This Is Exactly Why I Don’t Want Sarah To Run

This sweet moment of Bristol Palin straightening out her mom’s hair in Haiti, was captured by an AP photographer, upon her arrival, Saturday. Since Bristol’s face was obscured by her elbow, the left-wing media was able to falsely identify her as Palin’s personal hairdresser, thus labeling Palin a “primadonna” who brings her hairdresser with her on a humanitarian trip to Haiti.

This wasn’t an innocent mistake on the part of AP. The photographer knew that the woman in the picture was Palin’s daughter, yet the AP ran a caption implying otherwise. It  was a media hit job. Just one of the many, Palin’s particular life circumstances would afford, if she were to run for President.

Why is Palin different from any of the other candidates, you ask?

She just is, okay? If you haven’t figured that out yet, maybe this explanation from “David Kahane”, September 2, 2008, can help you understand:

We hate you because you remind the other side of their wives, their girlfriends, their daughters, and make them want to fight for you against our sneers and our smears. We hate you because you’re smart and accomplished and didn’t make your bones on the back of Monica Lewinsky. We hate you because you’ve made us forget that our last two candidates for vice president were Joe Lieberman and John Edwards, whoever they were.

We hate you because you’re smart and beautiful and we wish we had women like you on our side.

We hate you.

Although Kahane is is actually Michael Walsh, a conservative writer who adopted the pseudonym, David Kahane  to help conservatives understand the ways of the hard left, (something Walsh, a man from the left coast, who’s often does work in Hollywood, knows something about), the kind of hatred he described here and here is real, it’s scary, and it isn’t going anywhere.  If anything, it’s only grown more unhinged since the Fall of 2008.

It’s true that the left will work itself into a frothy lather over whomever our nominee in 2012 turns out to be. But  it will be harder for them to discredit other Republicans  – it will take more effort, because in many cases some degrees of respect for the candidates will be present. With Sarah, it’s all too easy. The left is already in complete agreement in their unhinged hatred for the “Thrilla from Wasilla”. They are as sure that she’s evil and stupid, as they are that global warming is going to kill us all in fifty years if we don’t lower our living standards, and redistribute our wealth to poorer nations. It’s science. If you don’t loathe Sarah Palin, you’re anti-science,  evil, and stupid, too.

Am I being a little defeatist in saying that we can’t fight such a burning hot hatred and contempt for a candidate? We could if we had a fair and objective media. But we don’t, as the AP caption, above exemplifies. Things are what they are. Conservatives need to face facts.

I’m sorry, but through no fault of her own, a Sarah Palin bid for the Presidency  is a non-starter.

Comic Relief Update:

Mike Hendrix provides some yuks by channeling liberals over at Cold Fury:


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53 thoughts on “This Is Exactly Why I Don’t Want Sarah To Run

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  2. Yes, definitely agree. If she runs, the focus from the media will be on her, rather than her policies, and we on the right would have to spend most of our time dealing with those personal issues, rather than on said governmental policies. If she won, we would have to do the same, much as we had to do with Bush (who wouldn’t even defend his own policies.) Palin would certainly defend both herself and her policies, but, it would be a constant distraction.

    I’d much rather she run for the Senate. I think she missed a big change to run against Princess Lisa, but, she wanted to be good to Joe Miller. Or, perhaps she could run for the House. I think she could do much better in one of those positions than as president.

    (PS: rescued your comment. I’m getting tired of WordPress putting legit comments into spam all over. Notice I did not use my thepiratescove email or domain name. Sigh)


  3. Sarah Palin is a highly competent woman and an asset to the GOP but hasn’t a prayer of winning a presidential election at this time. Her family baggage and her tendency to slip into personal quirkiness would fuel an even nastier 2012 campaign than usual. She is young enough to wait out two terms and perhaps give it a try in eight years.

    We need to win in 2012 and we need a strong, consistent candidate to do that. I like Sarah Palin, but don’t consider her presidential material at this time.


  4. I have to disagree. Any candidate running against Teh Won is going to get the same treatment. Further, it’s going to take something really unusual and probably historic to bump off the first black president. I think a combo of the first female president and the first hispanic VP have enough punch to go toe-to-toe with the legend that Obama has built around himself. She may not be the solemn ideal of a candidate, but in this unusual 24-7 media infotainment era, she is the only one with the punch to win.

