Happy Christmas Eve Eve

I allow my kids to open one present on Christmas Eve before we go to Mass – just like my siblings and I did when we were kids. At some point we even tried to con my mother into letting us open one present on “Christmas Eve Eve”, too. She never caved in and let us, but,  we tried it every year.

On Christmas, we take turns, (going from youngest to oldest) at opening one present at a time. It takes about an hour, and some of the younger ones complain because they want to tear open all their presents at once, like animals. As they get older, though, they appreciate the orderliness of being able to savor each present received, or given to others, one at a time. This is another family tradition that dates back to when I was growing up.

Most of my kids give me broad hints of what they want for Christmas – even write out lists. I’ll always get some of the things on their lists, but like to include some surprises, too. My oldest son, now a junior in college,  always refused to tell me what he wanted for Christmas. No lists for him – he wants everything to be a surprise.

I hope all of you have a Christmas full of laughter and surprises as well…

Christmas would not be complete here at Nice Deb, without my posting  this horrifying A Very Perry Christmas video:




12 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Eve Eve

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, especially Nice Deb who provides us with not only the facts, but always an interesting analysis of the those facts.


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