How’s This For Civility: Lefties Discuss -‘How Much Time Do We Have Left to Talk About How Stupid Sarah Palin Is?’ On CNN

Lovely. Juuuust Lovely.

Richard Cohen, who’s  been with the Washington Post since 1968, had to throw in some obligatory digs, even as he defended Palin’s usage of the term, “blood libel” on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” :

He’s absolutely sure the hapless redneck, Palin, had never heard of the term, “blood libel”, didn’t know it’s history, and it was only through dumb luck that she even used the term appropriately. Why would some dumb snowbunny from ALASKA know the meaning of “blood-libel”. Only people on the coasts have enough knowledge of history to have heard of such an archaic term.
Look at me, I’m just a dumb hick with a bunch of kids  living in flyover country, and I had never heard of it have been hearing about  it for years in reference to the disgusting blood  libels Gazan Muslims use against Israeli Jews, as well as the more general usages of the term.

Shoooot, and I ain’t never even been a mayor, or governor of a big state, neither!

Condescending schmucks.

Lefties can’t even defend the woman without sticking a (figurative) shiv in her ribs.



9 thoughts on “How’s This For Civility: Lefties Discuss -‘How Much Time Do We Have Left to Talk About How Stupid Sarah Palin Is?’ On CNN

  1. The Liberals viscous hatred and unceasing attacks against her continue to confirm my belief that Sarah Palin is their greatest fear and threat.
    Their behaviour seems beyond human to me, they seem demonically influenced in their relentless attempts to discredit and destroy her and her family. They behave like their father, satan who in scripture is called ‘the Accuser’ and the ‘Father of LIES’. It seems like the forces of darkness against the kingdom of light. I am completely serious about this.
    They are vile, despicable and shameful.


  2. “Nothing in her background suggests” that Palin knows what blood libel means — she knows how to read, so I guess she could have read a book made it a part of her acquired knowledge.

    How sickening that Cohen appears to be saying that only Jews can use the term.


  3. It’s simple: The left is beneath contempt… especially when it comes to trashing Sarah Palin. Keep your eye on the ball boys and girls. The left attacks the nearest and greatest threat with venomous lies. It’s simple street strategy and survival instincts. Sarah Palin’s firmly held conservative beliefs are a bucket full of water to the wicked witches on the left.

    Nothing — and I mean nothing — is off-limits, out-of-bounds or off the table when it comes to this cabal’s reckless forging ahead with their Marxist utopian dream (nightmare?). Their recent call for “civility” is laughable, and any squishy Republican who “plays nice” with these vipers should be shunned and then tossed out of office at the next available ballot.

    And another thing… I will throw up in my mouth if the Republicans bow to the libs’ attempts to destroy yet another tradition of members of Congress sitting apart for the SOTU address. If they go along with this “cumbaya” charade, I, for one, will be utterly disgusted. The public narrative is not theirs to control and allowing the left to kowtow the right into sitting together like pre-school children for story reading time must be rejected — loudly and uncivilly.

    This isn’t some pre-pubescent game. This is our country and our future.


  4. And one more thing, lefties… you want us Constitutional conservatives to act more civilly when it comes to our public discourse while you ruin our country?

    Go intercourse yourself!


  5. ND, I think Sarah Palin will run for president, and I think she is electable……..if she survives. I do agree their hatred is pathological and the fight would be beyond anything we have experienced. They are trying their darndest to wear us all out with these viscious, lying tactics.
    I like what I see in Allen West and Chris Christie, both men of principle and courage and they can articlulate Conservative ideas in a staight forward way, but I do not expect either of them will run in 2012. I will keep my eyes on them for the future.
    I think if she wins the Primary and is our candidate, they will not stop their reckless hate. I also think we will need the interevention of God to help us.


  6. This is an awesome blog. I can olny hope some day to have a blog as hot as yours. Great work. I’m in school right now, so it is hard to write everyday. I’m a journalism and Mass comunication major and Political Science and Government Minor.


  7. Dear ND, I came across this post this am which articlulates similar thoughts and feelings I’ve been having since I posted above.
    I agree with Jacobsen’s point that any R candidate we have will get the ‘Palin’ treatment. We are up against the ‘reckless LIARS’ in the media and D party. This is our reality.
    Sarah Palin is the only conservative R who has the cajones to fight back, not sit down and not shut up. She is proving that on a nigh to daily basis.
    I am serious that for us to prevail against Obama and the powers behind him, we need the Lord to interevene and help us.


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