    Look at it this way: If we nominate Mitt, Huck, or Gingrich, we will lose. But no one is running around praying they don’t run. Why is that?

    (rescued from spam bucket-ed.)


  5. I agree 100% with both of you.

    I thought she would be good as RNC Chair, too.

    I can tell you who else I don’t want running: Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee, and friggin’ Ron Paul.

    And I don’t want Chris Christie running in 2012 because it’s too soon for him. He’s only been Governor a year, plus he’s said he absolutely doesn’t want to run in 2012 on a number of occasions, no if ands or buts about it. If he changed his mind, now, he’d look like a shifty, dishonest character like Obama, and he would be.

    Now, running for VP, is a different matter…


  6. I would support Sarah Palin and work for her to be elected should she decide to run for president in 2012. Her accomplishments prove to me that she is a true Conservative and has the ‘spine’ to do the right thing. She did it in Alaska. I see NO ONE else I think could beat Obama.
    As Rush says, ‘They tell us who they fear.’
    If Sarah Palin is so ‘un-electable’ why is the Left relentless in their attempts to destroy her??? They FEAR her because she is effective.
    This country would be blessed to have her as our president.


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  8. I would support Sarah Palin and work for her to be elected should she decide to run for president in 2012.

    So would I if she were our nominee.

    Yes, the left fears her. Fear and loathing are powerful, destructive emotions…which translates into the grossly unfair treatment we’ve seen of her from the MSM. I’m sorry things are the way they are, but in order to win we have to have the mushy middle. and the mushy middle is still swayed by the MSM.


  9. I refuse to let the media pick our candidates. Remember McCain….he was the media darling until he decided to run against Odumbass. They are going to crucify any of our candidates not matter how “moderate” or “centrist” or “maverick”. If you don’t like Palin’s policies don’t voter for her but do not allow the media to cow you. Grow some nuts!


  10. I am not going to base my decision on whether someone should run on how the media reacts to that candidate. That is why we always end up having Democrats running as Republicans. In fact, I won’t support a Republican candidate that the MSM feels comfortable with.

    I don’t know whether Sarah should run. My support for her requires that she repudiates her support of McCain and that she retract her statement that she might consider running in 2012 but not if the GOP establishment (Rove, Bush, etc…) feels that her candidacy would be a disruptive distraction. We don’t need yet another “conservative” subordinating principles to party.


  11. “Non starter”? We can debate whether she’d be a non-finisher, but non-starter implies that she couldn’t even make a go of it. I wouldn’t take that bet.

    I was against a Palin run for a long time. Now I’m not so sure. I do know I’m awfully tired of nominating the guy the media doesn’t hate too much.

    I haven’t liked the guy I voted for since Ronnie. That’s so wrong.


  12. Yes, non starter:

    2. An idea, proposal, or candidate with no chance of being accepted or successful.

    That’s how I feel. And Palin just may be Obama’s (and by extension, the MSM’s) preferred Republican nominee, because they know she’d be easiest to beat.


  13. It is brilliant thinking like this that gives us candidates like John McCain. They will beat up the candidate we want so let’s nominate someone they like! FAIL!!! Been there, done that.

    SarahCuda all the way!!


  14. I am not going to base my decision on whether someone should run on how the media reacts to that candidate.

    It should be a consideration. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of Americans who trust the MSM for their news.


  15. I’m not saying that we run a RINO in her place, for God’s sake. There are plenty of solid, smart conservatives (Pence, Ryan for expl.), who fit the bill. The MSM would have a hard time demonizing either of those two.


  16. We should pick the candidates we want, those who will best fight for our principles and values. We keep getting derailed by arguments like “electability” and “purity” and other red herrings. If WE work for the candidate that WE WANT, the candidate that best embodies what the polls keep telling us Americans want, our candidate will be electable.

    The current attitude among Republicans and faux conservatives seems to be “the only real Republican is a Democrat” and “the only real conservative is a liberal. If we won’t fight for what we want, we will fight ourselves fighting again for what we don’t want: “the lesser of two evils”.

    Snap out of it!


