Nice: NAACP Covered Up Statue of George Washington on MLK Day

Photo via Atlas Shrugs

Fox News reports:

The NAACP’s South Carolina office chose to cover a statue of George Washington during its annual rally honoring Martin Luther King Jr., drawing complaints from conservatives that the group was offending the legacy of the nation’s Founding Father.

The state chapter of the civil rights group claims it meant no disrespect and only covered up the statue to provide a more suitable backdrop for speakers at Monday’s event. Pictures taken at the event show the statue was completely covered on three sides by a wooden, box-like structure.

But those pictures prompted an outcry on conservative blogs. Tea Party activist Lloyd Marcus was among those who quickly wrote a retort to the NAACP’s decision.

“I thought, you know, this is just totally absurd, totally ridiculous,” Marcus told “I don’t know if George Washington had slaves or whatever but … George Washington was our first president.”

They “covered up the statue to provide a more suitable backdrop for speakers at Monday’s event”.

…Sounds suspiciously like Obama’s excuse for covering up the cross at Georgetown University. Remember that?:

“In coordinating the logistical arrangements for yesterday’s event, Georgetown honored the White House staff’s request to cover all of the Georgetown University signage and symbols behind Gaston Hall stage.”

“The White House,” she added, “wanted a simple backdrop of flags and pipe and drape for the speech, consistent with what they’ve done for other policy speeches.”

Uh huh. I didn’t believe that explanation and I don’t believe this one.

The newspaper reported that most rallies in the capital use the statue of America’s first president as part of the natural backdrop — though the NAACP has tried to cover it up in the past. Marcus said he didn’t buy the state chapter’s explanation.


Lloyd Marcus weighed in more at The American Thinker: NAACP Boxes George Washington:

This misdirected ridiculous behavior by the NAACP epitomizes why I, a black American, will never join or give one nickel to this exploitative divisive organization. With black high school dropout rates at epidemic levels, 80% of black kids growing up in fatherless homes and 50% of black pregnancies ending in abortion, why on earth would the NAACP invest time and energy into running around covering up statues of long dead white guys; rather than addressing “real” issues plaguing black America today?

Regardless of what you think about George Washington, he was our first president. Exploiting the occasion of MLK day to diss America’s first president is part of the NAACP’s continuing effort to find irrelevant crap to protest about, impugn the greatness of our country and live in the past, as if American race relations have not progressed since the 50s.

The NAACP’s mantra is blacks are eternal victims of an eternally racist America; white America should feel eternally guilty, and loyal blacks should feel eternally entitled.

In other NAACP news:

In Maine, Gov. Paul LePage drew criticism from the group after urging its members to “kiss my butt” over the fallout from his decision to skip the group’s MLK Day festivities. In the end, the GOP governor on Monday attended a breakfast in King’s honor, though it was not sponsored by the NAACP.

MORE MLK news:

A suspicious backpack left along a Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane, Wash., held a radio-controlled pipe bomb that could have sprayed shrapnel at marchers in the parade.

William Teach notices a familiar theme on lefty blogs: Bomb Found On MLK Parade Route Obviously Placed By Right Winger

Perhaps it was a skinhead, perhaps it was a left-winger engaging in one of their favorite past times; perpetrating a crime designed to bring attention to a societal “problem”.
No reason to be jumping to conclusions, though.

8 thoughts on “Nice: NAACP Covered Up Statue of George Washington on MLK Day

  1. So does that mean that every MLK statue has to be covered at all the other national celebrations so that it provides a more suitable backdrop for speakers at that event?


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  3. Where are our law enforcement officers. May I begin boxing up statues at will? The police charged with policing and protecting this area need to answer for this unforgiveable disgression. Martin Luther King Jr. would have never allowed his followers to do this. I personally believe it was done because they could and because they wanted to. Oh yes, don’t forget, those in charge have no sense of what it means to have a “backbone.”


  4. I reckon I understand the cover-up if it is looked at from a technical standpoint. As a campaign worker, I once attended a debate at a former church. As per the request of the church two large crosses remained behind the former position of the alter. When the debate was filmed, a mistake was made and the two podiums were places in front of a crosses. The problem here is that it appeared to the TV viewer as though crosses were spontaneously sprouting from the candidates heads. I could see how it could prove distracting. The same can go with statues. To see a head coming out of another persons head could be a bit distracting. I understand the cover up for aesthetics, but the way this was handled was not the best.


  5. “The newspaper reported that most rallies in the capital use the statue of America’s first president as part of the natural backdrop — though the NAACP has tried to cover it up in the past. ”

    That should tell you everything you need to know, Nick.


  6. Had anyone dug just a tad deeper, they would have found that this has been going on for the last four years. Why the outrage now?

    It’s just bad judgment and not a slam on Washington.


  7. Do those of you who think covering the statue of the “Father of our Country” is just an innocent matter of aethetics that is common to other organizations not realize that the NAACP has been pushing for public schools and other public landmarks that bear the names of the Founding Fathers to be renamed for more local BLACK figures.

    It is not that long ago that in the State of Louisiana a predominently black School Board voted to rename George Washington High School to the name of a local black physician. Their reason was because George Washington and other great American patriots who founded our republic were slaveholders, and therefore they were evil men. This same outlook is clearly and demonstrably the same impetus behind the NAACP’s move in hiding this statue of George Washington at an MLK event.

    Face it, the NAACP is nothing more than a leftwing, racist hate-group whose only relevence in modern America is to continue to drive a wedge between the races. Were it not for leftwing hate-groups and race-baiters constantly reminding minorities how bad they have it in America, and how America is an historically racist nation, this spirit of victimhood over an institution that became extinct in this country 150 years ago would be long-forgotten. This out-dated organization does nothing whatsoever to provide assistance for black communities, and does nothing to help improve the problems within black society such as rampant drug use, single parent homes, low expectations, a dislike of education, child illegitimacy, and a depressing feeling of victimhood. It only promotes those destructive beliefs. The NAACP’s hate for America’s Founders is a symptom of their dysfunctional approach to the problem of fascilitating a rise of the black community out of the squalor of the ghettos.


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