and the White House picked the wrong battle when it attacked Republicans for using “outside” money to pay for campaigns, an issue disconnected from voters’ real-world anxieties.

The latest strategy session took place Monday afternoon.

“The money thing could work, but there’s never been a larger frame around it to connect it to people’s lives,” said Dee Dee Myers, a consultant who worked for the Clinton White House when Republicans swept the 1994 elections. She said she participated in an Oct. 8 meeting with Mr. Axelrod and about 15 Democratic strategists at the White House.

Yeah- no, Dee Dee. The money thing was never going to work because it was so gut-wrenchingly hypocritical on so many levels, even the MFM had trouble carrying your water on that one….including the New York Times:

Hot Air: NYT reports that House Dems spent more on TV ads than GOP did:

How could it be more perfect? They’ve spent the past month accusing the GOP in ways explicit and implicit of having bought the House via shadowy Rove-ian groups fueled by secret money from dirty, dirty foreigners. And meanwhile, in the most important advertising medium of all, they’ve actually outspent Republicans by almost $25 million. Even their painfully pathetic fifth-string GOTV pitch — Republican fatcats shelling out big money — is a fraud. Perfection.

I plan to watch the returns on t.v. tonight, but not on ABC, thanks you very much, after the shabby way they treated Andrew Breitbart. You can read about the whole shameful saga at Big Journalism:

Andrew Breitbart: Email Reveals ABC News Walked Back ‘Bigs’ Publisher Participation in Election Night Coverage

Larry O’Conner ABC Owes Viewers Explanation: If Breitbart Is Lying, ABC Needs to Say So Now

John Nolte: The New Blacklist: ABC News Makes Provably False Claim Breitbart ‘Exaggerated’ His Role

Lori Ziganto: If You Can’t Beat Them, Silence Them: Left Blacklists Breitbart, ABC Caves

Check back, for updates, I’m just getting started….

Good news in Florida: Last-Minute Spike Boosting Rick Scott, Poll Shows

As the last voters make their way to voting booths Tuesday, a Sunshine State News Poll of the previously tick-tight gubernatorial race shows Rick Scott leading Alex Sink in pull-away fashion, 49-45 among likely voters, and 50-44 among those with an “excellent” chance of voting.
The statewide poll of 1,526 likely voters was conducted Oct. 31 – Nov. 1.

PJTV election coverage, here.

Ace is all excited: Dick Morris Says Reports of Republican Turnout are “Unbelievable” and Democrat Turnout “Underwhelming”

Enthusiasm Gap Strikes in VA-8;

Could Brookline Be About To Elect Sean Bielat?

The Hill: Top Democrat says party faces ‘bloodbath’ on Election Day

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Democrats must show up in full force on Nov. 2 if they want to keep control of the House in the pivotal midterm elections.

“If you were to believe what the polls are saying about those who are likely to vote, then it’s going to be something close to a bloodbath for Democrats,” Clyburn said on WVOC radio in South Carolina. “We’ll lose the House and lose big.”

Hey, Clyburn….is it possible that the racial politics you guys have engaged in for the past 2 years is backfiring, in a big, big way? Do you think maybe conservatives are  sick and tired of being called racists  by you folks in the Congressional Black Caucus, and NAACP?  Will you learn from your mistakes, and will the country finally be able to move forward in a genuinely post-racial, color-blind manner? …...NAH…. Socialists are stubborn critters.

Okay, this is a little off topic, but it’s a must watch: Mary Katharine Ham: What I Saw At The Rally For Sanity:

The  liberal, smug, hipster crowd are a hypocritical,  self deluded lot, are they not?  Just a tiny bit of self awareness could go a long way with those folks.

You’re kidding me, right????… New Black Panther Party spotted at Philadelphia polling place

photo credit: My Fox Philly

The man seen at the same polling place Tuesday would not answer questions posed by Fox 29 News but was apparently working at the polls as a volunteer and greeting voters.

Michelle Malkin: POTUS/TOTUS pity party alert: Post-election press conference tomorrow

Essential viewing aids: Pudding, popcorn, and slurpies.

Dems are resorting to pathetic measures -Red State: Harrah’s Pressures Staff to Vote for Reid

Red State: Robin Carnahan’s Incompetent Elections

Red Mass Group: Niki Tsongas removed from three polling locations

Earlier today Niki Tsongas was forcibly removed by the police from three polling locations for illegally campaigning at the door as people entered.  One of the locations was the Timilty Schoold in Methuen.

At at least one location Tsongas demanded to see the bylaw that said she could not campaign in the polling location sources close to the scene said.

Gateway Pundit: 2010 Election- Voter Complaints in Nevada, Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas (Video)

Townhall election coverage, here.

The Turk Campaign emails:

We have had reports of computers being down, voters being turned away, and wildly varying reports of voter turnout.

Please reply to this email with your observations. If we have to pursue court action, your eyewitness accounts will be vital.

The Turk campaign says:

The Voter Verification computer “went down” this morning, so if you were not on the roll when you walked in, they could not verify you could vote at that poll. Some polls turned away voters, some made them cast “provisional” ballots. HUGE potential for voter fraud.

Matthew Vadum, Newsreal: ACORN Working To Elect Joe Sestak (D-PA)

Gateway Pundit: Ruh-Roh… Liar Dick Blumenthal Blasts Out Email; Worried About Turnout

Just what the doctor ordered: The Washington Examiner Election Day Liberal Media Spin Drinking Game!

Complete with “suggested drinks”:

RULES: Take a drink every time you hear an anchor, pundit, or other TV talking head…

Say “Anti-incumbent.”

Say “temper-tantrum.”

Say “blind rage”

Blame Obama for not “getting his message out”

Chalk it up to voter racism

Mention that one guy who owns a McDonalds who (possibly inappropriately) told his employees to vote Republican.

Say “secret money”

Drink for every block in which Christine O’Donnell is the most-mentioned candidate
If you’re watching MSNBC, I give you about an hour before you’re falling on the floor sh*t-faced.

Dick Morris will be recording audio blogs on every twenty minutes or so with his first remarks starting at 6:30 PM ET.

Ace is providing live coverage of the election returns, all night.

I’m heading out to take my girls to dance class. I may do some car blogging, but this is it for this post. I guess polls are already closed in some states, so election results should be rolling in…

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