Video: Frozen Wasteland

We could all use a little global warming, now….

Lyrics: FROZEN WASTELAND Up here on the farm We chop wood To stay Warm We all could use some Global Warming We all need to fight To preserve our rights I don’t want to be taxed a just for breathing Open your eyes Don’t believe their lies It’s just a Frozen Wasteland Al Gore is a liar His pants are on fire Plus he’s getting rich from carbon offsets He’s loose with the facts All he wants is a tax Lets get together Before it gets much colder Frozen Wasteland Its just a Frozen Wasteland Frozen Wasteland Frozen Wasteland WE’RE ALL FROZEN!!

Brought to you by Minnesotans For Global Warming.

According to AccuWeather’s Joe Bastardi, the cooling we’re seeing now,  is only the beginning:

See Also:

Washington Examiner: Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February


Hat tip: Infidel Joe


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