Ed Schultz: “They Gotta Take Impeachment Off The Table!!!”

“Genius Envy”

Mark Finklestein at Newsbusters is having a bit of a snicker at Schultz’s comical paranoia. I think we’re witnessing a classic case of projection, myself. After all, what did lefty trolls like him obsess about for the last several years of Bush’s Presidency?

…what does Ed Schultz know that I don’t?  He splattered his MSNBC show this evening with incessant dark speculation to the effect that the new Republican majority is plotting to impeach Pres. Obama. 

ED SCHULTZ: Mr. Boehner, can I ask you tonight: are you going to take impeachment off the table? . . . And Reverend [Sharpton], do you think the Republicans should make sure the American people know that impeachment is off the table? . . . They gotta get impeachment off the table . . . I think he also has to bring the Republican leadership into the Oval Office and say what’s this about impeachment? . . . Coming up: I think Republicans are plotting to impeach the President . . . And in my playbook tonight, get ready for a slew of investiations.  I think they’re going to try to impeach the President.

Video at link.

How misplaced are Schulz’s fears?
Darrell Issa, who’s been teasing Conservative activists for months about the investigations he’s going to launch as soon as he has subpoena power, caused untold numbers of conservatives to spit out their slurpies with these comments he made last night to reporters:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who will have far-ranging subpoena power in the new Congress as a result of Tuesday’s election, is going out of his way to dispel perceptions that he’s a partisan bombthrower who plans to use his newfound authority to paralyze President Barack Obama’s administration.

“I want to prove the pundits wrong. My job is not to bring down the president. My job is to make the president a success,” Issa said on a midnight conference call with reporters, just after House Minority Leader John Boehner’s victory speech.


Talk about “psycho talk”!
Let’s hope he’s just trying to be gracious in victory… and he’s decided to keep his plans private for now…

Here’s Issa  on MSNBC, this morning, talking about his investigations.

I’m not liking what I’m hearing, frankly.

It’s a far cry from his thirty-seven page [PDF] report from last August, which publicly charged the Obama administration with criminal activity, “unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives”.



8 thoughts on “Ed Schultz: “They Gotta Take Impeachment Off The Table!!!”

  1. No, when did I say impeachment was my “goal”? It’s too early to think of such a thing, which is why I’m ridiculing Schultz. Issa hasn’t even started his investigations, yet.


  2. To be clear, your saying that impeachment is your goal, of Obama and Biden, making the Speaker the new President.

    Who besides Schultz is saying this?

    Impeachment would be silly – it would just generate sympathy for Obama. Schultz knows there is no drive to impeach the President – he’s just trying to create that sympathy even though it’s not a real threat.

    Besides, impeachment would take too long. Far better to let Obama continue to fumble around, injuring his and his party’s popularity. Then, in a mere 2 years, impeachment will be moot.


  3. I’ve always heard that Schultz is a republican in disguise. I’d wish he stop this nonsense, because we got our eyes on him.


  4. He was once a failed Republican talk show host (In NE, SD?), with a history of domestic violence. He turned to lib talk radio at some point, and now tries to talk the progressive talk, but he just sounds like a buffoon.


  5. Here’s what a fellow North Dakotan said in a comment, once about Schultz:

    Folks, I live up here on the tundra of North Dakota – and it’s NO SECRET that Big Ed is a total LOON. Actually, we’re happy to share this resource with the rest of America – knowing that he’ll lead a high percentage of the Liberal-progressive lemmings over the cliff.

    Ed has a LONG history of animosity against Rush. Before he was the ‘voice’ of the moonbat left, he was a ‘conservative’ radio talk show host in Fargo. He was very jealous that Rush made more money than himself, so he broke the relationship off. After that he was just a conservative talker, but folks got tired of his ranting insanity – so he became a ‘liberal’ talk show host, Air America promoter, etc. He started out his career as a sports commentator, but that ended with a fight in the stands with a fan – LOL He got a little upset when someone tossed a beer at him. LOL Someone should ask him why he shot his hunting dog, or does he beat on his 2nd wife like he did on his first. Yeah, he’s a real POS alright.

    I’ve noticed that after the first couple of days, I don’t hear much about him running for Dorgans soon vacant Senate seat. LOL Even the Dems aren’t totally insane.


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