The Tucson Shooting and The Political Aftermath


Photo of Jared Lee Loughner  via Smoking Gun.

It was first reported that AZ Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and five others had been shot, and that she hadn’t survived, but now it looks like she will pull through. Tragically, a federal judge and a nine year old girl are among the dead. See Michelle Malkin for complete rundown.

Before anything about the shooter was known, lefties were spreading the meme that he was a tea party wacko inspired by Sarah Palin’s “infamous” target map from last Spring. (I had made fun of the anti-Palin hysteria at the time, by suggesting  less terrifying maps).

markos (Markos Moulitsas) tweeted,  Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin, , *then proceeded to disappear an embarrassing and incriminating post from his own site.

When the name of the shooter became available, “the violent teabagger inspired by Sarah Palin” narrative took a major hit. Videos posted on Jared Lee Loughner’s YouTube channel paint a picture of a confused, lone wacko, an atheist, and flag-hater with anarchistic tendencies.

You can see the videos, and read Ed Morrissey’s analysis at Hot Air.

A young women on Twitter, @caitieparker was retweeting the Sarah Palin meme until the identity of the mass murderer became known:

Saying Jared Laughner was the gunman. Really hoping that’s not the same guy I went to HS with, really good friend. Freaking out right now!!!

Official I went to high school & college, & was in a band w/ the gunman. I can’t even fathom this right now.

I went to high school, college, & was in a band with the gunman. This tragedy has just turned to horrific.

he was a pot head & into rock like Hendrix,The Doors, Anti-Flag. I haven’t seen him in person since ’07 in a sign language class

He was a political radical & met Giffords once before in ’07, asked her a question & he told me she was “stupid & unintelligent”

As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.

he had a lot of friends until he got alcohol poisoning in ’06, & dropped out of school. Mainly loner very philosophical.

I haven’t seen him since ’07. Then, he was left wing.

it’s loughner just checked my year book.

This is a circus. Good Morning America just called me.

Daily Caller reports: YouTube page of alleged Giffords event shooter lists Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto among favorite books

They’ll never learn.


The number is up to 18 people injured in the shooting:

Rich Kastigar, of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, said the suspect, 22-year-old Jared Laughner, had had run-ins with law enforcement, but mostly minor incidents. He used a pistol with an extended magazine, Kastigar said, injuring 18 people. Kastigar said that did not necessarily mean he shot 18 rounds.

Six confirmed dead.

See also:

Yesterday, when I’d said the package-bomber (or package ignitng-devicer) was probably white, a commenter (sorry, forget who) agreed, noting his writing pattern (“Total bullshit”) seemed to indicate a 20-something white loser college-dropout wannabe-profound sort of guy.

And it turns out that Jared Laughner is a white loser college-dropout wannabe-profound sort of guy.

Hillbuzz: Be on the lookout for Caitie Parker’s appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and ABC Radio regarding Jared Lee Loughner

We’re curious to see if the media allows Parker to note how Leftist Jared Lee Loughner is.  She’s crystal clear in her tweets about that…but the Leftist media edits out what they don’t want to discuss in interviews.

Let’s see if they don’t allow Parker to talk about Jared Lee Loughner being the Leftist that he is.

I predict that the MFM uses a “no labels” template going forward.

I was meaning to do this –

We’ve seen this movie, before:

As Jarod Lee Loughner’s political bent emerges, we see the same, predictable story playing out:

  1. A horrific crime takes place.
  2. Leftist bloggers like Markos Moulitsas blame conservatives.
  3. CNN, New York Times, Washinton Post, etc., repeat the libelous allegations.
  4. Fact emerge proving Markos, CNN, etc., a bunch of cowardly liars.
  5. Liberals erase their libelous stories.
See Bill Hennessy for recent examples.
Amazing. Both@ericboehlert & @markos were tweeting fast and furiously until the identity of the left-wing assassin came out. Now they’ve both clammed up –  their last tweets are over seven hours old.
Not surprisingly, lefty drones, incapable of independent thought, are continuing the charade on Twitter.
Check out this idiocy that was retweeted by several others:
Sarah Palin Facebook page still has graphic w image of rifle sight pointed at Ariz. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
Eh…click on link and you see it’s just the  map with the “crosshairs” targeting Dem districts in 2010.  Not a rifle pointing at Giffords. Insanity.

