Video: Ronaldus Magnus v.s. Teh One +Blog Round-Up

I know I don’t have to tell you that the comparisons  the Obama media have been making between The Gipper and The Empty Suit, of late, are  absurdly farcical. Obama’s SOTU speech was a swing and a miss because, as this entertaining video demonstrates, the two could not be further away from each other ideologically.

video via Blue Collar Philosophy

Another great Reagan/Obama debate video by BFH at iOWNTHEWORLD:For Bill Whittle’s Consideration – Ronald Reagan vs. Barack Obama

When Ronald Reagan was elected President, it was “morning in America.” When Obama was elected, it was “mourning in America”, okay?  Let’s please can the word, “Reaganesque” to describe anything Obama says or does. It defiles the memory of a truly great, and honorable man.

Since practically everyone in the right wing blogosphere is writing about Reagan, today, I thought I’d do a round-up:

Michelle Malkin: Reagan centennial: On life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

The Other McCain has a couple: Another Kooky Conspiracy Theorist (I may have given away the punchline), and VIDEO: Ronald Reagan’s 100th.

Doug Ross valiantly slogs through the muck and slime at Think Progress to defend the greatest President of the 20th Century: Think Progress Celebrates Reagan’s Birthday by marketing its Top Ten Lies Intended To Smear The 20th Century’s Greatest President! (Bless his heart.)

Related: An apparent Think Progress/Media Matters drone  called into The Rush Limbaugh Show to parrot the anti-Reagan talking points and hilarity ensued. The Blog Professor has the video.

DrewM at AoSHQ: Ronald Reagan At 100

No Sheeples Here: The President Who Stood By Our Side: My Tribute To Ronald Reagan

Hot Air: Happy birthday, Mr. President

Pundit and Pundette: Reagan’s defense of life: “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation”

American Power: Video: Reagan Centennial Ceremony in Simi Valley

David Horowitz, NewsReal: Ronald Reagan and Iran in 1979

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