  17. Deb, Pence and Ryan are already being marginalized by the party. Pence is continually being trashed by the GOP leadership as being a right-wing extremist as is Ryan. The only distinction I see between them and Sarah are that they are actually in there fighting. None of the above, however, seem to have the ballz to actually take on the GOP leadership.That’s what I want to see. Fight.


  18. Yes, I have to admit, I’m very concerned with “electability”. I think conservatives need to be smart, and nominate a candidate who actually has a chance of beating Obama in 2012, because the stakes are kind of high.


  19. Lily – I understand your rationale but think Sarah needs to put some more “meat on her political bones”. RNC Chair would be a great position for her and a Senate run would also be a wise addition to her resumé.

    Right now it’s up to the Republicans to behave themselves — to adhere to the conservative principles for which many gained office in this latest election and to show the nation that they can and will walk the walk, not just talk the talk. What happens in 2012 will depend on that.

    No Huckabee, no Romney, no Gingrich, no Ron Paul for me either. We have fresh faces and clear voices coming along and need to see more of them and a lot less of old political faces. One new possibility I’ve added to my list to consider for 2012 is John Thune, Senator from South Dakota. I need to do more research but he is impressive and could hold his own solidly against Obama on the campaign trail.


  20. Deb, Pence and Ryan are already being marginalized by the party.

    I haven’t seen that, at all, but it doesn’t matter. The Republican establishment is becoming an endangered species, just like the blue dogs.


  21. Beware of security seeking decisions. Take the risk, take the gamble. She exposes the left for what it really is: a group of nasty, mean-spirited elites. Go with their fear, and embrace it. She drives them NUTS.

    Also give the people a little credit. They can discern over the course of a campaign, just how one-sided the press really is.

    We can talk about other candidates, but who comes close to producing the excitement of Sarah Palin? I keep looking for one, but only Bachman comes close (and you see the left doing the same thing to her as they do Palin).

    Don’t let the left choose the GOP candidate.


  22. Also give the people a little credit. They can discern over the course of a campaign,

    Oh really? Where were you in 2008?

    The truth is, many of them *can’t* discern over the course of a campaign if the media is not doing its job properly. By suppressing damaging stories about one candidate, while repeatedly blasting negative stories about the other, (including the made up stuff), the media leads many astray.

    That’s just a fact of life in America, today. We can’t just wish it away. We can keep fighting it, and I applaud people like Andrew Breitbart for leading the way on that front, but we also have to be careful, and savvy about who we choose for our candidates.


  23. nicedeb, the candidate the left wanted for the GOP in 2008 was Mc Cain. He was the easy foil to Obama: the dull old white man. It was only Palin that got the base of the GOP excited. We don’t need careful and savvy choices like Mc Cain again. Again, don’t let the left make the decision for you. That is how they have bullied us all these years. I go for the one who is willing to stand up to this bully.


  24. You realize we run a serious risk of having the other guys choose our nominee (again)? If Obama doesn’t get primaried, the D’s will be free to vote in the R primaries. No reason not to.

    I don’t know what that means for Palin, but it can’t be good for us. We really need to start NOW talking about closing primaries (not that it is entirely doable).


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  26. McCain wasn’t the careful and savvy choice for conservatives. He was the liberal choice, and I agree with S. Weasel about closing Primaries. I don’t know a single conservative who was excited about McCain.

    I was one of Palin’s earliest, and most enthusiastic boosters for VP, starting in Feb, 2008. But that ship has sailed.

    All of you people worried about the left making the decision for us…how do you know their favorite to go against Obama isn’t Palin?

    Since she polls weakest against him, I’m inclined to think it is.


  27. i believe you are correct. what a really an awful indictment of the Left and their minions, the MSM…. but! Sarah -sorry you’ve had to be the sacrificial lamb, Gov. P – has served to unmask the viciousness, bias and ignorance of the ‘tolerant’ Left.

    the feeding frenzy of the Left, coupled with the nearly deafening snorts of the feeding frenzy of the Democrat Fed. Government at the national trough, have woken the apathetic conservatives.

    perhaps that is her purpose, her destiny; to give them the rope with which to hang themselves.

    if that is it, then so be it. one woman who woke a nation. thank you Sarah, and especially, thank you, vicious liberals.


  28. Palin, quite simply, is being used as the Statists’ two-minutes hate object. An Orwellian target is something we should easily recognize. And the worst implications of the device, given all the resources poured into servicing it, need to be explored by cooler patriotic heads because its purpose is to divide and undermine us.

