Video: Paul Ryan On The Foundations For Growth

WI Republican ranking member of the budget committee, Rep Paul Ryan sat in the “Squawk Box” on MSNBC, earlier today.

Ryan on whether or not Obama is going to pivot to the center…


Ryan commenting on our monetary policy:

You can see why I jumped on the Paul Ryan for President bandwagon, last Spring. Can you picture Paul Ryan in a debate with Barack Obama on the subject of fiscal policy? Or frankly, any policy?

He also has the right temperament to be President, as evidenced in  The Hill’s clip from the Squawk appearance where they discuss Nancy Pelosi. Ryan’s fine Midwestern upbringing prevents him from saying anything negative.

See also:

Paul Ryan in USA Today: Opposing view on lame-duck Congress: Keep tax rates where they are

It would be a mistake to increase taxes on any American family, worker or job creator. President Obama continues to make the case for raising the top two income tax rates, and raising tax rates on capital gains and dividends. Class warfare might make for good politics, but it results in terrible economics.

Misguided efforts to “soak the rich” would impact roughly half of all small-business income, as many small businesses file as non-corporate businesses and pay individual income tax rates. The president’s tax plan dampens incentives for small businesses to invest and expand, puts us at a competitive disadvantage in today’s global economy, and makes it more difficult for our economy to create jobs.

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The Paul Ryan For President Facebook page.


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Monday Quick-Links

Cartoon via Theo Spark.

Hoo boy…I’m still trying to get caught up after a busy weekend.

Here are some quickie links to stories that piqued my interest, today:

Michelle Malkin: Culture of corruption: Rangel (and Pelosi) on trial; Update: sob story circus, delay rejected, Rangel-less hearing

Ace has more: Charlie Rangel: I Need a Delay of My Ethics Trial Because, Poor Me, I Think I Need a Lawyer And I Need To Save Up For One

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air: Video: TSA body-searches a three-year-old girl

Absolutely ridiculous. We need to adopt Israel’s airport  screening methods, the sooner the better. Enough already with these nonsensical, and invasive body searches.

Another unfortunate airport incident is recounted by <Insert title here>,

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”

Sing along with IowaHawk: Comply With Me!

Comply with me, you domestic coach class bums
If you opt out I’ll just give a shout
To my icy-handed chums
Comply with me, bend over here it comes

Once I get all up there where your hair is ticklish
I’ll just fish
Got my wish
Once I get all up there you’ll be squirming like an eel
You may squeal
At the feel
When we’re together…..

Mark your calendars…November 24 is TSA Opt-Out Day, Now with a Superfantastic New Twist!

By the way, it is the official position of Goldblog that everyday is opt-out day. There’s no need to wait until November 24th. But come November 24th, here’s an idea you might try to make the day extra-special. It’s a one-word idea: Kilts. Think about it — if you’re a male, and you want to bollix-up the nonsensical airport security-industrial complex, one way to do so would be to wear a kilt. If nothing else, this will cause TSA employees to throw up their hands in disgust. If you want to go the extra extra mile, I suggest commando-style kilt-wearing. While it is probably illegal to fly without pants, I can’t imagine that it’s illegal to fly without underpants.

Todd Warner Huston at RWN: A Unionized TSA Will Make Our Airports Less Safe

Weasel zippers: Report: Vicious Infighting at NBC News Over “Totally “Narcissistic” Olberdouche…

Long story short, pretty much every reporter at NBC wants him fired for good…

LauraW at AoSHQ has the latest Lame Duck Shenanigans to worry about:

I’m hearing some scuttlebutt about the laughably named Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act possibly being revived for a vote. It is a Reid-sponsored bill.

S.3194 would force ALL police and firefighters nationwide to unionize regardless of the wishes of the local community, overriding existing contracts and any state bans in effect.

Here’s Steve Forbes discussing police and firefighter monopoly bargaining, and what you can do to stop this dangerous initiative:

SEE ALSO: AFP: November Speaks Rally to Stop the Lame Duck Session

Bruce Walker at The American Thinker has some ideas on how to contain LD mischief: Keeping the Lame Duck from Waddling

AJ Strata reports on an up and coming WH scandal: Valerie Jarret Is Senate Candidate B, And She Has A Problem

Politico 44: Obama miffed by questions on U.S.:

Asked by CBS’s Chip Reid about complaints heard from other leaders during the summit, Obama shot back: “What about compliments?”

You read that right. The Narcissist in Chief only wants to be asked about the compliments he received at the G-20. Thin skinned much?!

Byron York: Will Obama’s KSM policy destroy U.S. credibility and boost terrorist recruitment?

In June 2008, candidate Obama exchanged criticisms with Sen. John McCain over the war on terrorism. “It is my firm belief that we can track terrorists, we can crack down on threats against the United States, but we can do so within the constraints of our Constitution,” Obama told ABC’s Jake Tapper. “Let’s take the example of Guantanamo. What we know is that, in previous terrorist attacks — for example, the first attack against the World Trade Center, we were able to arrest those responsible, put them on trial. They are currently in U.S. prisons, incapacitated.”

