25 Obama Radicals Arrested At Soros Funded Anti-Koch Bros Rally

First, here are some scenes from the Soros- funded anti-Koch rally in California, last weekend:

The Blaze reports:

Twenty-five people were arrested for trespassing Sunday as hundreds protested outside a strategy session of conservative political donors hosted by brothers David and Charles Koch at a resort near Palm Springs, CA authorities said.

The demonstration had been arranged with authorities, but some protesters crossed the street to the entrance of the Rancho Las Palmas Resort where they were met by deputies in riot gear, Riverside County Deputy Melissa Nieburger said. They were arrested without a struggle, booked at Indio Jail, and released.

According to Reuters, the rally was organized by the liberal group Common Cause, an anti-conservative group that charges the Koch brothers of influencing politics with their money. It was also sponsored by the leftist group  Code Pink, whose founder Jodie Evans was reportedly one of those arrested. Trumpeting the message of those groups, rally speakers accused the brothers of being “anarchists with a checkbook”.

George Soros and a branch of the Tides Foundation are listed as donors in the most recent annual report listed on Common Cause’s website.

Can you imagine how the MSM would react if 25 tea partiers had been arrested at one of their rallies? This isn’t getting much media play, at all. Is anyone outside of the blogosphere even covering it? The Democrats do not want to be linked to their most extreme elements. The MSM is happy to oblige.

Now for the Obama connection: Big Government reports  Occidental College professor Peter Dreier, who served on the Obama campaign’s urban policy task force and as an adviser to ACORN, used his position with the university to recruit activists to protest the Koch Bros’ meeting:

He also encourages people to attend a panel discussion before the protest featuring, among others, UC Irvine Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, U.C. Berekely Professor and former Obama adviser Robert Reich, and Van Jones.

The top activists on the left aren’t just confined to Soros-backed fringe groups like Code Pink or Media Matters; they’re often the professors we pay thousands to teach our children.  And it’s from their perch atop the ivory towers of academia that they recruit and reeducate the next crop of activists.

Timothy P. Varney, Senior Political Editor at the Washington Examiner, writes:

…while Soros money and Koch money are superficially equivalent, there’s a crucial distinction. If we take both sides at their word, Soros and other liberal donors spend in order to impose their preferences on others while the Kochs and other free-market donors spend in an effort to be left alone to buy and sell with willing parties.

The moral difference is this: Only one side is trying to compel others to conform to its preferences.

Consider how each side profits from its favored policies: The Kochs benefit if government takes less of their profit. To be sure, they could pocket the difference and not make charitable contributions to the poor. In moral terms, that would be selfish or just plain greedy.

Soros and his wealthy supporters profit from the government taxing or threatening to tax the children of a business owner. That’s the moral equivalent of mugging.

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Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


6 thoughts on “25 Obama Radicals Arrested At Soros Funded Anti-Koch Bros Rally

  1. You might want to add Digital Dish into the frey as they commonly extort their employees to vote Republican by using illegal methods of wiretapping and information gathering against a person to subject them to a religiously extreme version of how a person should be and act based upon religion and not choice.


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  5. Well, I cannot view the video. A note says because of copyright infringements. However, this sounds just like the authorities act in England.

    If any patriotic party tries to get their message across in the UK, they are not given a platform by the “free” press. This free press which mostly has a Leftwing bias, has a union which actually says that they must not report any positive about the BNP, a British patriotic party. If the BNP have any successes, these are never reported on. However, if there is anything bad to say about them, often lies, they are quick to report that.

    When the favoured Leftwing Party’s supporters are involved in illegal activity, this is not reported. Only positive stories are said about them.

    Whenever there is an election, many lies are told about one BNP. These lies are usually retracted after the election by which time the damage at the electoral box has already been done, the election is over and apologies afterwards are easy to make.

    This censorship of any party the Left do not agree with is not the mark of a free democracy where each person has the right to their own political beliefs. It sounds like the Left are leading the US down the same totalitarian, bullying path.

    Don’t let them do this to you America.


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