OmniPork Dead

Apparently Dingy didn’t have the votes:

Democrats controlling the Senate have abandoned a 1,924-page catchall spending measure that’s laced with homestate pet projects known as earmarks and that would have provided another $158 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nevada Democrat Harry Reid gave up on the nearly $1.3 trillion bill after several Republicans who had been thinking of voting for the bill pulled back their support.

GOP leader Mitch McConnell threw his weight against the bill in recent days, saying it was in his words “unbelievable” that Democrats would try to muscle through in just a few days legislation that usually takes months to debate.

Reid said he would work with McConnell to produce a short-term funding bill to keep the government running into early next year.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

He’s going to work with McConnell, now?  Uhhhh….

I hope some deal wasn’t struck with Republicans. I’m sorry I have a suspicious mind, but I do…

There are other votes coming up in the next couple of days:

Reid announces he’s filing cloture on DREAM Act, DADT to be voted on Saturday. Debate on START tomorrow with amendments.

Hold the line, Republicans.

Panic at the Disco?: Tax Bill Pulled From House Floor

Jamie Dupree reporting on Congress for Cox Radio tweets:

URGENT URGENT URGENT – House Democrats just pulled the rule off the floor for the tax deal – must be short on votes

The House has now moved on to other business while Democrats regroup and try to get the deal back to the floor

Lots of Dems and GOP’ers were saying they would vote no today; not clear if this is temporary trouble or not

At Talking Forex, I’m reading:

This may be no big deal.

Hat tip: Drew at AoSHQ Via Michelle Malkin on Twitter,

And thanks to Rush’s announcement on his show. Okay, back to my baking…


Political Ticker is reporting that Dem leaders pulled the “rule” from the floor because they didn’t know if they had enough votes to bring the bill to the floor.

Before the debate on the tax bill starts, the House first needs to pass the rule on how the debate and votes will go, with a simple majority vote. Because Republicans will all vote against the rule set by Democratic leaders – Pelosi and Democratic leaders need to pass the rule just with Democratic votes.

With so many House Democrats unhappy with the tax bill, many don’t want to even bring it up, so leaders pulled the bill and are “whipping it” according to the Democratic leadership aide – counting to make sure they can even pass the rule.

They hit a snag….GOOD.

See also: Michelle Malkin : Panic: House Dems yank tax deal rule off floor


Rep McCotter (MI) gives his reasons for opposing the bill:

“Amidst our tumultuous Age of Globalization, wherein big government’s restructuring is not merely desirable but inevitable, the sovereign people’s Congressional servants must facilitate the conditions for sustainable economic growth so people can work; and preserve and promote Americans’ economic preeminence in the world.

To accomplish these vital tasks, government must adopt deep and enduring tax relief, and spending, deficit and debt reduction.  These policies are neither novel nor fashionable.  They are necessary.

Therefore, because I oppose raising taxes, increasing deficits and debt, and worsening the entitlement crisis, I fundamentally object to this compromised tax bill’s following provisions:

  1. A permanent tax increase in exchange for a temporary tax reprieve, since any and all tax increases in a recession retard a recovery; and
  1. A raid on Social Security requiring increased federal debt to fund a temporary tax gimmick that will not increase sustainable employment.

Despite its proponents’ best intentions, this bill will not end the suffering of unemployed and economically anxious Americans.  It will prolong it.  For we cannot delay the day of big government’s restructuring; and, in endeavoring to do so, we make the inevitable more painful, more prolonged, and, because it was unnecessary, more deplorable.

Finally, to those Republicans who claim no choice but to vote for a flawed bill now rather than wait three weeks for a better one, I disagree.  Such a view is analogous to General Custer prior to the Battle of the Little Big Horn stating:  “We must strike now before there are more of us.”

Recognizing this folly, it is my sincere hope and goal that, come the 112th Congress, new legislation will be introduced that rectifies this bill’s failings; and commences a lasting American economic renaissance.”

Looking at YOU, Paul Ryan,


MSNBC reports:

Why were the votes not there?
1. The Rule could have passed with GOP support, however, the minority party pretty much always votes against the Rule, because it’s created solely by the leadership of the majority party. It’s considered heresy by minority leadership to vote for the Rule if you’re in the minority party.

2. The main reason why the bill is delayed is that House liberal Democrats wanted more opportunities to publicly display their anger with the compromise.


In other words, they want the opportunity to whine and cry about the bill and have their displeasure recorded for the public record… before they vote for it.

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