Obama continued:

And the fact that the administration has not tried to do that has created a situation where not only have we never actually put many of these folks on trial, but we have destroyed our credibility when it comes to rule of law all around the world, and given a huge boost to terrorist recruitment in countries that say, “Look, this is how the United States treats Muslims.”

And now we have a situation in which Obama, after nearly two years as commander-in-chief, is reportedly planning to continue the indefinite detention of KSM — no charges, no trial.

Two views on Sarah Palin’s reality show:

Laurie Byrd big Hollywood:Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Review: Fascinating Look at a Beautiful State & Family

Those looking for controversy and drama will likely be disappointed.  Palin’s daughter Piper licking the cupcake batter off of a whisk and then putting it back into the mixing bowl is about as close to a scandal as this one gets. (That scene is also incredibly adorable – reminiscent of her earlier “licking” incident during the Republican National Convention in 2008.)

As a Palin fan, it is hard for me to predict how Palin’s detractors will view the show.  The Sarah Palin in this show is the same Sarah Palin those of us who follow her have seen all along.  Her fans will, obviously, love it.  Her detractors might not change their opinions of her.  They may even criticize her for a few things in the show, such as her complaints about Joe McGinnis and her frequent Blackberry usage.  But I am willing to bet they will fall in love with her home state of Alaska.

Jennifer C Braceras at The Boston Herald had a completely different take: Flippin’ embarrassing? You betcha!

Isn’t such low-brow, exhibitionism beneath the dignity of a former governor and potential presidential candidate?

Don’t get me wrong. As a conservative, I still support many of Palin’s policy views. And as a celebrity gossip hound, I might just keep watching her show.

But vote for her? At this point, I might as well vote for Snooki.

I didn’t watch. But I did worry that appearing on such a show might be a game changer for someone  seeking the presidency. Most reviews I’ve seen have been more favorable than Ms. Braceras, however.

Weasel Zippers: Lefty Head Assplosion Alert: Palin’s TLC Show Debuts to Huge Numbers…

iOWNTHEWORLD has the heartwarming story of the day: We’ve Got Your Back, Son

Here’s the kid that had his American Flag bike banned from school.

Courtesy KOVR:

It wasn’t this California boy’s usual ride to school this morning!
Hundreds of other bike riders came along—
Many of them veterans, and some from out of state, all wanting to show support to 13-year-old Cody Alicea.

Video at link.

I didn’t think they could get any lower than when they advertised their ‘gift certificates’ for Mothers Day.  This manages that feat.

As people through out the world Celebrate the Birth of Jesus the Christ, Planned Parenthood is offering Gift Certificates for All services including Abortion.  Planned Parenthood wanting to participate in the Christian Holiday by offering what seems to be a way to mock the Christian Holiday.  I mean what better way to celebrate a birth with a gift for an Abortion?

There is something very, very wrong with the people who run Planned Parenthood.

Accuracy In Media: The Progressive-Communist Alliance


American Narcissus

photoshop via Free Canuckistan, by R. Martin and Richard Terrelly

Your must read of the day, if you haven’t read it yet, is Jonathan Last at The Weekly Standard’s: American Narcissus The vanity of Barack Obama:

Yet you don’t have to delve deep into armchair psychology to see how Obama’s vanity has shaped his presidency. In January 2009 he met with congressional leaders to discuss the stimulus package. The meeting was supposed to foster bipartisanship. Senator Jon Kyl questioned the plan’s mixture of spending and tax cuts. Obama’s response to him was, “I won.” A year later Obama held another meeting to foster bipartisanship for his health care reform plan. There was some technical back-and-forth about Republicans not having the chance to properly respond within the constraints of the format because President Obama had done some pontificating, as is his wont. Obama explained, “There was an imbalance on the opening statements because”—here he paused, self-satisfiedly—“I’m the president. And so I made, uh, I don’t count my time in terms of dividing it evenly.”

There are lots of times when you get the sense that Obama views the powers of the presidency as little more than a shadow of his own person. When he journeyed to Copenhagen in October 2009 to pitch Chicago’s bid for the Olympics, his speech to the IOC was about—you guessed it: “Nearly one year ago, on a clear November night,” he told the committee, “people from every corner of the world gathered in the city of Chicago or in front of their televisions to watch the results of .  .  . ” and away he went. A short while later he was back in Copenhagen for the climate change summit. When things looked darkest, he personally commandeered the meeting to broker a “deal.” Which turned out to be worthless. In January 2010, Obama met with nervous Democratic congressmen to assure them that he wasn’t driving the party off a cliff. Confronted with worries that 2010 could be a worse off-year election than 1994, Obama explained to the professional politicians, “Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.”

