Video: Krauthammer Not Impressed With Obama’s SOTU Speech UPDATE: More Reactions

In this first video, via Jim Hoft, the Hammer tells us what he really thinks about Obama’s crummy speech: “This is a president who is capable of giving great speeches and has… This was not one of them.”

In this clip, via The Daily Caller, he trashes apart Obama’s proposed spending cuts:

Ace is aghast that 92% of the public seems to approve of Obama’s speech:

. …did he start late and just yammer about obvious stuff (“twirling, twirling ever forwards”) to put people to sleep?

I don’t know. I’m having trouble understanding how the most listless, incoherent and transparently deceptive SOTU I’ve heard managed to please 92% of its audience.

Never underestimate the American public’s  capacity for being fooled – especially at beddie-bye time.


You could also say the AP is also not impressed:  AP fact-check says Obama SOTU doesn’t add up

In yesterday’s State of the Union speech, Barack Obama set himself on two contradictory courses.  Obama knew he had to pay lip service to the anger among Americans over the profligate spending Congress conducted over the last four years, but then he also wanted to sell his grocery list of new initiatives at the same time.  How did he do?  According to the AP, Obama’s math needs remedial work in almost every area — including Obamacare…

Keep reading at link.

More underwhelmed re-ax from Gateway Pundit: Devastating… Frank Luntz Focus Group Dumps On Obama’s “Flat” SOTU Address (Video)

Treacher at The Caller: SOTU bums everybody out:

It’s official: Obama stinks.

Treacher on that CBS poll:

91%? Show me a poll where 91% of Americans agree that water is wet. That’s not a poll result, that’s an election return for Saddam Hussein. Why not just make it 192%? 1092%? Then everybody in the real world will see it and start liking Obama and the things he says. Yay, CBS! You saved Obama!

All that poll shows is that the only people who bothered to watch the speech are the people who agree with Obama already. Everybody else has tuned him out. He’s made it clear that if you don’t see things his way, you’re his enemy and it’s okay to lie to you as outrageously as he pleases. And you’ll be excoriated and demonized for failing to fall in line. We’ve had two solid years of that already. Who wants to sit through even more?

Not me.

Aaron Worthing at Patterico: The Most Offensive Line in the State of the Union

The Purple Avenger at AoSHQ has a question: OK, will Obama really do this?

Heh, no…that’s just another one we can hammer him on when it reaches the expiration date. Good grief, what a phony.

Washington Times Editorial: Obama’s Spaced Out Speech

Rep. Thad McCotter at Human Events: Spinning the Future: President Obama’s State of Union

Jonah Goldberg: Over Confidence And Over Kindness:

Yes, the mixed-seating of the audience definitely worked against him because the birds of a feather weren’t flocked together. But this simply wasn’t an inspiring speech. I don’t think his naked calls for what amounts to industrial policy excite anybody who won’t get a check if they’re enacted. And the theme “winning the future” sounds even more focused grouped than it did when Newt Gingrich came out with a book by that title a few years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a bump in the polls, but if I were a GOP strategist I’d take some solace in the fact that this is a guy who has, once again,  misread the political moment.

MICKEY KAUS via Instapundit:

A SOTU TO SNOOZE TO: “Obama seemed to have contracted Reich’s Disease, the annoying affect of lecturing to his audience as if they were schoolchildren in the manner of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. . . . It’s even worse for Obama to lecture than for other politicians to do it, since the reason he is unlikeable (to people like me) is that he seems stuck up.”

Cub reporter Biff spackle gives his condensed 90 second version of the speech at Doug Ross @Journal.

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, and Professor Piven:

I’d like to welcome the new Tea-Baggers and pray for the recovery of Gabby Giffords, wounded in a tragic attack by right-wing conservatives and/or Sarah Palin.

Look, it’s no secret that I’m a Marxist. Look it up. Textbook definition. But I realize now, having withstood a massive repudiation in the midterm elections, that I’m going to have to pretend to be a centrist again. Let’s all relive the glory days of my 2008 campaign when a snappy logo, a compliant media and an amorphous slogan — Change! — catapulted me to my first real job.

And so on…


This is a reaction to Obama’s duplicitous article in USA Today which fooled no one:

Byron York: Obama now praises Reagan as inspiration; in ’95, denounced his ‘dirty deeds’


4 thoughts on “Video: Krauthammer Not Impressed With Obama’s SOTU Speech UPDATE: More Reactions

  1. Hilariously, a CBS “poll” says the SOTU was fantastic, just as CBS polls have been monotonously droning for over two years now, frequently being an outlier poll by 10% or more to the left of ALL OTHER POLLS, including even NBC & ABC polls already biased leftward by disproportionate numbers of libtards and proglodytes on the polling lists, “just by coincidence.”

    CBS is the Huffington Post and Daily Kos of polls, reliable only in its dishonesty.


  2. Definitely don’t trust polls! They have become just another tool of the left to push their agenda and try to make conservatives feel like they are extreme or on the fringes.


  3. Good lord it was boring and he said the same thing at his last SOTU.
    Poor CBS,denial is the only thing that keeps them going.
    And who exactly did they poll? Seriously.


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