    For the full examination and discussion, please see Sarah Palin, Orwellian Target.


  29. Yes, you’re playing the part of a pathetic defeatist. But thankfully, you’re wrong. There is no way out of this but through it. Palin needs to run, and to win, and the Left needs to choke on it. Rather selfishly, I maintain this will certainly make her life difficult in the short term; but I believe she recognizes this, and understands the greater good. The Left cannot be permitted to destroy people, and we cannot flinch and seek a back exit when they try. It is now or never for all of us, and Sarah Palin has come to represent “all of us”; this cannot stand, or we’re finished.


  30. I have seen a similar vitriol waged against Bachmann. I think any conservative woman will get the same treatment as Palin. Are we going to not nominate a woman because women are not electable?

    What concerns me is that we will end up with another candidate that will always pale in our mind when comparing HIM to Palin. I don’t want to be thinking in 2013, we should have picked Palin, we should have picked Palin.

    We have already seen Thune vote to make government bigger with that food bill. We have already seen Newt appear with Pelosi supporting Global Warming nonsense. We have seen Romney already support a large intrusion by a government in Health Care. Just as we have seen Mc Cain completely mishandle the Tarp bailout. They all may seem electable today, but would we in 2013 be saying. “We should have picked Palin.”

    Some say Palin is the new Reagan. I think of her as the new Goldwater. He lost mainly as a side-effect of the Kennedy assassination. But his legacy may at the heart of the whole tea party movement. We certainly don’t need another Nixon or Bush in the White House.


  31. Look, I think it’s safe to say we all agree with Palin’s political philosophy, and admire her for her courage and spunk.

    But with just a half of a term as Governor under her belt, is she even ready for the Presidency? Maybe, maybe not. But I can tell you every single day of her campaign, she will be tested by a hostile media, and she may not pass all of those tests. She will not be given the passes that Obama got, either.

    I frankly don’t have the stomach for it.


  32. I really have to disagree. Every single politician with an (R) behind their name will get the same kind of treatment by the media. Every (R) candidate has had to deal with the double standard of unfair coverage, every one has been stupid, greedy, warlike, and had multiple personal failings. Of course, their (D) counterparts were held blameless.

    Of the candidates that were not destroyed in my lifetime, only one was effective at fighting back against the media, and that was Ronald Reagan. Dan Quayle and John McCain are the perfect example of candidates who couldn’t effectively fight back. George W Bush’s presidency was destroyed because he didn’t fight back.

    Sarah Palin is effectively fighting back, and it’s conservatives who buckle to the leftist pressure campaigns to define us, who go tucking tail every time the media pulls the double standard, that are hurting us.

    She has climbed out of a huge hole since the 2008 campaign, she continues to gain in her polling, yet you want her to stop? If she decides to run, she will have to make the case to the voters for herself to become president. She has plenty of time to to so, and the talent to be effective. If she wants to run, she will do well. If she wants to run, we should not feed the negativity delivered to us by the democrat/media complex.


  33. if the AP is intentionally deceitful (it is) …. and too many people still trust them over, say “NiceDeb” (they do)…. then we all need to get busy & make it clear to people what the MSMedia is doing & strip them of all credibility.
    I consider it surrender to say I won’t support Palin because the lying media will lie about her. And if we aren’t willing to go down swinging over surrender we will lose every time.

    Deb I love you, but she HAS been tested & imo she is growing in strength day by day. Death to the “Palin can’t win” meme already! Or maybe she’ll be like Truman holding up the “Dewey Wins” Mewspaper. But she’ll be giving her victory speech holding up the “Pailin Unelectable” headline (!) Come over to our side. It feels great over here!


  34. Maybe what the Tea Party and other conservative groups need to do starting *now* is to attack the LameStreamMedia as relentlessly – convince the mushy middle that they are being lied to continuously by them and that they can and should make up their own minds from readily available and verifiable sources all the lies being spread. Hit back with the same tactics. Take off the gloves and eschew the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Fight to win. It’s all noble to always want to play by the rules but that is fundamentally what got us into this mess we are in.


