Tuesday’s Sweetest Victories, Bitterest Defeats

RealClearPolitics shows a Republican gain of 63-67 seats in the house, a few shy of the 70 we were hoping for, but still pretty impressive. And as it stands right now, we’ve picked up 6 seats in the Senate, bringing the tally to 51-46.

The sweetest victories of the night for me were:

Vicky Hartzler, at the “Retire Ike Skelton” tea party, last weekend.

1. Daniel Webster in FL-8… Geico caveman, Alan Grayson kicked to the curb, thank you Jesus.

2. Allen West  in FL-22…his Dem opponent was quaking in fear all year, and for good reason. Congressman West will be fun to watch.

3. Vicky Hartzler in MO-4: Spikes 30+ year incumbent, Ike Skelton, taking his place on the Armed Services Committeenice.

4. Mark Kirk in Il Senate: Yeah, I know he’s a RINO, but it’s Obama’s old seat, and he visited IL numerous times to stump for Giannoulias, bwahahahahahahah!

5. Pat Toomey in PA Senate: A genuine conservative wins big in a blue state, against corruptocrat, Sestak – what’s not to love?

6. Marco Rubio in FLA Senate: This  rising conservative star was expected to win, but it’s still great news for FL – great news for America.

7. Bobby Shilling in IL-17: It turns out voters in IL do worry about the Constitution, kick Phil Hare to the curb.

8. Chip Cravaack MN-8: Minnesota niiiice: 18 term career politician James “Porky” Oberstar didn’t think he’s wake up this morning w/o a job. Sweet.

9. Sean Duffy WI-7: Duffy, formerly of MTV’s “The Real World”  is a five-time world-champion log climber and was the Ashland County district attorney from August 2002 to June 2010. He takes over a seat held for 40 years by House Appropriations Chairman David Obey...Cool beans.

10. Kansas: USA Today: “Voters in Tuesday’s election gave the Kansas GOP its first clean sweep of statewide and congressional races since the Beatles were charting their early hits.” Kris Kobach won Sec of State on a platform combating voter fraud. His policies are ones he hopes to see other states adopt.

The most stinging defeats of the night:

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

1. Jacob Turk in MO-5 – I had high hopes for Turk. He ran a good race, but he was up against a formidable Kansas City political machine. Once again, all of District-5 is sentenced to 2 more years of representation by race-baiting, Cuba-loving, Democrat Socialist, Emanuel Cleaver. Not cool.

2. Ruth McClung in AZ-7: It was a close race against Dem Socialist, Grijalva, who actually advocated a boycott against his own state, and called McClung, “Whitebread” in a mail piece, but he still managed to squeak out a win. WTF.

3. California: I consider CA to be a lost cause, a failed state. Conservatives should just leave. You’ve made your bed, California…. Don’t expect the rest of us to bail you out out of your fiscal misery.

4. Sharron Angle NV Senate: There is no way I can overstate my disappointment in Nevada voters for their decision to send the lamest, mangiest, dingiest  Dem  of them all, Harry “The Iraq War is Lost” Reid, back to the Senate, even as their economy faces an extended losing streak. Was ACORN involved?

5. Linda McMahon, CT Senate: All I can think of is how lonely and isolated conservatives must feel in a state that would elect a phony, corrupt, economically  illiterate dweeb like Blumenthal.

6. Christine O’Donnell, DE: I  knew she was going to lose, but it’s sad that the people of DE have no problem electing the smug, “bearded Marxist”, Coons to represent them in the Senate.

7. Joe Miller, AK Senate: UGH, how did so many voters  figure out how to spell Princess Lisa’s last name? Her husband even had to ask…

8. Sean Bielat MA-4: Just why? How could this young, appealing Marine Vet lose to  pompous windbag, Barney Frank, one of the architects of the financial crisis? What is in the water in the Commonwealth’s 4th district? Frank’s arrogant, partisan, and classless victory speech, here.

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Sweetest Victories, Bitterest Defeats

  1. Tuesday was just a glimpse of what the American electorate can do, we turned the House, we CAN turn the Senate and White House in 2012. Just don’t blow it in the interim period.


  2. Barney Frank’s district is THE single most gerrymandered district in the country. It’s a verifiable fact.

    It was designed to keep him in power as it encompasses the liberal elites AND the uninformed, poor.

    It is ripe for a “re-arranging” once the GOP gets their hands on him.

    He spits on his electorate, he spit on his opponent (and blamed his opponent for “the tone”) and he spit on the entire country.

    Did this guy need to, literally, run up and down streets pouring gasoline on houses and lighting them up for people to realize that he’s responsible for the destruction of housing?

    As a MA resident I apologize for what my “fellow” citizens do to you all. They simply don’t know any better.


  3. Yeah, I always wonder how much fraud plays a part in these elections, especially the close ones. We really need to tighten our election laws in our country.


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