Yessss: Obama’s Fiscal Commission Calls For Elimination of Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings’ Job

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My prayers have been answered:

A draft report by the president’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform calls for, among other items, eliminating a division of the Education Department run by one of the most controversial appointees in the Obama administration: Kevin Jennings, the safe schools czar.

The draft report, which will be finalized by Dec. 1 if 14 of the 18 members agree, calls for eliminating the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, which would save taxpayers an estimated $1.8 billion.

What Jennings has been doing for the year and  half since he was appointed is anyone’s guess (my head hurts just thinking about it), but he hasn’t shown any appreciable results in the area of “school safety”.

“Further, the results hoped for in creation of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools have not been demonstrated,” states the report.

For a decade, Jennings ran the organization Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), of which he was also a founding member. The organization advocated gay-straight alliance clubs in public high schools.

Because of his role in promoting homosexuality in public schools, 52 House Republicans signed a letter to President Barack Obama in October 2009 calling for Jennings to be removed from the safe schools post.

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Wednesday’s Hero: Capt. George Vujnovich

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Kathi:

Capt. George Vujnovich
95 years old from Queens, New York

66 years after he was instrumental in the rescue of almost 500 bomber pilots who had been shot down over Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, Capt. George Vujnovich was finally awarded the Bronze Star in October.

You can read the rest of Capt. George Vujnovich’s story here.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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U.N. Accepts Saudi Arabia’s Bid for Seat on Women’s Rights Panel

Fox News reports:

The United Nations on Wednesday rejected Iran‘s bid for a seat to the board of the new U.N. agency to promote equality for women after fierce opposition from

the United States and human rights groups to Tehran’s treatment of women.

But the U.N. accepted the bid of Saudi Arabia, which is also opposed by human rights groups.

Iran, which has been criticized for its record on women’s rights, received only 19 votes — short of the necessary 28 votes for approval.

In recent months, Iran sparked an international outcry by sentencing to death by stoning a woman convicted of adultery.

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive and are barred from many facilities used by men.

As I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, SAUDI ARABIA’s record on women’s rights is beyond abysmal:

Women are the victims of systematic discrimination in Saudi Arabia. Domestic violence and rape are widespread problems, and women have no redress when victimized by such crimes. Nor can women travel, be admitted to a hospital, or drive a car without their husbands’ permission. Buses are segregated, and women must sit in the rear. Women not wearing an abaya (a black garment covering the entire body) and covering their faces and hair are harassed by the Mutawwa’in.

Saudi women are discriminated against as well by laws governing property ownership, testimony in court, inheritance, and child custody in cases of divorce. Comprising only five percent of the nation’s work force, Saudi women find it nearly impossible to find employment in any but the lowest-level jobs. Also, female genital mutilation is practiced legally in some parts of Saudi Arabia.

Atlas Shrugs listed off some specific examples of abuse:

This defies western logic, but not the agenda of the OIC-driven, sharia compliant UN. Saudi Arabia, where a 32-year-old woman is jailed for disobeying her father, where a pregnant gang-rape victim is sentenced to 100 lashes for committing adultery, where women are not allowed to drive, where women are lashed for being in the company of any male who is not a relative, where a 75-year-old could be flogged for breaching sex segregation rules, where a Saudi father weds his daughter, 10, to an 80-year-old pervert: “according to the shari’a his marriage is legal as long as the girl’s father consents,” where a child bride is turned back over to her 80-year-old husband……….. must I go on?

Why yes to Saudi Arabia and no to Iran is anyone’s guess, but Atlas’ animated gif perhaps offers a clue.

Somehow, to the geniuses at the UN, allowing representatives from this unbelievably oppressive regime to sit on their Women’s Rights panel makes sense. I think that the liberal thinking is that if oppressive regimes are given this wonderful privilege, they will strive  to be nicer.

As Bani Dugal, a member of Gender Equality Architecture Reform, said before the vote:

…board membership could encourage Saudi Arabia and Iran to repeal restrictive and discriminatory laws against women.

Hey, why not give each country a big trophy and a coupon for a free pizza at Pizza Hut, too?

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No Private Jets For Speaker Boehner

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The Hill reports that the the presumptive Speaker-elect of the House, will not use a private jet as Speaker for trips back and forth to his home district, unlike the high-flying Pelosi:

“Over the last 20 years, I have flown back and forth to my district on commercial aircraft, and I’m going to continue to do that,” Boehner told reporters at a press conference.

The statement signals the first time since 2001 that a House Speaker has traveled commerically between Washington and their home district.

Whether or not Boehner is the best man for the job of Speaker, I’ll let others decide, but I do have a humongous soft spot for that man.


