Video: Chris Matthews is Shocked Shocked At The Idea Of Commies And Islamists Colluding

Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

See Also:

The Right Scoop for video of Walid Shoebat talking about the  socialist groups in Egypt which are creating  crisis and how the Islamists are taking advantage of it  to take power.

Ron Radosh, PJ Tatler: An Academic Scholar Alerts His Colleagues to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Danger

Andrew Bostom, Big Peace: Egypt: Sharia and Hurriyya (Arab ‘Freedom’)

Victor Sharp at the American Thinker: Obama Well Knows What Chaos He Has Unleashed:

Islam increasingly holds Europe, America, and what is left of the free world in its clutches…and the left cheers it on.

Let me close with the words of  Michael D. Evans, New York Times bestselling author of Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos:

It’s no coincidence that Al Baradei showed up in Cairo only two days after the uprising began and was immediately named a negotiator by the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, he had been waiting in the wings for quite a while.

He’s on the board of an organization headed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski called International Crisis Group. Brzezinski is the same man who supervised the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979.

Another board member of the ICC is one Javier Solana. Solana is one of the most powerful figures in the European Union. Because of Solana’s Marxist sympathies, and his support for the regime of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Solana was on the USA’s subversive list.

Former U.S. National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, who once smuggled incriminating documents out of the Clinton White House by hiding them in his clothing, is another Board Member, as is General Wesley Clark, once fired from his NATO command.

Mohamed El Baradei also sits on the ICC’s Board and thus, seeing the hand of George Soros along with the other players who for so long have plotted against the West and Israel, the Islamists are joined together.”


FrontPage Magazine’s Jamie Glasov interviews Pamela Geller: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Penetration of the Obama Administration

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