Video: Paul Ryan Destroys ObamaCare’s Fiscal House Of Cards

There’s nobody better to explain the damaging effects of ObamaCare on the economy than Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

“This bill blows a hole through the deficit”, he says:

Ryan has shown no interest in running for President, but he should be on the eventual Republican nominee’s short list for VP, IMHO.


Jennifer Rubin: ObamaCare repeal vote

In a statement Tuesday night, President Obama said:

So I’m willing and eager to work with both Democrats and Republicans to improve the Affordable Care Act. But we can’t go backward. Americans deserve the freedom and security of knowing that insurance companies can’t deny, cap or drop their coverage when they need it the most, while taking meaningful steps to curb runaway healthcare costs.”

Now, why would he be offering to “fix” his “historic legislation”? A GOP House leadership adviser says: “I think it is a bow to the reality of the unpopularity of the law, without actually proposing any real or substantive fixes.” Other senior House Republican advisers were even more emphatic, saying the bill is fundamentally flawed and isn’t fixable.

Two recent polls show a majority of the public favoring repeal.

J-Ru posits that in a democracy, “the governing class can’t survive by pushing policies that the majority dislikes”, hence the wipe-out in the midterm elections.

Will Democrats who defy popular opinion (especially in red states) face a similar comeuppance in 2012? Stay tuned, but, this time around, the White House and congressional Democrats are plainly nervous.


Gateway Pundit: 200 Top Economists Urge Congress to Repeal Job Killing Destroying Obamacare Bill


Via NRO’s Daniel Foster on Twitter:


Final vote on repeal (at official close of vote) 245-178, with 10 not voting. Four Democrats voted for repeal. No Republicans voted against.

UPDATE: The Democrats voting for repeal were: Rep. Dan Boren (Okla.), Rep. Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Rep. Mike Ross (Ark.).

Now Congressmen are tweeting the news:

RepTomPrice Tom Price RT @RepublicanStudy: As the country demanded, the House has voted to repeal ObamaCare. #repeal#hcrcostsjobs
SpeakerBoehner Speaker John Boehner
House passes ObamaCare repeal by 245-189 vote; tmrw effort begins to develop better solutions to lower costs, protect jobs
Matt Kibbe, Red State: Repeal is Real

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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4 thoughts on “Video: Paul Ryan Destroys ObamaCare’s Fiscal House Of Cards

  1. One really gets the feeling that Ryan is the only one in Washington who actually bothers to read the bills and look at the numbers.


  2. I heard this and I had a new appreciation for Ryan. In three minutes he blows a hole so big into the bill, that only 1 page is left. And good luck finding that one. I could see him as President. He offers a few things Obama never could: Like CONTENT, SUBSTANCE, MEANING, LUCIDITY, and of course the TRUTH.


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