The Left Circles The Wagons For TSA Gropers

Isn’t it amazing that the left….almost down to a man, have come out on the side of the enhanced airport screening procedures that have been causing so much outcry? They see no one’s civil liberties being violated by these naked body scans and crotch gropings?

While most people find the new procedures disturbing and annoying, they go along with it because they just want to get to where their going with as little conflict and delay as possible. There are significant numbers, however,  who are experiencing trauma from what they describe as assaults against their persons.

You’re already familiar with many of the horror stories – they are legion: the 61-year-old bladder cancer survivor whose urine bag was punctured by TSA gropers, the ABC News employee who said an agent reached inside of her underwear, and “felt around”, the  flight attendant who was forced to show her prosthetic breast during a routine pat down, teddy bears being snatched from toddlers, young children being aggressively pat down, a woman getting an invasive and prolonged crotch search because she was wearing a pantyliner, a woman who says she was chosen to be pat down because of her breasts, “it was pretty obvious”, reports of pants falling down, and shirts flying up, exposing breasts in public, etc, etc, etc. These “isolated incidents” keep happening.

You know – KNOW that if it were the Bush administration doing this, the left would be howling and gnashing their teeth; they would be demanding that Bush/ Cheney be frogmarched out of the White House and sent to the Hague to be tried for crimes against humanity. True, some on the left would be conflicted because in their worldview, political correctness supersedes all, and everyone should be willing to make sacrifices that protect the sensibilities of Muslims. But I think the egregious nature of these enhanced screening procedures  would have trumped that consideration for most.

The overriding principle for the left of course can be summed up as: Bush =BAD; Obama =GOOD, so they’re circling the wagons to defend the TSA, and inventing nefarious motives for the backlash.

There is a name for people who tell others that they have a responsibility to shut up after being molested, and many of those names are in a national registry.

Here are the three main defenses of the TSA from those who aren’t actually the TSA.

“Republicans did it first”
“Don’t listen to conservatives. They’re crazy, Tea Partiers or both”
“Nothing to see here but naked people and the Internet’s ginned-up anger”
Read the full report at the link.
As always, Team Soros wastes a lot of bandwidth trying  to convince everyone that there’s nothing to see here. But there is something to see here – the stories speak for themselves. We should be thankful people are rising up to protest.
As Winkler notes,  it’s nice to know that some people are looking out for our civil liberties, because it’s clear that liberals won’t.


12 thoughts on “The Left Circles The Wagons For TSA Gropers

  1. This is just the last straw. I’ve had all kinds of stupid run-ins with airport security, even before 9/11.

    If you saw how they handle my parents, it would make your blood boil. Among mobility issues, my dad is entirely missing one hip joint (the replacement got infected) and they usually make him pull himself through the x-ray without his cane. My stepmother has typical old lady “big hair” and they squeeze her ‘do from several angles to make sure she isn’t packing heat or…whatever.

    Elderly middle-class people from Nashville. She’s convinced it’s plain old class warfare; getting back at the rich folks. I don’t think they’ll fly again.

    Paying these bozos bigger salaries and giving them badges didn’t raise their intelligence.


  2. Just a tiny amount of common sense would go a long way, here.

    And, yes, many of us complained about Bush’s measures after 9/11.

    Making EVERYONE take off their shoes, etc, seemed like overkill even with 9/11 a recent memory. We were saying, “how about we profile?”, back then, too.

    But the assault on our civil liberties then were merely an inconvenience, and people swallowed hard, and went along with it, willing to pretend it helped keep us safe.. Now they’ve gone *way* over the line.


  3. All I can say is that the Republicans have a LOT of work to do in the next few years. And, we supported them, we elected them to do a job, and they had damm well better do it for us.


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  6. The left-wing outrage, then and now, over Bush’s Patriot Act vs. Obama’s TSA groin gropings/Fourth Amendment violations indicates how far desperate liberals will dish out their mindless hypocrisy in defending Dear Leader.

    As Miss Cerebral herself, plasticine Cher, declared about tea partiers this past week, we can say the same – with ample proof and examples – about liberal zealots: They’re all f#@!cking crazy.


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