The Mystery Of The floating Feet Continues

Hey, remember those creepy reports of severed feet washing ashore the coast of British Columbia, starting in August 2007 and continuing through 2008? I hadn’t heard of any more cases, so I had assumed that the findings had ceased. I was wrong. There was one severed foot found in (Oct.) 2009, and  two more  this year, one in August, and the latest one on the 14th of December, bringing the total to ten.

Here’s a summary via Wikipedia, of the macabre discoveries, to date:

Date Place Notes Coordinates
August 20, 2007 Jedediah Island A known man’s right foot; size 12 white-and-blue-mesh running shoe 49°29′55″N 124°12′15″W / 49.49861°N 124.20417°W / 49.49861; -124.20417 (August 20, 2007)
August 26, 2007 Gabriola Island A man’s right foot; size 12 white Reebok 49°09′00″N 123°43′59″W / 49.15°N 123.733°W / 49.15; -123.733 (August 26, 2007)
February 8, 2008 Valdes Island A man’s right foot; size 11 Nike (same person as June 16 finding) 49°05′N 123°40′W / 49.083°N 123.667°W / 49.083; -123.667 (February 8, 2008)
May 22, 2008 Kirkland Island A known woman’s right foot; blue-and-white New Balance sneaker (same person as November 11 finding) 49°06′39″N 123°05′44″W / 49.110905°N 123.095627°W / 49.110905; -123.095627 (May 22, 2008)
June 16, 2008 Westham Island A man’s left foot (same person as February 8 finding) 49°05′N 123°09′W / 49.083°N 123.15°W / 49.083; -123.15 (June 16, 2008)
August 1, 2008 Near Pysht, Washington A right foot
November 11, 2008 Richmond A known woman’s left foot (same person as May 22 finding)
October 28, 2009 Richmond A man’s right foot
August 27, 2010 Whidbey Island A juvenile or female’s foot
December 5, 2010 Tacoma A foot of a juvenile or a small adult inside a boy’s size 6 Ozark Trail hiking boot

According to Wikipedia:

…finding feet and not the rest of the bodies has been deemed unusual. Finding two feet has been given a “million to one odds” and has thus been described as “an anomaly”.[3] The finding of the third foot made it the first time three such discoveries had been made so close to each other.[5] The fourth discovery caused speculation about human interference and, statistically, was called “curious”,

Police in Tacoma, Washington say the latest foot discovery could possibly belong to a child.

A  woman who has been following the case since the first severed foot was discovered,  is  preparing to publish a book titled, Someone Else’s Shoes with her own theory of where the feet are coming from.

What’s your theory?


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7 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The floating Feet Continues

  1. Dear Deb,
    I’ve been a cop for over twenty years in the south Bronx of NYC NY. Unfortunately the answer is simple but heart breaking. Suicides. People jumping off the nearby bridge and their bodies settle down to the bottom. The local crab and eel population gnaw at the exposed areas of the body,(Wrist and ankles) until they are separated. The feet float because sneakers float. Once they have been bitten through ,the buoyancy of the sneaker brings them to the surface and they float to shore.
    People just don’t want to believe, that many people have killed themselves, but that’s the cause.


  2. The one foot that has been identified did belong to a “depressed man”, so that’s a good theory, but why so many in one area? That’s what’s considered so odd.


  3. Because if tides are correlated with disappearance events, you’ll find there will probably be one specific bridge that is attractive to the suicidal mind.
    1.It probably will have a lovely view.
    2.It will be higher than other bridges near it.
    3.It will be connected to a high population center with easy pedestrian access. (Bridges that don’t have easy access usually have cars parked on the span minus the driver.)
    4.It will be at the widest part of the river.

    I’m sure someone with a statistical degree, if given the points of discovery and tide flow will be able to lock down which bridge they leapt from.
    The logic behind suicide by bridge is the shock from the splash then the cold water numbing them insensate.
    The small foot may be a childs, but more likely a small adult. Perhaps a teenager.
    The thing is now to either put some sort of police presence or a camera at different points of likely jumps.
    Thousands of people every year commit suicide by bridge jumping. Unless the body is quickly found, it will disintegrate quite rapidly. Sometimes they float to the surface when the water warms. I don’t know if the police have done a water search on the bottom of the bridges but I’m sure they’ll find the remains of some of these missing persons.


  4. Is there a high bridge near there? That, and cool temperatures might explain why so many might be found there as opposed to other places. The child’s shoe bothers me, if this is the explanation. Probably means some demon threw its child off the bridge.


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