Thursday Links: Tucson Tragedy Edition

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Jennifer Rubin: What the left did wrong:

(Short version – everything).

So, for my friends on the left: facts count. You can’t spin a narrative and not be expected to be called on the underlying, flawed premise.

The response was unlike anything I have seen since the emergence of the new media. It wasn’t just conservatives that rebutted the left’s narrative, but diligent reporters. We think of “rapid response” as a campaign skill, but in reality that is how pundits, activists, reporters and politicians now react. Because the left’s narrative was so noxious — Sarah Palin or a floating cloud of conservative meanness caused a mass murder — the right was filled with indignation and responded passionately, quickly and effectively. And, meanwhile, in the race to report on the biggest story of the year, the working press furiously disclosed the facts, which, as I noted above, undercut the left’s storyline.

And then there is time. The reason I believe that Obama entirely avoided politics, indeed rebuked the Krugman-Daily Kos narrative, is because he saw the pushing and shoving, read the polls, figured which way the wind was blowing, and steered clear of associating himself with the tone-deaf left. Conversely, because the left couldn’t restrain themselves, they pounced immediately and left a trail of inanity on twitter and websites.

The final lesson for the left is this: for the sake of a second term, the president is willing to throw liberals under the bus.


The winner of the most cretinous statement of 2011 — and the list is now closed, so please hold your submissions — is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who on Monday night recalled Palin’s statement, “We’re not retreating, we’re reloading,” and said, I quote, “THAT’S not a metaphor.”

Really, Chris? If that’s not a metaphor, who did she shoot?

By blaming a mass killing on figures of speech, liberals sound as crazy as Loughner with his complaints about people’s grammar. Maybe in lieu of dropping all metaphors, liberals should demand we ban metonyms so that tragedies like this will never happen again.

As for Loughner being influenced by tea partiers, Fox News and talk radio — oops, another dead-end. According to all available evidence, Loughner is a liberal.

Have you been following R.S McCain’s reportage on Loughner’s “Zeitgeist” fixation?: Zeitgeist: Watch the Conspiracy Movie That Had a ‘Profound Impact’ on Tucson Mass Murder Suspect Jared Loughner

McCain sums up:

A couple hours of anti-Christianity, 9/11 “Trutherism” and the familar sort of “New World Order” paranoia beloved by connoiseurs of tin-foil everywhere. And Jared Loughner’s good friend says this two-hour video stew of high-grade kookery had a “profound impact” on the guy who (allegedly) killed six people and wounded 12 others in Tucson on Saturday.

It should go without saying that none of this cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs crackpot stuff has been promoted by Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or any of the other usual suspects whom Matthew Yglesias, Markos Moulitsas and Sheriff Clarence Dupnik rushed to blame for the Tucson Massacre.

His previous reports:

Newsbusters: Poll: Americans Reject Pretty Much Every Media Meme on Tucson Shooting

According to the poll, conducted by Gallup, a majority of Americans think that attempts to link Saturday’s shooting to conservative political rhetoric amount to “An attempt to make conservatives look bad.” Only about a third of respondents said it was a “legitimate point.”

While self-identified Democrats were predictably more likely to say blaming rhetoric from the right is a legitimate argument, a full third of Democrats agreed that it was just a partisan stunt.

I’m appalled that there are as many as 1/3 calling the meme “legitimate”.
Glenn Reynolds on Sarah Palin:

…here’s what’s going on in the dance between Palin and what she calls the “lamestream” media: Every time they attack her, they wind up doing something that hurts them worse than it hurts her. She may not become President, and she may not even want to be President — though, regardless, it’s in her interest to keep everyone guessing as long as possible — but with little more than an Internet connection and Facebook she’s done more lasting harm to their position than anybody else. Last night Barack Obama threw them under the bus over the whole “rhetoric” question, just hours after she had managed to work them into a snarling frenzy with an Internet video. Even though it’s hurting them, they can’t — and I mean, literally, psychologically can’t — leave her alone. And she’s getting rich the whole time.So I don’t know about “Presidential,” but who’s dumb, here?

The Blog Prof: Video of Jonah Goldberg: These Libs Are “Ideological Ambulance Chasers”


The following links were added to my last post – I’m reposting them here, again, in case you missed them:

Not impressed with the speech in any way shape or form, is Tom McGuire:

So Krugman et al are wrong to blame the Tea Party and Sarah Palin but right that we all need to be more civil.  I don’t think for a moment that the man who described his Republican counterparts as “hostage takers” includes himself among those who have lowered the tone, so I am reading this as a call to the right to pipe down.

The NY Times editors apparently heard it the same way:

It was important that Mr. Obama transcend the debate about whose partisanship has been excessive and whose words have sown the most division and dread. This page and many others have identified those voices and called on them to stop demonizing their political opponents. The president’s role in Tucson was to comfort and honor, and instill hope.

Yeah, they know who the bad guys are, so the President didn’t need to sully his hands.  Please.

Also not impressed is Tammy Bruce, who is even blunter, and sounding more than a tad bitter: Summing Up The Tucson Obama Rally:

I can hear it now! “Oh Tammy, why so political!? How awful of you!! Think of the victims!” of course, with a death threat thrown in and some crass misogynistic swear words from the Gestapo of Love and Unity for Everyone Except Some. For people shocked, just shocked at how I’m not being more ‘compassionate’ and genteel about this “event,” well, let me explain–Upon hearing the awful news Saturday morning, within an hour–even before we knew the number of dead–Barack Obama’s gestapos moved in for the kill–the Kill of Palin and the Kill of Conservatives in this country. For 5 days Tea Party, conservatives and Sarah Palin were blamed for murder. I spent the weekend, as did so many others, not being allowed to grieve but having to listen to crass political smears and libel, while defending those falsely accused of horrific complicity.

Democrat and Republican leadership sat silent, including Barack Obama, as this nation was stomped on by grotesque beasts using the dead and maimed in an attempt to add a 21st victim–Sarah Palin–to the body count. Obama may have been silent and he could be–his gestapos were doing all the work. His machine knew what to do and they moved quickly. The Massacre Cult chose their targets and went hunting, accusing innocents of the horror of being an accessory to murder to score political points.

Damn, she’s got me pissed off all over again.

Tammy ends by informing her readers:

Oh and by the way Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at ‘Unprecedented Level,’ Aides Say

DrewM at AoSHQ: Today’s Media Narrative: Barack Obama Totally Kicked Sarah Palin’s Ass

Yesterday the media and the left (bit I repeat myself) spent the day complaining that Sarah Palin “inserted herself” into the Arizona story. They failed to mention they were the ones who dragged her by blaming her for the shooting before the bodies were even cold.

Today’s fresh new narrative is, Palin’s speech was awful by itself but it was positively wretched compared to the wonderful and masterful job done by Obama.

Linked by AoSHQ, thanks!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Links: Tucson Tragedy Edition

  1. Excellent analysis. The past 6 days has a monumentally historical meaning – the libelous tactics Left and their propagansists in the MSM has been unmasked and they will never again enjoy a shred of credibility with the American public. This is a tremendous development for the future of the republic.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”


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  3. Many of the heavy weights in the GOP are giving a “Milk Toast” response to all of this. Thank You GOP. I thought when we voted all the Pubs in November this was a test for them, to see if they would listen to us? To see if they still had a pair? Guess not. Vote them out in 2012, along with Barry.


  4. Thanks for linking Stacy McCain. We worry when he goes unnoticed and seems possibly under-medicated. Then, too, he’s good and merits the links.

    As do you for one of the best tailored posts on the Left’s journey into left field after this tragedy.


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