Monday Quick Links

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It’s just not normal or right that there is so much government activity going on, this close to Christmas. But as it happens, the Dem Socialists need the cover of Christmas to get their dirty deeds done. So here I am, blogging, instead of finishing up my Christmas shopping….

Seton Motley has another post up about the FCC usurpation of the internet, scheduled for tomorrow, the 21st:

Big Government: Right Before It Tries To Take Over The Internet, The FCC’s Websites Are “Unavailable” Due To “Scheduled Maintenance”

As we have much discussed, the FCC has decided to power grab Internet authority on December 21st.  The Commission must seize said authority because it does not have it unless and until Congress writes a law saying so – which The Chairman himself admits Congress has not done.

The Chairman will do so via a three unelected bureaucrat Democrat Party-line vote (that’s counting him).  He intends to do so under cover of Christmas – slamming it through less than 96 hours before the Big Day.

The Chairman will do so by writing (and rewriting, and rewriting some more, and rewriting again) an 80-plus page “order” – which sounds an awful lot like he’s appropriating Congress’ job and writing law.  (Because, again, Congress has never written a law that allows him to do this.)  He is in perpetual revision mode to continue to capitulate to the demands – and induce the vote – of the FCC’s most Leftist member – Commissioner Michael Copps – driving this Web takeover to the outer limits of illegal usurpation.

Keep reading at Big Government.

More FCC news from Motley at The American spectator: Al Sharpton Helping FCC Design Rush Limbaugh ‘Free Speech’ Show Trials

…apparently the FCC is looking into warping beyond all recognition its definition of “public hearing” — with the Reverend Al Sharpton lending a hand.

Public hearings would instead be used to drag unfavorables like Rush Limbaugh before the Commission to “explain how they justify” their availing themselves of their First Amendment rights. And to threaten their stations’ broadcast licenses should they fail the FCC’s definition of “justification.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Times reports that START has lost GOP support, but Senate Democrats say they still have votes to ratify treaty.

Key Senate Republicans on Sunday announced that they do not support ratification of a U.S.-Russia arms control treaty, upsetting White House plans to win passage of the pact during the lame-duck session of the Senate.

Despite these statements, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senate Democratic leaders said they have the 67 votes needed to ratify the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid set the key test, ending debate and proceeding to a vote, for Tuesday.

At Big Journalism, we  find that HHS is  steering Google searches of “ObamaCare” to its propaganda site by buying a Google advertisement that directs people to its page.

“We are using a bunch of search term[s] to help point people to Part of our online efforts to help get accurate information to people about the new law (i.e. also use Facebook, Twitter, blogs and webcasts),” an HHS official confirmed by e-mail.

Your tax dollars at work.

Speaking of propaganda, The BlogProf reports on some sickening agitprop by way of  the Governor of MI: Granholm releases propoganda video even the establishment MSM can’t stomach

More propaganda cited  at NewsReal as Megan Fox lists: Top 10 Hoaxes Perpetrated by the Left and Trumpeted by a Complicit Media

And we’re starting with a college professor who spray-painted her own car, and then pretended she was the victim of a hate crime: Kerri Dunn.

I’m glad somebody finally compiled a least of these.

Gateway Pundit: Unreal… Napolitano Says DHS Is Going to Start Battling Climate Change As Homeland Security Issue

Great, what next? Is DHS going to get involved with the childhood obesity national security problem?

Pirates Cove has more on the global warming climate change global climate disruption front: Global Warming Disrupts European Travel

Ace notes an amazing coincidence: Sunspot Activity Predicts Lower Temperatures , but we all know the sun has nothing to do with global weather disruptions, right?!

More great news comes via Michelle Malkin: Watch out: More Obama union pay-offs in the works:

On Friday, President Obama mollified Big Labor bosses at the White House. Which means you better watch your wallets.

Some genuinely good news for President “Miss Me Yet”: US News: Merry Christmas, Mr. Bush: ‘Decision Points’ is a big seller.

Are you kidding me, lady?: Newsbusters: Nina Totenberg: ‘I Was At – Forgive the Expression – a Christmas Party…’

You know what? If the word, “Christmas” is that distasteful to you, maybe you shouldn’t be going to Christmas parties?
Ace has this to say about Totenberg’s faux pas:

Does anyone think that Nina Totenberg, or anyone in the media or government or academy, would ever say, “I was — forgive the expression — at a gay wedding”? No, of course not; they would never give that such a slight, classifying it as an actual vulgarity.

But Christmas? To Nina Totenberg and the alien creatures who have, V-like, infiltrated and captured our key institutions, the word “Christmas” is now on par with a lower-grade racial slur.

3 thoughts on “Monday Quick Links

  1. The FCC might just vote itself authority over the Internet…but would federal enforcers, mindful of the Congressional and judicial decisions against it, be willing to enforce their decrees?

    Genachowski is something of a clown if he thinks he can simply bull ahead against both the legislative and the judicial branches, and without a prior guarantee of enforcement power from the executive. He’ll simply be ignored — and the FCC will lose massive face over it.


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