Video: Paul Ryan Gives The response To The SOTU

I thought he did a very good job conveying the idea that we are running out of time. Greece, Ireland or Great Britain is our future unless we change course, now:

Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama has a problem with us turning into Greece, Ireland, or Great Britain.

Transcript at The Daily Caller.


The Blaze: MSNBC’s L. O‘Donnell Loves Paul Ryan’s ‘Socialistic Notion’!

The idea of a “safety net” is not in the Constitution, so there! They sure got him, there!


Hmmm….Jennifer Rubin asks: A State of the Union response or a 2012 match-up?

What he did do was put a youthful, engaging face on the Republican Party and tap into the concerns of the center-right country that government and our debt have become too enormous and now threaten our economic progress. It also wasn’t long-winded, flat or boring.

He also demonstrated why Tea Partyers and establishment Republicans might, if given the chance, choose him as the standard bearer in 2012. Judging by tonight, he is fully capable of besting Obama.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


4 thoughts on “Video: Paul Ryan Gives The response To The SOTU

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  3. The future of the GOP. No one can touch this guy when it comes to numbers ……. nobody!

    The best thing to come out of Wisconsin since McCarthy.


  4. I believe that many creative ideas can percolate to the surface on ways to improve our healthcare industry – ways that improve rather than stifle America’s future. Beyond the obvious need to reform tort law and improve efficiencies, we need ideas that improve access for people who “fall into the cracks” in the system, without increasing our government’s non-discretionary obligations. Here’s one idea that I’d like to see debated:

    Let’s have our government offer tax relief for any wealthy Americans who would like to voluntarily fund a safety net for such healthcare needs. There could be “lock-box” funds accumulated in this way for categories such as “catastrophic care,” “basic needs” and “child development needs” with different qualification and contribution standards. The idea would be to let Americans solve our healthcare deficiencies without resorting to the horrors of impersonal government micromanagement.

    I believe that a solution along these lines would help America in that it would help suffering Americans get back on their feet, thus restoring their ability to bear their share of government expenses, while freeing government from the obligation of providing their healthcare needs. It acknowledges and encourages the goodness of those Americans who have the means and will to help others, and it retains the understanding of health care as a service rendered rather than a right demanded. After all, if health care is an inalienable right, then those who provide it are obliged to do so, and are thus slaves rather than free individuals.


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