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I forgot to mention this, earlier:

It’s all Palin all most of  the time over at iOWNTHEWORLD, this month….and come to think of it – we’re kinda doing that at Nice Deb, too – just not a way Big Fur Hat had in mind. But still. Whether or not we all think that Palin is the best candidate to beat Obama in 2012, we can all agree that she is an amazing patriot, and has been a valuable asset to the conservative movement.

If the spirit moves you, you can even  participate in a Sarah Palin Contest – The Palin Limerick.

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Unhinged Lefty Arrested For Threatening Republican Rep.

More narrative fail: We keep being told that the right needs to curb its uncivil rhetoric so the loons on our side don’t do stuff like this, but the dangerous loons almost always turn out to be lefties::

A self-described Massachusetts “political activist” was arrested Monday night and charged with sending a threatening e-mail to Florida Rep. William Snyder, R-Stuart, an hour after the Arizona shooting that killed six and critically injured U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The unsigned e-mail, sent to Snyder’s state House of Representatives address on Jan. 8, told the legislator to “stop that ridiculous law if you value your and your familie’s lives.”

Snyder has proposed a bill cracking down on illegal immigration for Florida in a manner similar to what Arizona has done.

Snyder said Tuesday he reported the e-mail to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office and state Capitol security officials in Tallahassee.

According to TCPalm.com and other published reports, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday that Manuel E. Pintado, 47, of Northampton, Mass., used a public access wireless connection at a Starbucks a few blocks from his home to send the e-mail.


According to the report, Pintado said that he meant no physical harm to Snyder, “but added he was glad the e-mail made him nervous.”

As I’ve said many times before, if the left were truly concerned about civility in discourse, it would be policing its own side, rather than constantly attacking the peaceful tea party.

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Planned Parenthood Fires Manager Who Offered Advice To Underage Sex Traffickers (Women, Children and Media Matters Most Affected)

This amounts to yet another epic spin fail for the left, this week.

Yesterday, we were asked to believe that Planned Parenthood was on to the undercover activists from Live Action, having notified the Department of Justice in the wake of their “stunts” at a number of Planned Parenthood offices throughout New Jersey.

Today, we hear, via Hot Air:

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic staffer who appears in a new undercover investigation video assisting two people who claim to be heading up a sex trafficking ring has been fired.

Late Tuesday night, Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey released a statement saying she staff person, Perth Amboy center clinic manager Amy Woodruff, would be let go.

“We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape released this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” Phyllis Kinsler, executive director of the local affiliate, said a statement, according to NJ.com.

Well ouch. What is Media Matters going to say, now that we know that Lila Roses’ Live Action sting at the Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey didn’t produce  a HOAX VIDEO, after all?:

HOAX VIDEO EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood Already Reported “Sex Trafficking” To FBI

Today, anti-abortion rights propagandist Lila Rose released her latest in a series of heavily edited videos seeking to demonstrate that Planned Parenthood engages in criminal activities. Rose’s organization, Live Action, claims their video exposes what they call “Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of child sex trafficking.”

Except that isn’t what the video shows at all.

Rather, the Live Action video shows edited comments made by a single Planned Parenthood employee. Live Action has so far refused to publicly release the full video of the incident, instead posting what the organization itself admits is an “abridged 11-minute video.” (Live Action claims they are “sending full footage” to law enforcement officials.) [UPDATE: Live Action subsequently released what they say is the full video.]

The “heavily edited” defense doesn’t seem to have convinced the executive director of the local PP affiliate.

One wonders how the left will proceed to defend the indefensible.

Whatever they come up with, their drone readers will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

The Media Matters thread linked to above degenerated into a Bristol Palin bash-fest after only the second comment.

More amazing dissembling from Media Matters, here: Lila Rose’s Video Contradicts Her Claim That Planned Parenthood Is Corrupt:

Here, the Media Matters writer actually tries to make the case that because Woodruff advised the nice young couple to go to another facility, it demonstrates the proper due diligence of Planned Parenthood. While 15 year old sex slaves can have an abortion at their facilities,  14 year olds are  advised to go somewhere else – like to “Dr” Gosnell’s clinic, for example. His argument is that this type of corruption isn’t endemic at Planned Parenthood, even though Live Action videos have proven repeatedly, otherwise.

Lila Rose has declined to say whether Live Action will be releasing videos from any of the other clinics that Planned Parenthood says were visited between Jan. 11-15 by men posing as sex traffickers.  Perhaps she’s emulating the master media manipulator?


Uh huh.


Yeah, there’s more to come:

Lila Rose at Big Government:

PP’s response to the release of the video? First, they claimed the footage was a “hoax” because it was “highly edited.”(emphasis mine) Live Action released the full footage.

Then Planned Parenthood used the contrived back-up plan they hatched last week, claiming they had reported the sex traffickers immediately following Live Action’s undercover visits to their clinics. But the undercover footage tells quite a different story. No shock, no outrage, no report, only a clinic manager working with the pimp and prostitute to enable their prostitution ring of underage girls.

By Tuesday night we get news that PP has effectively thrown their employee under the bus and fired her. Now why would they do that if she and the others had reported the abuse, like they claim?

