Just a Reminder…..

In light of recent events:

Yeah, I’m rubbing her nose in it.

So sue me.


Michelle Malkin:

Unconstitutional: Florida judge strikes down Obamacare mandate; full decision embedded; all 47 GOP Senators sign on to DeMint repeal bill; White House reax: ruling is “odd,” “overreaching” “activism;” DOJ readies appeal

A video of Megyn Kelly reading this decision on the air.

Jim Geraghty: Wondering How Bill Nelson Feels About the Individual Mandate Today


Hey, this is even better than I thought:

Gabe at AoSHQ:Update: Obama Admin Must Halt Implementation and Current Enforcement, Absent a Stay Which Has Not Yet Been Granted


6 thoughts on “Just a Reminder…..

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  4. By the same token, the question of where does it say in the constitution that it is illegal. It doesn’t say either way. Is there a link to the courts decision as to why it is unconstitutional? What could they have cited for this?


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