Audio: Day After “Shellacking”, Obama Signals It’s Full Steam Ahead For His Agenda In Conference Call

If you were scratching your head, wondering why Obama would be talking about the need for “compromise” (with him), in the face of such an overwhelming rejection of his policies, you are not alone.

As Peter Wehner notes in Commentary Contentions, the depth of his self-delusion, is stunning.

To put things in perspective: the Democratic Party just suffered the worst repudiation any political party has since before the middle of the last century. The defeat was staggering in the House (where Republicans will net more than 60 seats), in the Senate (+6 for the GOP), and in races for governorships (where the GOP has a net gain of six, with a couple of contests still outstanding). Republicans also took control of at least 19 legislative chambers and gained more than 500 legislative seats. No region in America, not even the Northeast, was untouched by the Republican wave.

If you listened to the president, though, the “shellacking” was because of process rather than substance. ObamaCare, he assured us, is a sparkling, wondrous law; the only downside to it was the horse-trading that went on to secure its passage. They would be “misreading the election,” the president helpfully informed Republicans, if they decide to “relitigate the arguments of the last two years.”


And what set of Obama remarks would be complete without the requisite lecturing — in this case, on the importance of “civility in our discourse” and the importance of being able to “disagree without being disagreeable.” This admonition comes after Obama, during the last few days of the campaign, referred to his opponents as “enemies,” hinted that the Tea Party Movement is tinged with racism, charged Republicans with being dishonest, and accused, without a shred of evidence, the Chamber of Commerce of using illegal money to support Republican candidates across the country. But never mind. After his victory in 2008, Obama’s message to Republicans was: “I won.” Today, after his party was throttled, Obama’s message is: “Come let us reason together.”

And what better way is there to  bring reason and civility into discourse, than a strategy session, (just a few hours after his press conference) with the far left, Soros and Tides funded,

Video via The Blaze.

Obama says he will continue to  pursue his progressive agenda, working hard to “deliver the change the American people want… We didn’t sign up for what was easy,” he said.

Keep that in mind when the newly chastened, humbled, introspective, reflective President Obama” shows his commitment to  Common Ground with high profile meetings with GOP and Democrat leaders in the weeks to come.


The guy who coined the term, “lightworker” chastises young activists in this SF Chronicle oped:

Look, I’m sorry. I know I’m being far too hard on you. Of course it’s not just you. It’s not completely your fault these dimwit Repubs were allowed to ooze back into a bit of power so soon. As many analysts have pointed out, this wasn’t a vote for the Republicans, but against the limp-wristed Dems who didn’t step up and lead with more authority and clarity of purpose. Truly, libs and independents of every age are frustrated Obama isn’t governing with the same kind of magical, balls-out visionary zeal that fueled his campaign. 

And let’s not forget a shockingly unintelligent Tea Party movement that stands for exactly nothing and fears exactly everything, all ghost-funded by a couple of creepy libertarian oil billionaires — the leathery old Koch brothers — who eat their young for a snack. Who could’ve predicted that gnarled political contraption would hold water? But hey, when Americans are angry and nervous, they do stupid things. Like vote Republican. It happens. Just did.

I frankly, would like to see the President, and the rest of the Dems continue down this road of lurching ever leftward while demeaning those who object, in order to ensure an even more devastating shellacking in 2012.

What I’m paying attention to – and you should to – is how, in light of Tuesday night’s “shellacking,” – is how the left, including “leaders” like Pelosi, Reid, and of course Obama, are in COMPLETE denial of Why Tuesday Happened. A familiar theme is emerging: We didn’t go far enough. Didn’t do enough. We ignored “the process.” It’s not that we didn’t get alot accomplishmed, it’s that we didn’t communicate effectively as to what all “we’ve done” for the American people. They’re not “feeling it” because we didn’t talk about it enough. DNC Chair Tim Kaine blamed “secret money” for Tuesday’s losses.The duhnial is too thick to cut even with the world’s largest Gzinsu.

A question that has emerged in the comments: Is the President really in denial, or does he know exactly what he’s doing?

