Video: Obama Just Two Months Ago Called Tax Cuts For The Rich,”Irresponsible”

So, as I’m sure, you’ve  heard, the President has made a deal with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts, including a major cave on estate taxes.

Obama has always been violently opposed to Bush’s eeeeevil “tax cuts for the rich”, which he has characterized as one of “the failed policies that got us into this mess.”

Here he is just two and  half months ago, saying, “the math isn’t there to give tax cuts to the rich”:
So what changed?
Nothing, of course. Obama is as left-wing as ever, but he  made what John Podhoretz calls a “what the hell” gambit:

Obama said, “What the hell.” Once he knew he had to give in, and would get criticized for giving in, he figured he might as well go whole hog. The whole deal seems designed to test conservative arguments about how best to help the economy right now, with the understanding that if the economy improves markedly as a result, he will get more credit for his role from the independents he lost so decisively in the 2010 election. And if it doesn’t, then the GOP will be in the position he was in this year in relation to the stimulus — their desired policy won’t have worked either, and he won’t get blamed for acceding to political reality in going along with it.

Maybe Obama has looked at the gloomy economic forecast, (thanks to his wild spending) with the “fiscal Frankenstein” of ObamaCare ever looming, and figured he’d let the Republicans be the fall guys in 2012 if things haven’t appreciably improved. (And they may not).

Ace of Spades calls this Obama’s most harmful broken promise. Read the unhinged comments he posted from Huffpo.
I’d say it’s as toxic to his left-wing constituents as Poppy’s reneging on his “Read my lips – no new taxes” pledge was to conservatives. Obama reneging on his tax the rich pledge =one term for him.

WOW…this is why I don’t watch Obama press conferences – I’m getting shivering douchechills just reading the title of Michelle Malkin’s latest post: So much for bipartisanship: Obama calls GOP “hostage-takers,” Boehner a “bomb-thrower;” attacks lib critics, too:

President Obama looks haggard and peeved and petulant at his White House press briefing on the tax deal, still underway as I type.

Exuding his typical gracelessness, he pouted about being forced into negotiations, whined about “tax cuts for the wealthy” as the “Holy Grail” of the Republican Party, and yes, referred to the GOP as “hostage-takers.”

“It’s tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers, unless the hostage gets harmed…the hostage was the American people.”

So much self-pitying stuff and nonsense packed into one plaintive wail.

Video at link.
See also:

Joseph Lawler at The American Spectator: Did Obama Get What He Really Wanted?

Talk about hostage taking. Look who’s kidnapping a Republican idea, and presenting it as his own:
Obama is taking credit for the payroll tax cut idea and claiming it is part of the concessions he got from the GOP as part of the overall agreement to keep tax rates steady but that’s simply BS.

Remember during the debate over the so called “stimulus” bill when Obama said the GOP didn’t have any ideas and simply was saying no to everything? That was always a lie, the GOP did have an alternative plan and guess what was item number one in it (pdf)?

Eliminate the 3.1% payroll tax for all American EMPLOYEES for 2 years, and use general revenue to pay for Social Security and Medicare obligations.

Imagine what the last two years would have been like had the stimulus actually been used in ways that stimulated the economy and not as a means to pay off Democratic interest groups.

Just for $hits and giggles, you should check out, Dummie Funnies, tonight: Obama tax cuts the last straw for DUmmies! DUmmieland in Meltdown Mode!

As you might expect, today’s cave-in on the tax deal has pushed DUmmieland decidedly over the edge. We’re getting the “early returns” tonight, and it’s not pretty. The threads are just building up, even as we speak, so tonight I’ll pick and choose from a variety of posts–there are tons to choose from–both General Discussion: Presidency THREADS and General Discussion THREADS. And I’m guessing PJ will have more for you in the days to come.

So let us now don our asbestos suits and enter the fiery furnace that is DUmmieland, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, having more DU threads to look at than you could possibly imagine, is in the tax [brackets]:

A crossroads for DU… I betcha there’s a record amount of locked threads tonight…

[NO! Are you kidding? DU is a close-knit community of loyal Democrats, all standing together, arm in arm, UNITED in support of our wonderful President and Congress. Why, this has been a Golden Era, you know, with our beloved Democrats in charge of everything. No, no! No dissent or disunity HERE, of all places! Locked threads? Perish the thought!]


Honestly. I can’t relate to a mindset that is so in love with the idea of  raising *other people’s*  taxes …and having conniption fits when it doesn’t happen. What is wrong with these people?


Doug Ross: Can You Spell Delusional? Leftist Media Pillories President Obama For Not Being Sufficiently Marxist; Kucinich Could Challenge In 12012 Primary

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks


5 thoughts on “Video: Obama Just Two Months Ago Called Tax Cuts For The Rich,”Irresponsible”

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  2. “tax cuts for the rich” bull. nobody is getting a tax cut come january. now no one will be getting a tax increase. the debate was about raising taxes not decreasing them. people need to get it straight.


  3. I don’t think it’s naked political calculus that’s driving Obama. I made an argument yesterday that HCR, whatever form it evolves into, will be the flagship of Obama’s legacy. It directly addresses the largest unfulfilled portion of the progressive agenda as formulated a century ago. It also frames the debate about HC such that it can no longer be avoided by fallacies…the so called free market has produced health care that consumes an unsustainable 20% or more of GNP.

    For this legacy to take full effect and become a fourth rail in politics Obama has to win in 2012.


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