“Mad-Hatter” Frederica Wilson(D-FL) Fighting Congress’s No Hat Rule

I could have downloaded more pictures…but I think you get the idea…This lady loves her hats!

And that’s a problem for the newly elected  Congresswoman from Florida’s District 17, because head dress is prohibited on the floor of the House:

Wilson, a Democrat from Miami, is known for having a hat for every outfit and every occasion. She’s probably more known for her trademark style than any piece of legislation she pushed or voted for, so it’s easy to understand why she would feel her identity is being stripped away.

“Hats are what I wear. People get excited when they see the hats. Once you get accustomed to it, it’s just me,” Wilson told the Miami Herald. “Some people wear wigs, or high heel shoes or big earrings or pins. This is just me.”

It looks like Ms. Wilson’s first fight in Congress is not going to be for her constituents, but well….for her hats.

The rule is “sexist”, she says.

Because as everyone knows, only women wear hats….or something.

Hat tip: The Shark Tank, who suggests she have a word about the outrage with fellow freshman Congressman and Afghan War Vet, Allen West.



15 thoughts on ““Mad-Hatter” Frederica Wilson(D-FL) Fighting Congress’s No Hat Rule

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  2. “People get excited when they see the hats.” Kinda answers the question of how she got elected. I wonder if she got a lot of the Catholic vote – they love them some big hats.


  3. Everybody knows the Law since time immemorial: indoors, men, no hats; women, hats (just so they’re not the Carmen Miranda kind).

    The rule was most likely put in place a while back to keep the men looking civilized – no cowboy hats indoors.

    And at that time, the thought of a woman in the House would have reduced everyone to helpless laughter.


  4. Lector makes a great point. It was a rule that in building men were to remove their hats (except in times of extreme cold). Women in church and other areas are allowed to wear hats. I am not really sure how the exact ruling from congress reads but if it is like the rules of church, she should be able to wear her hats.


  5. Maybe she’s got a very pointy head that she can’t disguise with a hairstyle.
    Heh heh….Maybe she’s a conehead !


  6. When I first read about Wilson’s agenda for the hats, it sickened me. I was delighted when she won the votes, truly. From her record, she seemed strong and wanted to make a difference.. but this?!?!?!

    This is very very poor judgement on her part. Her vanity is not an issue to use tax payers dollars to address and this is NOT a sexist issue. Hats are banned for men and women alike, THIS IS NOT A SEXIST ruling for heavens sake. Hat’s are a distraction to the acts of congress, especially back in 1800s when some of those men’s hats reached up 2 foot. These hat’s she wears are a definate distraction from WHY she is there. Flashy BS has no place in congress, elected officials should be focusing on real issues, not vanity affairs.

    I really thought she was the right woman for the job, but now.. I question that initial judgement. I live in Mississippi and from a southerner, I was proud to see her intially elected.. now, not so much..

    What the heck?!?!?! This was very poor judgement on her part. The tax dollars it will take to and has taken for her to simply spend time to begin to address her hat request is repugnant. She was not voted in for this crap.


  7. I’m not sickened by it, myself, because it really seems like she has a powerful attachment to hats, so much so, that it would be like asking a woman not to wear make-up, or something along those lines.

    But, you’re right – it does seem like her priorities are not in order. Her pro-hat agenda is entirely self-serving and frivolous.

    She needs to swallow hard, and take off her hat in Congress.


  8. I think she looks cute in her hats – even so, the rule applies to both sexes so is not sexist and is not an issue that I would like to see a congresswoman pursue on women’s behalf. I do think that Congresswoman Wilson should be focusing on the real issues and get over herself. What a waste of time and money. Maybe she should calculate what resources are used for this frivolous fight and donate it to a charity. There are lots of people out there who could use the money.


  9. Hats….dang! what’s next…men wearing golf shoes and aids running around on roller skates…

    They all turnips…..they all say what the public wants to hear but once they get on top of Jenkins Hill….they show all the ignorance of a redneck trying to stretch a gnats @ss over a six inch fence post.

    “It is harder to conceal ignorance than to acquire knowledge.” – Arnold H. Glasow



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