“Crazy Muscle-Flexing” Suspect Found Not Guilty Of Crime Spree

You may remember the “crazy muscle-flexing man” with the unforgettable mugshot, who made the news a few weeks ago. Mark Siebenmorgen, 46, was arrested for  wreaking havoc in Milwaukie, OR, last Oct. 21. He was accused of a  “one man crime spree” that  included assaulting a man, throwing rocks at a woman, and swinging his arms & flexing his muscles before jumping onto the hood of a car.

Anyhoo, I can’t link to my post because I “disappeared” it a couple of days or so after I posted it.

That’s right, I deleted the post, (which I realize is not a kosher thing to do in the blogosphere).

But here’s why – A couple of days after I posted the mugshot, (which could easily qualify for *craziest mugshot of the year*), a friend of Siebenmorgen’s contacted me by email and told me some things about him that made me feel very guilty for laughing  –  he was a wounded vet, suffered from manic depression, and was a great guy, normally,  who in fact,  often volunteered at the homeless shelter. She told me that the behavior he was being accused of was not like him at all.

Here’s a picture of him under normal circumstances:

She emailed me a little while ago with an update to his case. He was found not guilty of the charges:

Milwaukie police say he was behind a one-man crime spree on Oct. 21. They arrested him at his apartment on Stark Street in Portland and they jailed him on charges of criminal mischief, assault and menacing. A Clackamas County judge found Siebenmorgen not guilty Friday afternoon. Because it was a bench trial and not a jury trial, the judge made the decision.

My contact had assumed that he was the culprit, but after hearing the facts laid out during the trial, tells me that she agrees with the judge’s decision.

So Mark Siebenmorgan’s name has been cleared in time for him to enjoy his Christmas.

In the meantime…is there still a muscle-flexing madman on the loose in the Portland area?


2 thoughts on ““Crazy Muscle-Flexing” Suspect Found Not Guilty Of Crime Spree

  1. He’s lucky to have such a loyal friend, too. She was very polite when she contacted me the first time – she just wanted to say some things in his defense. It was my idea to delete the post, I felt so bad.


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