Republicans On “Fool’s Errand”, Choose To “Relitigate The Past”; Vote To Repeal ObamaCare Scheduled For Next Week

Dem Socialists and their allies in the media, are doing their best to discourage Republicans from pursuing a vote on ObamaCare’s repeal.

MSNBC’s Daily Rundown host, Chuck Todd, mimicking Obama’s words from November 3rd, asked Republican guests, “Will the first month of a Republican-led House be known for relitigating the past, pushing for repeal of health care, focus on investigation?”

CBS’s Harry Smith, filling in for Bob Schieffer on Sunday’s Face the Nation, called Republican efforts to repeal ObamaCare “a fool’s errand…it will face a certain veto. Is it worth the effort to try to do?”

The message to John Boehner from top Senate Dems is, “Don’t bother”.

The 112th Congress doesn’t begin until Wednesday, but Senate Democrats are already vowing to block any attempts by the new GOP-led House to repeal the healthcare reform law.

The Senate’s top Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), wrote incoming House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Monday warning the new GOP House against advancing legislation that would undo the sweeping healthcare overhaul.

“The incoming House Republican majority that you lead has made the repeal of the federal health care law one of its chief goals. We urge you to consider the unintended consequences that the law’s repeal would have on a number of popular consumer protections that help middle class Americans,” the Democrats said.

Yes, ObamaCare is so popular, the Dems ran away from it all last year, and the  massacre that ensued at the ballot box last November can be tied directly to their roles in passing the toxic bill.  The “past” that the President and Chuck Todd refer to, is the shabby way that Democrats shoved the unpopular bill, (one that effects 1/6th of the economy!) down an unwilling nation’s throat. The consequences of repeal would be very much intended. I daresay we’re up for some relitigatin’.

Via Politico:

The House will vote next week to repeal the new health care law, making good on a top-tier GOP campaign promise and setting up a showdown with President Barack Obama over his signature domestic policy achievement.

Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor (R-Va.) announced Monday the timeline for considering the repeal legislation: The bill will post on the Rules Committee website Monday night, the Rules Committee will meet Thursday, and the rule for the debate will be considered on the House floor Friday. The repeal vote will follow on Wednesday, Jan 12.

“Obamacare is a job killer for businesses small and large, and the top priority for House Republicans is going to be to cut spending and grow the economy and jobs,” Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring said in a statement. “Further, Obamacare failed to lower costs as the president promised that it would and does not allow people to keep the care they currently have if they like it. That is why the House will repeal it next week.”

Congressman Upton is sounding optimistic:

Fred Upton (R-MI) told Fox News that House Republicans have enough votes to Repeal the Health Care law.

Said Upton: “As part of our pledge we said that we would bring up a vote to Repeal Health Care early. That will happen before the president’s State of the Union address. We have 242 Republicans. There will be a significant number of Democrats, I think, that will join us. You will remember when that vote passed in the House, last March; it only passed by seven votes.”

Although it’s true that repeal faces a tough vote in the Senate, and a certain veto from the President, it puts Dems on the defensive for their support of the unpopular bill.
Another trick, Republicans have up their sleeves is starving the beast:

Rep. Steve King (R.-Iowa) says that House Republicans should include language that prohibits any funding for implementation of Obamacare in literally every appropriations bill that passes the House of Representatives this year, thus forcing a showdown on the issue with the Democratic majority Senate and President Barack Obama.

“Somebody’s going to blink,” King told “It’ll be President Obama or it’ll be House Republicans.

“If House Republicans refuse to blink, we will succeed,” said King in videotaped interview. “ObamaCare will never become the effective law of the land and we’ll be able to leave a legacy of liberty for the future generations.”

You can read the entire interview, and/or watch the video at CNSNews.


PJ Salvatore at Big Journalism is curious about something:

The new liberal talking point appears to be that the term “ObamaCare” is really meant as a derogatory, partisan attack word. If that’s true, then why did the Obama Administration buy GoogleAds directing “ObamaCare” search traffic to the government’s health care web site?

Might want to rethink that talking point, eh chumps?

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Heh. Doug Ross reacts to the dictator Senate Dems: “I may have missed this part of Schoolhouse Rock, but I didn’t think the Senate could tell the House what to do.”

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7 thoughts on “Republicans On “Fool’s Errand”, Choose To “Relitigate The Past”; Vote To Repeal ObamaCare Scheduled For Next Week

  1. if they repeal obamacare they will be doing what the majority of the people want. isn’t that how our government is suppose to work?


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  3. Nothing less than the future of the country is at stake in the battle over the individual mandate. The loss of individual freedoms that our constitution grants each and every one of us is truly staggering under Obamacare.

    The Dems have created a new society where it will be better to stay out of the system. If you are ‘in the system’ you will be handed annual Obamacare bills by the IRS. If you never enter the system, you’ll never be billed, and you can still get care at emergency rooms by law. I guess technically this could help solve the immigration problem, though. No one will want citizenship anymore when they get a grip on the monstrous individual costs attached through mandatory participation in Obamacare. Or, instead of attracting hard workers who want into our system and way of life the honest way, we’ll just attract the world’s bilkers.

    The whole of Obamacare is so comically ill conceived, and fraudulently passed that it must be thrown in history’s trash bin. Just start over.


  4. Always do what the libs don’t want you to do. The GOP did not get elected to be told what to do by Obama. They should not be vetoing bills for him. Make him veto the bills and set the agenda.


  5. “MSNBC’s Daily Rundown host, Chuck Todd…asked…“Will the first month of a Republican-led House be known for relitigating the past, pushing for repeal of health care, focus on investigation?”

    Chuck “Super Dumb A**” Todd once again illustrates why his show should be renamed “Daily Road Kill”.

    Memo for Chuckie Cheese: 63 new GOP Reps and 6 new GOP senators should tell you, in no uncertain terms, that the American electorate has every intention of “relitigating” ObamaCare.

    As former Senator Ernest “Foghorn Leghorn” Hollings might say, “There’s gonna be a whole lotta litigatin’ goin’ on this year.”


  6. Relitigating the past? Doesn’t Chuck Todd mean to say that the Tea Party is inheriting the mess left by four years of Nancy Pelosi’s failed agenda?
    Anyway, I’ll be eagerly watching to see how many Dems come out for the repeal of Obamacare. If it’s more than a few, their leadership will flip the f*#k out.


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