Indeed. And why does Planned Parenthood and Media Matters sound so darn alike in all their dissembling?

The visual evidence speaks for itself. And there’s more to come. Planned Parenthood is scrambling to silence our story and evidence. But in the end, the truth will get out.

Read Live Action’s statement from this morning here.

Will Media Matters allow itself to be rope-a-doped further into defending the indefensible? (That was a rhetorical question). Clearly, they’ve learned nothing from their ACORN experience.


@Andrew Breitbart is hosting a Tweet-war on this very topic on Twitter. The MM forces can’t seem to explain the video, or the fact that the manger got fired.


Pundette found some info on that facility the PP of Central NJ was sending it’s younger patients: Safe and legal: Ruptured uterus, rusty crochet hooks


Undercover Video: Planned Parenthood Aids Child Sex Traffickers

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Video: Krauthammer Says Gibbs and Biden Should Be Under House Arrest Until Egyptian Crisis Is Over

Charles Krauthammer, appearing on the O’Reilly Factor, had some pointed advice for the President, ” I would put Robert Gibbs under house arrest until the crisis is over…” He took great  umbrage at Gibbs’s suggestion that “any new government has to include a whole host of ‘non-secular’ actors”, (i.e. Muslim Brotherhood).  He goes on to say that Biden should join Gibbs in house arrest for his idiotic statements, and questions why Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, would go on all of the Sunday talk shows.

I have to disagree with the Hammer’s analysis of Gibbs’ statements. I don’t think the Press Sec. was off the reservation with his comments, but simply reflecting the administration’s position on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The conventional wisdom amongst liberals is that the Muslim Brotherhood are moderates who have “renounced violence”, so there’s nothing to fear.

Andrew McCarthy at NRO says, oh yes there is:

One might wonder how an organization can be thought to have renounced violence when it has inspired more jihadists than any other, and when its Palestinian branch, the Islamic Resistance Movement, is probably more familiar to you by the name Hamas — a terrorist organization committed by charter to the violent destruction of Israel. Indeed, in recent years, the Brotherhood (a.k.a., the Ikhwan) has enthusiastically praised jihad and even applauded — albeit in more muted tones — Osama bin Laden. None of that, though, is an obstacle for Mr. Riedel, a former CIA officer who is now a Brookings scholar and Obama administration national-security adviser. Following the template the progressive (and bipartisan) foreign-policy establishment has been sculpting for years, his “no worries” conclusion is woven from a laughably incomplete history of the Ikhwan.

Keep reading at link.

Mark Levin, interviewing Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post , referred to an LA Times report that says the Obama administration supports a role for the Muslim Brotherhood, as long as they swear off violence, exclaimed, “What are they thinking?! :

Glick and Levin list the nations that have turned Islamic under Obama’s watch: Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon….

“Quite an amazing track record for someone who has been in office for two years….he really does have a special relationship with that part of the world – the only people he wants to have a relationship with are America’s enemies…”

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The Other McCain for analysis of Obama’s Tuesday speech: Egypt: Crisis Averted? Obama’s Speech: Transition ‘Must Begin Now’ (VIDEO)

The Daily Caller has video of Krauthammer’s comments on Special Report, tonight, after Obama’s speech:

“But why does he pop up on television after the president of Egypt speaks? He did that on Friday. He does it again today. How does it advance our policy? I think the only reason he did it, as understand it, is a way to express the general solidarity for people of the streets but I’m not sure he ought to inject himself, especially after there’s a decision that Mubarak announces because it looks as if it was our decision, our pressure and I’m not sure we want a direct connection between our president and Egypt.”

Because everything has to be about Obama. He wants it to look like it was his decision – that he’s running the show.

President Obama’s dramatic speech in Cairo in June of 2009 — intended to sway the Arab masses to the side of the United States, one supposes — was called “A New Beginning“. It certainly was, just not the beginning we’d hoped for.

Excerpts from a letter from an Egyptian student via The American Thinker:

Today the Egyptians are scared. They have been given a glimpse of hell and they don’t like what they see. Contrary to Al Jazeera’s propaganda, the Egyptian masses are not demonstrating anymore. They are protecting their homes and families. The demonstration last night had 5,000 political activists participating and not 150,000 as Al Jazeera insists. At this moment, no one outside of those political activists cares less now if the President will resign or not. They have more important concerns now; security and food.

So where are we today? Well the answer is still not clear, yet a couple of conclusions are evident.

1.      The Gamal inheritance scenario is finished.

2.      Mubarak will not run for another Presidential term. His term ends in October and either he will serve the rest of his term or will resign once things cool down for health reasons, which are real. He is dying.

3.      The army is in control now. We are heading back to the “golden age” of army rule. The “kids” are no longer in charge. The “men’ are.

4.      Until the economy fails again, the neo-liberal economic policies are over. Forget about an open economy for some time.

Immediately the task of the army is to stabilize the situation and enforce order. The security forces have been ordered to reappear in the streets starting tonight. The next task will be to deal with the political activists and the Muslim Brotherhood which now dominates the scene. It is anyone’s guess how that will be done, but in a couple of days the Egyptians will probably be begging the army to shoot them. Third stage will be to return to normal life again with people going back to their jobs and somehow food being made available. Later on however will come the political questions.

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