El Rushbo says, yes to the latter:

Look, let me lay it out here. I don’t care what he says in this press conference.  What he says in this press conference is all BS, and it’s designed to give everybody in the Republican Party what they want to hear, and then he’s gonna leave, he’s gonna go to India.  When he comes back there’s gonna be none of this, he’s not gonna compromise.  This guy is committed to his agenda and he’s not going to abandon it.  In fact, he’s set up now.  I will bet you Obama’s disappointed that he didn’t lose the Senate.  My prediction way back when, I think Obama was happy to lose the House and was looking forward to losing the Senate because he wants to run against Republicans in 2012.  Well, now he’s not gonna be able to run only against Republicans.  He’s going to have a bunch of Democrats in the Senate.  They’re gonna run that show and he’s not gonna be able to intellectually, honestly say the Republicans are the party of “no.”  He’s gonna do it anyway but he’s not gonna be able to get away with it.  But this is a giant setup.  Do not doubt me. 

I know this guy.  I know the kind of person he is because of what he believes.  I know liberals.  I know socialists.  I know Marxists. I know exactly how they do things. I know people that understand and love Saul Alinsky.  I understand exactly what the tactics are.  I know how they go about achieving what they want. (interruption)  What do you mean how can he pivot on health care?  What is there to pivot on health care about?  He’s got health care. (interruption) When the Republicans are trying to repeal some of it?  Well, he’s not gonna go for that. He’s not gonna pivot on health care.  Of course there’s no common ground between Republicans and Obama, unless the Republicans decide they want to have some.  There is no common ground.  That’s the best way to describe this.  What do we have in common with the guy?  I don’t have anything in common with him in terms of his view of this country, where he wants to take it versus what I think it is and where it should go.  Nothing in common there.  Pivot on health care?  I mean that’s one of the things he’s checked off on the list, “Okay, got that.”  He’s gonna dare ’em to repeal it.

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Notre Dame Sees Drop In Donations Since Hosting Obama

Who can forget the raging debate that followed Notre Dame University’s decision to roll out the red carpet for Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion President in US history? In the Spring of ’09, the “formerly Catholic” institution’s President,  Father Jenkins invited him to speak at its graduation, and gave him an honorary law degree, sparking protests from Catholics all across the land…

88 pro life activists (known as the ND88) are still facing charges of “trespassing” for their peaceful protest on Notre Dame grounds in May, 2009. For their crimes of praying the rosary, and holding up pro-life signs, they were targeted by ND campus police, handcuffed and hauled off to jail. See The Thomas More Society for information about their ongoing case.

Katie Walker of American Life League (ALL) told OneNewsNow the school has paid a price for its malfeasance.

“Notre Dame has come out $120 million short for the fiscal year in which President Obama spoke during commencement and received an honorary law degree,” she reports.

She believes that staggering number is in direct response of alumni and others around the country who feel scandalized “that Notre Dame would host this man and give one of the most pro-abortion presidents in the nation’s history an honorary law degree.”

The pro-lifer points out that Obama “is a man whose philosophy of the law and philosophy of the country fundamentally is one that denies that all human beings deserve human rights,” so she wonders, “Is this a man [one] that ‘Our Lady’s’ university should be honoring and upholding and putting on a pedestal for her graduates?”

Walker feels the drop in funding should send a loud message to Notre Dame, which means “Our Lady.”

$120 million is well short exceeds the $8.2 million in donations alumni had promised to withhold, so I’m guessing that Notre Dame picked up some donations from other sources.


As  a commenter points out, unless the nature of mathematics has changed, $120 mil is quite a bit more than 8.2 mil. (I was looking at the number as 1.2 mil). So Notre Dame has really taken a grievous hit.


For Democrats, U.S. Catholic vote was the one that got away

54 percent of Catholic voters pulled the lever for Republicans on Tuesday and 44 percent for Democrats. In the 2008 House vote, the Democrats managed to get 55 percent of the Catholic vote while Republicans only got 42.

Cardinal Newman Society: Obama Administration Threatens Independence of Catholic Colleges

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