Notre Dame Sees Drop In Donations Since Hosting Obama

Who can forget the raging debate that followed Notre Dame University’s decision to roll out the red carpet for Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion President in US history? In the Spring of ’09, the “formerly Catholic” institution’s President,  Father Jenkins invited him to speak at its graduation, and gave him an honorary law degree, sparking protests from Catholics all across the land…

88 pro life activists (known as the ND88) are still facing charges of “trespassing” for their peaceful protest on Notre Dame grounds in May, 2009. For their crimes of praying the rosary, and holding up pro-life signs, they were targeted by ND campus police, handcuffed and hauled off to jail. See The Thomas More Society for information about their ongoing case.

Katie Walker of American Life League (ALL) told OneNewsNow the school has paid a price for its malfeasance.

“Notre Dame has come out $120 million short for the fiscal year in which President Obama spoke during commencement and received an honorary law degree,” she reports.

She believes that staggering number is in direct response of alumni and others around the country who feel scandalized “that Notre Dame would host this man and give one of the most pro-abortion presidents in the nation’s history an honorary law degree.”

The pro-lifer points out that Obama “is a man whose philosophy of the law and philosophy of the country fundamentally is one that denies that all human beings deserve human rights,” so she wonders, “Is this a man [one] that ‘Our Lady’s’ university should be honoring and upholding and putting on a pedestal for her graduates?”

Walker feels the drop in funding should send a loud message to Notre Dame, which means “Our Lady.”

$120 million is well short exceeds the $8.2 million in donations alumni had promised to withhold, so I’m guessing that Notre Dame picked up some donations from other sources.


As  a commenter points out, unless the nature of mathematics has changed, $120 mil is quite a bit more than 8.2 mil. (I was looking at the number as 1.2 mil). So Notre Dame has really taken a grievous hit.


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54 percent of Catholic voters pulled the lever for Republicans on Tuesday and 44 percent for Democrats. In the 2008 House vote, the Democrats managed to get 55 percent of the Catholic vote while Republicans only got 42.

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Hat tip: Infidel Joe

Linked by Theo Spark, thanks!


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8 thoughts on “Notre Dame Sees Drop In Donations Since Hosting Obama

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  2. barring formal changes in the nature of mathematics $120 million is still larger than $8.2 million, unless you are calculating votes in an election where a democrap is a candidate.


  3. as a life long notre dame fan i’m glad to see this. the current administration is trying its best to make notre dame a non-catholic university.


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  5. What was the baseline for the $120 million drop? What ND had hoped to receive this year? Or what it received last year? And how much of that drop was due to general economic conditions?


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