It begins…An Attempt To Normalize Communism

Russian TV covers the growing Marxist movement in America – it’s not often that a media outlet calls “progressives” what they really are, as RT America does, here.

Just don’t call them, “unpatriotic”…..

A second video at Breitbart TV deals with the claim that Americans support “redistribution of wealth”.

“Communism is more popular now than in past decades…”

Hat tip: Big Government

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Da TechGuy weighs in: Normalizing Communism Deb is only slightly off, making the point that elites have been lurching leftward for decades:

It hasn’t “begun” it has been going on for years.

It went on in the 60′s when college students found that they would not longer get the exemptions that the less fortunate had, joining with Marxists and Jane Fonda aiding enemies and directly leading to the death of millions in southeast Asia

It went on in the 70′s as Colleges veered left preaching moral equivalence between the Soviets and the US

It went on in the 80′s when pols like VP Biden and the late Ted Kennedy backed by the media opposed Reagan tooth and nail as he called the Soviet Union what it was and contained and rolled back communism in our own hemisphere.

We had a brief break in the 90′s as the soviets finally collapsed freeing hundreds of millions (while pols who had supported them and academics who considered them superior suddenly claimed they had been against them or expecting this all the time) but the green movement took over trying to advance the same Red system with a green veneer while ignoring the lack of “Green” in places like China and appeasing North Korea.

But I was talking about normalizing the “C” word, Communism, not leftist policies. How many leftists  through the years (other than Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders) have been honest and upfront about what they were? How many referred to themselves as Socialists/Communists/Marxists? Very few. Progressives, (Democrat Socialists, Communists) operate by stealth. They, historically, have not been open about who they are, choosing instead, to implement their Socialist policies incrementally, creating new entitlements conservative  legislators find difficult to wean people off of, later on.

Stanley Kurtz wrote about the  Socialist network Obama belonged to in Chicago, in his book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism.:

A little-known Chicago training institute for community organizers, the Midwest Academy, is in many ways the key to Barack Obama’s political rise. The Midwest Academy was closely allied to the DSA, which sponsored the Socialist Scholars conferences in New York. Most Midwest Academy leaders remained quiet about their socialism. Inspired by the success of the American Communist “Popular Front,” and by 19th-century American reformers who used populist and communitarian language to achieve socialist ends through incremental legislative means, the Midwest Academy’s leaders advocated a strategy of stealth.

Now, all of a sudden we see a report about the growing Communist movement in America like it’s just like any other interesting trend, as American as apple pie. The anchor even goes so far as to caution viewers not to doubt their patriotism.

This report wasn’t literally “the beginning”. Newsweak tried to get the ball rolling with their “we’re all Socialists, now” nonsense. Last Fall, we witnessed the openly Socialist “One Nation” march, and two well known commentators  admitting that they’re Socialists.

I notice trends. I see a trend, here..

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13 thoughts on “It begins…An Attempt To Normalize Communism

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  2. I just watched Stalin: MAN OF STEEL on the History Channel and it made me more sick and shocked even though and I have heard and read all about it for decades. It needs to be told and retold. But apparently there are forces on our side who understand what is happening and are perpared to push back through History Channel. Are we enough? Well, as a famous snooty publisher is supposed to have sniffed when his readership numbers were down to 10,000: “yes, madam, but they are the right 10,000.”
    Well so are we!


  3. Is this the place that the NY Times wrote so glowingly about recently? Something about the ghost of Lenin or Marx hanging in the air as the reporter left the building?

    How many times does something have to be proven wrong before people get the hint? This is nothing more than narcissism – the idea that THEY will get it right this time. Or perhaps they have nothing more than the conspiracy theory mindset – believing that they are special because THEY know something that the rest of society doesn’t, no matter how demented what they “know” might be.


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  5. Lots of us are still alive and kicking who contested with Russian and Chinese Communism. We still remember how.
    The Universities and large labor Unions are shot thru with neo-Communists. We, the people who pay the bills are at the breaking point. The Tea Parties are the tip of the Ice Berg. The fun is just about to begin.


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  7. As all four of us sit around the fire, here in hell, we all are so proud of the United States. You have finally come to understand how great Communism can be. Welcome to our side Comrades.


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