Report: Sec of State Clinton Stepping Down To Be Replaced By Bill Richardson

A new round of reports circulating the intertubes has Hills stepping down to spend more time with her family:

… if the reports prove to be accurate, could Ms. Clinton’s decision foretell a presidential run in 2012? Clinton said in early November that she had no intention of running for president in 2012 or 2016, according to a Reuters report. President Obama has been experiencing a rebound in polls, according to Politico – and a move by Clinton to step down could potentially open her up to a VP ticket with Mr. Obama. But this is merely speculation.

There were reports back in October that Obama had offered Clinton the VP spot, but she dismissed the reports and claimed to have no interest in the position:

“I have no interest and no reason for doing anything other than just dismissing these stories and moving on because we have no time, so much to do,” Clinton told a Wednesday summit in Washington called “The Most Powerful Woman” sponsored by “Fortune.”


Along with Clinton the White House is throwing cold water on the speculation.

“There’s absolutely nothing to it,” said senior adviser David Axelrod when asked about the idea on Tuesday night.


White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs also denied any talks of a potential switch, calling it a “headscratcher” and that it’s “not a discussion” at this time.

In Demspeak, all of those denials mean that it’s definitely on the table.

Clinton edged out Sarah Palin as 2010’s Most Admired Woman, (God only knows why) – which would make Obama/Clinton the 2012 dream ticket for Dems.

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