In the midst of the BP oil spill last summer, Obama explained, “My job right now is just to make sure that everybody in the Gulf understands this is what I wake up to in the morning and this is what I go to bed at night thinking about: the spill.” Read that again: The president thinks that the job of the president is to make certain the citizens correctly understand what’s on the president’s mind.

Read all 3 pages, beginning to end.

Jennifer Rubin adds her thoughts at Commentary Contentions:

…the vanity surplus would be less of a hindrance if he were an innovative policy wonk or a savvy analyst of the American electorate. This was the Bill Clinton model — an outsized ego and an utter lack of self-discipline, but an inventive mind able to zig-zag his way through choppy political waters. His intuitive understanding of his fellow citizens allowed him to maintain a bond with the American people. If Obama were as intellectually nimble as Clinton or as simpatico with the American people as Ronald Reagan or as steeped in common sense as Harry Truman, he wouldn’t be in such dire straits. It’s not merely the vanity that’s the problem. His undoing has been vanity that is divorced from his abilities and unaccompanied by executive skills or a well-developed knowledge of economics and international relations.

If Obama is ungracious (toward his predecessor), oblivious (to the desires of the voters), and frustrated (by the Palestinians’ and Israelis’ refusal to make a deal under his auspices), it is because he is unable to grasp that it’s not all about him. But the good news is that, as he reportedly did in the Senate, he may conclude that being president is really ”so boring.” (He certainly doesn’t seem to be having fun, does he?) In that case, he might not really care all that much about trying to ingratiate himself with the voters. It very well might not be “worth it” in his mind to temper his views in order to get a second term. Freed from the burdens of the presidency he then might do what he loves best — write books and give speeches about himself. Or maybe he can give speeches about writing books about himself.

And Mike Hendrix notes:

… what this piece reveals, first and foremost, is how the Progressivist/Left establishment bent over backwards to make sure this near-talentless cipher’s progress to the very top of our system, corrupted and distorted as it has been by liberals’ desperate need to see latter-day affirmative action validated, was unimpeded by any honest assessment of his capabilities.

Why is the left so easily fooled? Or, perhaps I should ask…why do they not recognize unbecoming displays of narcissism when they see it? Jonathan Last’s piece presents a lengthy and damning compilation of Obama’s ego-maniacal exploits throughout the years. In example after example after example we see Obama displaying a stunning array of narcissistic behaviors, which  many of us picked up on, (and noted), early in 2008. His lefty followers don’t seem to see it, though….

Witness also, the support and admiration many MSNBC viewers continue have for another  narcissistic character, the deplorable, hypocritical, and misogynistic Keith Olbermann, a man who requires his staff to leave notes at his door, rather than speak to him.

Obama and Olbermann clearly think they are the smartest person in any room. Their fans apparently agree.

I don’t get it.

WH Tacitly admits Obamacare Hurts Business: Issues 111 Waivers

The New York Times: reports:

As Obama administration officials put into place some of the new rules that go into effect under the federal health care law, they are issuing more waivers to try to prevent some insurers and employers from dropping coverage and also promising to modify other rules because many of the existing policies would not meet new standards.

Last month, federal officials granted dozens of one-year waivers that were aimed at sparing certain employers, including McDonald’s, insurers and unions who offer plans that sharply limit the coverage they provide. These limited-benefit plans, also known as “minimeds,” fail to comply with new rules phasing out limits on how much policies will provide in medical care each year.

Gateway Pundit reports that it takes 6 clicks to find the 111 Obamacare waivers on the government’s health care website.

The Service Employees Benefit Fund (#10 on list) with 1, 297 enrollees gained a health care waiver from the Obama Administration.

Lets’ see who else is on the list:

#12– UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust
#14– IBEW No.915
#19– Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund
#33– Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 123 Welfare Fund
#35– UFCW Local 227
#52– UFCW Maximus Local 455
#55– Local 25 SEIU
#60– UFCW Local 1262
#78– Local 802 Musicians Health Fund
#83– Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund
#89– International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT)
#91– Transport Workers
#92– UFT Welfare Fund (United Federation of Teachers)

Michelle Malkin has much more: Waiver-mania! The ever-expanding Obamacare escapee list

As I’ve boiled it down before:

Old Democrat promise: Everyone gets to keep their health insurance.

New Democrat promise: You can keep your health insurance…if you BEG hard enough for an Obamacare waiver.

Yep: The only way for hundreds of thousands of workers to keep their health insurance is to exempt them from the government-imposed “fix.”

The Soros monkeys are attacking conservative Obamacare critics as “Republican repeal mongers” — even as the Obama administration concedes failure and continues to approve temporary repeals of the federal mandates to company after company after union after union.

The waivers expire in a year, and can  then be renewed. Apparently new options will be available in four years under the law.

Unfavored and unconnected companies will have to limp along as best they can until that time, or until ObamaCare is ruled unconstitutional, or repealed, whichever comes first.

See Also:

Warner Todd Huston at Big Government: ObamaCare Waivers Prove Policy Is A Jobs Killer, Unions Benefit Most.