MLK Day Blog Round-up

Something I think we can all agree on? MLK: ‘A Nation Where They Will Not Be Judged By the Color Of Their Skin But By the Content of Their Character’

video via Breitbart TV

Around the blogosphere:

Michelle Malkin: MLK Day proposal: Give the race card a rest

Howling Wolf: Civil Rights, The Left & The Legacy Of MLK

Potluck Bloggers:  Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Right-Wing News: A Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr. From My Son

Michelle Malkin: MSNBC Brainiacs: Arizona Should Secede Because They Don’t Recognize MLK Day

Zilla of the Resistance: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – some thoughts and links

Dave in Texas at AoSHQ: Are You Able to Accept Blows Without Retaliating?

Points and Figures: Martin Luther King Day


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