Video: Jack Webb Goes After The TSA

Another fine video from Bullet People.

It’s great to know that the sensibilities of easily offended Muslim travelers are more important to the administration than the well being of our children:

Was that a tad melodramatic? I don’t know…you tell me.

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TSA backing off?



7 thoughts on “Video: Jack Webb Goes After The TSA

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  2. From a comment at American Thinker, ba BING (light bulb brain flash): they probably KNEW the TSA stuff would piss off general America…

    It is a CLOWARD-Piven strategy! Keep people focused on the TSA scanning nonsense (which I believe Ann Coulter correctly points out does NOT make flying safer).

    MEANWHILES, TheWon’s flunky-lame-duck session is trying to cram through:
    – Plans to stifle & control of the internet
    – the DREAM ACT – to legalize illegal aliens
    – FDA regulations – to take over our food system
    – (illegal) EPA regulations – to force new rules on AIR / taxing on C02 and all the crap
    – who the hell knows what else

    flippin’ hell


  3. NB – “Was that a tad melodramatic?” – No; just another way of getting a point across.

    Lisa G in NZ – “It is a CLOWARD-Piven strategy!” – Only this time there’s a good chance it will backfire. After this Thanksgiving travel week, a greater number of people will be outraged by this administration than ever before. Especially Moms with kids travelling.


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  5. As the father of two autistic children, I can guarantee that the Transacting Sexual Assaults officer that tries to feel up either of my two boys will be wearing orthopedic gloves for the rest of their life, in addition to finding themselves on the wrong end of civil rights and IIED lawsuits.


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