  35. I think Sarah is brilliant. She has been using the ‘new’ media and reaching more people as they become savvy to where to find hard news, versus what has been the established ‘mainstream media’ but is growing ever more irrelevant. What’s more, that ‘mainstream media’ is clueless to their growing irrelevance. Sarah will be interviewed with fair and balanced newspeople, as viewers will demand substantive reporting. It’s going to be delightful to watch! Don’t underestimate her; she’s worth your support!


  36. good post, good discussion

    I think the “she can’t win” meme should be killed. I sorta bought that early but saw through that quickly.

    If she runs, she’ll run around the current leftist media. Isn’t she getting quite good at doing that already?

    I love how she fights back. This is KEY. There is a LOT of corruption to clean up. Bush didn’t fight back because he is in the elitist club. Sorry, he did love America and I fully supported his presidency.

    Times are different now. There is a Republic to SAVE.

    America needs real American leaders now.

    No more elitists, globalist, marxist, RINO, eftist or establishment blue-blood types.

    Sarah fits the bill as a great anti-establishment, American loving momma grizzly!

    I would support her 1000% if she runs. America needs a real American POTUS. No more kenyan, usurper, soros-backed wannabees.

    old media be damned


  37. Nice Deb,
    I sincerely appreciate this work you do on this blog. YOU ‘may not have the stomach’ for what the MSM will do to Sarah if she runs and is our nominee BUT she appears to have the stomach, will and courage to fight against Obama and his agenda for America with all that is within her.
    She has consistently been the opposition to Obama through her articles, facebook posts, tweets, books and appearances.
    I don’t think our Republic has a lot of years to let her ‘get some more meat on her bones.’ HER CORE IS RIGHT, SHE LOVES THIS COUNTRY LIKE WE DO, SHE FIGHTS OBAMA when so many others ‘waited’ and were PC before they stated speaking out against him.
    I don’t know what is going to happen but at this point Sarah Palin is our best hope for America to survive. It is that dire and serious.


  38. So some people would not back Sarah because the media hates her… Hmmm… How did it work backing John McCain just because the media loved him-unti the general election that is.

    Support the one the liberals fear the most, back her up and support her and stop bing a bunch of sissies and RINOs looking to jump on the bandwagon of someone that the media will pretend not to hate-until the general election.


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  40. “But it will be harder for them to discredit other Republicans” You might want to talk to Meg Whitman on that one.

    An attorney, ex-employee and a corrupt union ruined Meg Whitman’s political career in a matter of days on some bogus story. After she spent 140 large of her own money on that campaign.


  41. You’ve put more thought into a Palin run than I have, but I think you are wrong.

    I love Palin as much as the left hates her. Yes, that much.

    I think you’re assessment is in today’s reality, not in 2012’s. My support for Palin will include immediate and rabid counter-attacks with anyone stupid enough to bad-mouth her in my presence.

    I’ve learned one thing with my CommieObama Hat and tea party experiences – lefties can’t take what they dish out, and they back down each and every time when confronted with facts and enthusiasm.


  42. An attorney, ex-employee and a corrupt union ruined Meg Whitman’s political career in a matter of days on some bogus story.

    I’m not saying they won’t deploy their usual bag of dirty tricks on whomever runs.

    I’m just saying that it will be 100x worse for Sarah. That’s how united they are in their hatred for her.


  43. An image I have of Sarah Palin is a balloon filled with fresh mountain air in a smoke filled bar full of drunks.
    As much as I think she would make a good president, I would not like to see her sullied by the toxic environment of Federal politics. There have been many unsung local heroes who have gone to D.C. to add levity, knowledge, and wisdom to the national circus that returned home asap as unhappy people. Whatever she does, hope that she does not run again for VP with the Presidential candidates that have headed for the gates so far. I concur, she would be great in the US legislature. Bully pulpit. My criterion is who would I would most like to have to sail across the ocean with in a small boat and not throw overboard on the way. None of the other female figures would make it across with me and a male one doesn’t come to mind, either. Sarah Palin would be a competent sailor and would keep my mind alive. There is a whole lot much to be said about being a survivor.


  44. Let them spend their wad. At least Sarah’s response was to bag a Carabou and gut it on TV, sending the left into a tizzy while endearing herself to middle America at the same time.
    They tried to bankrupt her, she decided to become a millionaire instead. They tried to control her image, she stepped out of the box.
    She is a smart lady.


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