Jack Cashill: More Tea Party Violence?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Big Government: I am Stunned by the Shooting of Rep. Giffords

My tears are flowing, and I am stunned and angered that Gabby Giffords was savagely gunned down while performing her congressional duties.

Boehner: ‘An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve’


Kos is bleating on twitter that the ‘random diarist’ deleted the post. Under no pressure for anyone, I’m sure.

Uh huh.


15 thoughts on “The Tucson Shooting and The Political Aftermath

  1. The fact of the matter is this; now, all LEGAL American gun owners WILL be blamed and WE will suffer because of the actions of one crazed individual, that at 1st glance, appears to be nothing more than a despicable anarchist and is rumored to be a fan of Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones.

    I am going to hold off on giving numbers regarding how many people are dead and/or wounded, I am seeing and hearing too many conflicting reports to feel comfortable with posting anything about the shootings that can be construed as factual.

    I hate being forced to make a retraction or correction on a story that I post because I based my commentary on histrionic and hysterical reporters that are hoping for a Pulitzer prize.

    I am seeing reputable people (bloggers) posting this story, and none of their stories have anything in common save the fact that Giffords has been shot. Wait for facts my friends.

    Journalistic integrity my fellow bloggers! Journalistic integrity is ALL we have going for us. Use it, embrace it and keep this REAL!


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  4. Highly doubt that Fred. Sen. Gifford’s is a friend to us gun owners and an owner herself. If anyone tried to do something using her case as an example, I have a feeling she would come out against it. Let’s hope I am right.


  5. You’re probably right: the anti-gun forces will come out in droves, and insist that only lawbreakers should be allowed to own guns. I read that AZ has a concealed carry permit law, but that it was only recently introduced.

    The problem with even that is that “gun-toters” have to know when and how to shoot, and be willing to do it when needed.

    I think that’d take a fair amount of gun-range time.

    And as one of the “hard-boiled detective” novels wrote, it’s a heck of a lot different, shooting paper targets and shooting people – even if the people are shooting at you.

    (Unfortunately, that’s an area I have no experience of. The last time I fired a weapon was in Basic Training – an M-14. At the time, it seemed like they used postage stamps for targets.)


  6. If Palin is responsible for this, then by the same token, isn’t Barry responsible for the actions of his lefty followers, telling them to “argue with them and get in their faces” and “bring a gun to a knife fight,” when union thugs beat down people at town hall meetings and shoot up Republican representative’s offices and on and on and on?


  7. It’s insane that the right is being put on the defensive because of Palin’s political target map, (which is comparable to Dem target maps).


    1. Tea partiers have been peaceful. and have shown no propensity for violence.

    2. Lefty protesters do have a propensity toward violence.

    3. The assailant was a lefty.

    The fact that left-wing propagandists have got the drones all whipped up against Sarah Palin over this awful story is just too disgusting for words.

    And I do fault Obama for his rhetoric because the left is prone to violence, and he knows it.


  8. Pay no attention to the mouths and don’t let them provoke you.

    These idiots are violent, but they’re not brave. The minute the real fight starts, the instigators will be the first ones to run. All I can say is, just make note of who they are so they can be held responsible.

    If they’re dumb enough to pick a real fight, all I can say is walk softly and carry a big stick.


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  12. And that is just the first week. Next on her agenda is rescinding drivers license given to illegal immigrants by the past admin, in addition to balancing the budget without raising any taxes.

    It is a new era of change in New Mexico and Governor Martinez is a solid conservative who will not back down.

    —Buffy, the Lefty Slayer

    From the hate site Hilbuzz that you so lovingly approve of.


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