Don’t Touch My Junk Demotivator

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IowaHawk: For Your Next Trip Through Airport Security


I wonder if the “Don’t touch my junk guy” is getting a cut from the cottage industry that is already springing up promoting his philosophy. At Zazzle you can order bumper stickers, hats, tee shirts, and yes, ties with the “Don’t touch my junk” motto.


Renowned pilot Sully Sullenberger weighs in: When Memes Collide: Capt. Sully Says There’s No Need For Junk Touching At Airports


Creeping Sharia: Toy Pigs Removed From Playsets For Fear Of Offending Muslims

The offending pigs were removed from a UK toyshop because they “upset some customers”:

A children’s shop has removed toy pigs from farmyard sets in case they offend Muslims and Jews.

The Early Learning Centre ditched the pig from its HappyLand Goosefeather Farm toy set after it upset some customers.

One mother realised the pig was missing from the set she bought for her daughter’s birthday when she found a pig sty and a button that made oinking noises, but no pig.

The interactive set, which also has a chicken, a horse, a cow and a sheep, makes the animal noises when buttons are pressed.

When the mother complained, she was told in an email: ‘Previously the pig was part of the Goosefeather Farm. However due to customer feedback and religious reasons this is no longer part of the farm.’

Atlas Shrugs took exception to the inclusion of Jews into the equation:

What I find galling is how they threw the Jews in there for good measure. Religious Jews don’t eat pork, but they don’t find the animal insulting or offensive. The Jews don’t impose their religious beliefs on others and make insane demands. That special ridiculousness is exclusive to the religion of peaceniks.The Jews never complained. Why throw them in? To justify Islamic supremacism? Or to create even more antisemitism?

As it was with the recent  “Gingerbread Person” flap, when enough people complained about the ridiculous political correctness, the policy was reversed:

Last night, the retailer did a U-turn and agreed to bring back the pigs after disappointed families complained at such a move driven by political correctness.

The angry mother, named only as Caroline, told The Sun newspaper: ‘This is political correctness gone loopy. Surely if someone has an issue with a toy they don’t agree with then they don’t buy it.’

Exactly. The only way to defeat the PC police is to nip nonsense like this in the bud wherever it appears.

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Video: Dem Socialists Have Strange Ideas About Job Creation

Trevor Loudin dug up this old clip from a 1997 conference of Democratic Socialists of America front organization, the National Jobs For All Coalition.

Panelist Heidi Hartman’s idea about how people can create jobs by staying at home, accepting government freebees has a familiar ring to it:

“Whether you’re working or not you would have access to child care, you could use it to go to school, you could use it to sit home, eat bon-bons and watch TV, we don’t care. That in itself could be viewed as a job creation plan.”

In this blast from the not-so-distant past, soon to be ex-Speaker Pelosi explains how extended unemployment benefits creates jobs and stimulates the economy.

The Heritage Foundation took the time to dispute Pelosi’s fatuous claims:

While Conservatives believe that temporary unemployment benefits are needed, extending the benefits up to 99 weeks, as proposed by some on the Left, would clearly come with a major economic cost.

Speaker Pelosi also stated that UI injects demand into the economy, because struggling families spend, rather than safe, the money they receive. However, academic research shows that only 55 cents of every $1 in benefits gets spent, as unemployment benefits discourage spousal work. Unemployment benefits have been handed out for two years now and there still remains a jobs deficit of 7.4 million.

According to Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow J.D. Foster, the Obama Administration has failed to create jobs because their assumption that deficit spending can increase demand in an economy is wrong. As Foster notes, the answers for job creation are simple: “Obama should call on Congress to forego all tax hikes,” and “get busy reversing the federal spending surge to get the budget deficit under control.”

Hat tip: The Blaze.


Video: Hannity Says Dem WH Sources Are Telling Him That Obama’s “Unhinged”

First Scarborough on MSNBC said “Top Dems are telling me Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing” , and now Hannity is sharing what Dems inside the White House are telling him about Obama:

Hannity’s insiders sound strikingly similar to “Ulsterman’s” “White House Insider” .

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.


Russ Vaughn at The American Thinker: End of the Beginning and Beginning of the End

When the Washington Post allows two of the few truly objective and realistic Democrats remaining in the party to use it as a forum to call for Obama not to run for a second term, does that signal the beginning of the end?

When a San Francisco Chronicle editorial opens with,

Shellacked at home, shellacked abroad. President Obama’s Asia trip is extending a losing streak with the latest setback – a refusal by other major financial powers to follow his lead to revive the global economy.

Does that perhaps indicate that what caused the disillusionment and revolt of the American electorate may be dawning on the liberal media elite who are finally finding something distasteful in all their heretofore worshipful hand licking? Does not that reference to, “extending a losing streak,” not portend a sense of the beginning of the end?

Thomas Lifson, The American Thinker: Obama feeling sorry for self

Now that he has actual executive responsibilities for the first time in his life and is discovering that talking is a lot easier than doing, the press can no longer avert their eyes from his failures, and is withdrawing  their previous adulatory posture.

Peter Wehner, Contentions: Obama’s Fall from Grace

It has turned out to be quite a lot different, and quite a lot harder, than Mr. Obama ever imagined.

The world is an untidy place; problems are often more difficult and even more intractable than candidates imagine. Expressing intentions — like, say, closing down Guantanamo Bay, trying Khalid Sheik Mohammad in a civilian court, keeping unemployment below 8 percent, bending the health-care cost curve down while at the same time covering more people, convincing the Iranians to give up their pursuit of nuclear weapons, ushering in peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, even signing a free-trade agreement with South Korea — is different than actually implementing successful policies.

Michelle Malkin: Beltway fixture tells AWOL president he needs more time off

Washington swamp creature Newt Gingrich gets the dumb D.C. advice of the day award. In an interview with CBN’s David Brody, he says that permanent vacationer Barack Obama needs to spend more time away from the Beltway to “reflect.”

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Dejected Dems Hold Pity Party On House floor

The lame duck session will probably not present many opportunities for Republican mirth, but the Hill’s report on the return of House members to Congress for the first time since Republicans captured the House two weeks ago, offers such an opportunity.

This story was the last thing I saw before I went to bed, last night, and I giggled myself to sleep:

Dejected Democrats wiped away tears on the House floor Monday night while Republicans congratulated themselves on winning back control of the lower chamber.

Freshman Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-Ill.), who lost her reelection bid, wiped away tears as she hugged fellow members of the class of 2008, many of whom lost on Nov. 2.

Less than three feet away, ousted Nevada freshman Rep. Dina Titus (D) appeared to brush away some tears in a less obvious manner.

The mood was much different on the other side of the aisle.

Yes, I’m sure it was!

Scanning the comments at The Hill, I’m not seeing too much compassion for the “dejected Democrats”.  Maybe they should have spent more time representing the wishes of their districts, instead of cramming down unwanted bills nobody’s read. This guy sums it up, well:

Remember always that the job of a public servant is to deliver something that works. None of you did that. False tears. Have a nice trip back home and please stay out of public office in the future.

Another guy simply says:


Etc. It goes on for about 20 more lines.

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

See also:

Jim Treacher, who has the headline of the day: House Dems cry like little babies who just got spanked, appropriately enough

What’s that? It’s cruel to mock someone’s sadness and pain? Hey, that’s what happens when you ignore your own constituents’ express wishes. They remind you who your boss really is. So let the tears fall like rain. Let these mewling losers weep at the memory of Nancy clomping around with that horrifying grimace and that gavel in her hands.

We won.

Thanks to Dan Riehl on Twitter.