6 Degrees of George Soros

I was looking into the Wikileaks/Soros connection, and got so far into the weeds, I just gave up trying to make any sense of it.  I’m not going to spend my whole damn day on this. There does seems to be a general rule – six degrees of George Soros, if you will – that whenever something bad happens in the world, you can find a Soros connection.

Glenn Beck brought it up on his show, yesterday:

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There’s one circle of radicals who view the world in a similar fashion. The man behind the WikiLeaks page and all of these leaks — currently hiding out in Britain. Do you know who his attorney is?

OK, here’s the guy who’s running WikiLeaks. And that is his attorney, Mark Stevens.

Mark Stevens is so weird, happens to do pro bono stuff for George Soros and the Open Society Institute. Isn’t that weird?

When the founder of WikiLeaks set out to establish funding for WikiLeaks, guess who he negotiated with? The Open Society Institute, George Soros. That’s strange, isn’t it?

Wow! Man, we should call for the top down, shouldn’t we? Because the bottom is rising up. I have wonder if anybody in the administration could help us with the Internet.

WikiLeaks wrote an award-winning report called “The Cry of Blood.” This is great. “The Cry of Blood.” The report was published by the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights. George Soros.

WikiLeaks once listed Soros connected Chinese human rights leader as one of its advisors. Well, I say once listed them because they scrubbed the Web site. Oh, too bad for WikiLeaks and George Soros and everybody else, too bad we have watchdogs that printed everything before it was scrubbed from the Web. Hmm.

I want you to listen carefully because this monologue is going to be taken out of context. Here’s what people are going to say. “Glenn Beck says George Soros is behind WikiLeaks.” That is not what I am saying.

Suspicions abound that Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations

Wikileaks, 911 and George Soros

Iceland, Wikileaks, and George Soros

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