From Boehner’s webpage:

Boehner: Pledge to America “Is Our Plan” to Address The People’s Priorities
GOP Leader Also Says He Will Continue to Use Commercial Aircraft to Fly Back and Forth to His District

Washington (Nov 10):House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Transition Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) held a media availability today to discuss the transition effort and Republicans’ commitment to fighting for the priorities addressed in the Pledge to America, a governing agenda focused on creating jobs, cutting spending, and reforming Congress, built by listening to the American people.  Boehner noted that the Pledge calls for permanently stopping all the looming tax hikes, and said that’s what Republicans will fight to do.  Responding to a reporter’s question about his travel arrangements should he become Speaker of the House, Boehner said he will continue to use commercial aircraft to fly back and forth to his district.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


I am late in reporting on an explosive story that has rocked the right-wing blogosphere since yesterday afternoon…(I was away from my computer for much of the day, yesterday). Believe you me, if I had been online, I would have been on the leading edge of this shocking, shocking story, which is still developing as we speak:

IOWAHAWK FREE SPEECH SUSPENSION CRISISGATE (Yeah, I changed it to IowahawkGate – let’s call it what it is):

Dear Iowahawk Reader:

I have just received a memo from me informing me that I have suspended myself without pay, for alleged violations of the Iowahawk Code of Ethics:

Dear Me:

Effective 8 am this morning, you have been relieved from your duties as Chief Executive Senior Anchor at Iowahawk. The Iowahawk Code of Ethics clearly states (Section 3c[11.05]) that:

Employees of Iowahawk shall, during critical election seasons, remain at their assigned posts and think of cheap blog stunts to suck in the big internet traffic. During the seven days immediately preceding and seven days immediately following a national election, prohibited employee activities include, but are not limited to:

1. Partying with Tim Blair.
2. Driving about aimlessly in a hot rod.
3. Flying to the coast and getting drunk.
4. Moonlighting as a fire insurance ‘consultant’

It has been brought to my attention that during the recent election season you were engaged in at least three of these prohibited activities. Therefore I have no other recourse but to suspend me indefinitely pending my thorough investigation and review into this matter.


As a strong supporter of the First Amendment I will not take this suspension lying down, and neither should you. Get the word out – write to me in the comments section and demand that I reinstate myself immediately. Enlist your friends and neighbors in the Free Iowahawk campaign. Organize boycotts of Iowahawk advertisers and non-advertisers. Together we can defend our precious rights of Free Speech and premium ad rates.

I will post frequent updates as this constitutional crisis unfolds. Until then… Good Night, and Good Luck.

Check out all the updates at IowaHawk, especially the stunning allegations of treason related to that mysterious missile launch off the coast of California, which took place the very same day IowaHawk hastily departed the state.

Now he has suspended himself indefinitely, and we are all supposed to believe it’s just a coincidence? I’m sorry, but where there’s smoke there’s fire….I can’t jump on the Free Iowahawk bandwagon  until more information becomes available. As it stands, I can support neither IowaHawk, nor IowaHawk.


This photo, just sent to me from an anonymous source, blows the lid of of this case:

I think IowaHawk can expect a visit from the Defense Dept. in short order.


Video: A Professor, a Priest, and Counsel Denounce as Discriminatory and Discreditable Notre Dame’s Treatment of Pro-Life Demonstrators

As I noted last week, 88 pro life activists (known as the ND88) are still facing charges of “trespassing” for their peaceful protest on Notre Dame grounds in May of 2009. For their crimes of praying the rosary, and holding up pro-life signs, they were targeted by ND campus police, handcuffed and hauled off to jail. See The Thomas More Society for information about their ongoing case.

Sycamore Trust, (Alumni Protecting Notre Dame’s Catholic Identity) reports:

In the most recent developments in these prosecutions, the trial judge rejected the University’s effort to block defense counsel from examining a recently dismissed high administration officer, William Kirk, and also denied the University’s request to cross-examine Mr. Kirk (cf., Former Notre Dame Vice-President Grilled and Notre Dame 88 get green light). Mr. Kirk’s deposition has been taken, but the testimony is not publicly available. We have recently recounted the troublesome circumstances surrounding the abrupt dismissal of this long-time officer.

(It appears that defense counsel wanted to find out from Mr. Kirk more about whether these pro-life demonstrators were singled out for arrest and prosecution in contrast to pro-Obama supporters during Commencement and in contrast to pro-gay and anti-military demonstrators in the recent past.)

The prosecution’s attempt to consolidate the cases for trial also failed, so that the prospect is for an extended succession of highly publicized  jury trials.  Trial dates have not yet been set.

This recently released video is from the annual Sycamore Trust breakfast, last June, but the entire thing is well worth watching, especially if you’ve been following the ND88 controversy.

A professor, a priest, and counsel denounce as discriminatory and discreditable Notre Dame’s pressing criminal charges against pro-life demonstrators:


Hat tip: Infidel Joe


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