Tuesday Quick Links

Looks like Algore’s snagged himself something he thinks will revamp his struggling Current TV channel.

Keith Olbermann to Join Forces with Al Gore?

From the New York Times:

Keith Olbermann, the former top-rated host of “Countdown” on the news channel MSNBC, will announce his next television home on Tuesday, and people familiar with his plans pointed Monday to a possible deal with the public affairs channel Current TV.

Neither Mr. Olbermann, his representatives, or executives from Current TV would comment on the move, but they did not deny that the channel, which counts former Vice President Al Gore as one of its founders, will become at least one partner in Mr. Olbermann’s future media plans.

One of the people with knowledge of the plans said Mr. Olbermann would have an equity stake in Current TV. The people insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized by their employers to comment in advance of the official announcement.
With Current TV, Mr. Olbermann would also gain a measure of independence. Unlike most cable channels, including MSNBC, which are owned by large media companies, Current is privately and independently owned by Mr. Gore and other backers.

Imagine that. Olbermann unleashed.  The new and improved Olby will be able to propagandize with even more spittle spewing  hatred and venom!

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey writes:

Olbermann had a much better platform at MSNBC before fleeing the network, and almost certainly a more lucrative one as well.  Becoming chief news officer of Current TV is hardly a good trade for the prime-time position at MSNBC, and while some of his viewers will seek him out, most of them will probably stay put with Larry O’Donnell.  However, as Mitch Berg recalls, I actually predicted this at the time it happened, right down to the equity stake, on our NARN broadcast the day after his departure.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of years — and whether Al Gore and Keith Olbermann can live with each other for that long.


Ace and his bloggers have been pushing back  hard against this outlandish notion the left has been pushing that Ronald Reagan was some sort of pragmatic, bipartisan  moderate. The narrative they’re trying to promote is that he was all about compromise, and would consider Sarah Palin and the tea party’s ideas  too extreme. In other words, they want you to believe, that Ronaldus Magnus would  agree with them!

This narrative isn’t meant for those of us who are old enough to remember the 20th century’s greatest President. It’s meant  for impressionable younger folks -skulls full of mush, as El-Rushbo would call them. That’s why the exposition of old videos showing Reagan in his own words are so important in fighting this line of bull.

DrewM created this  Reagan  remix to refute the nonsense:

Hit the last link for another great Sam Donaldson/ Ronald Reagan moment.

Also check out Uncoverage for The Ronald Reagan “60 Minutes” Interviews.


Lila Rose at Big Government has the latest Planned Parenthood sting – this time in the Bronx, NY: Giving Pimps Discounts on the Taxpayer’s Dime.

Memo to Mitch Daniels: Now is not the time to call a truce on social issues. It’s time to DEFUND Planned Parenthood.


Remember – Today, you can watch the important film, Iranium, all day for free.


Watch The Great Koch Conspiracy: Why Does the Left Fear Free Speech? at  PJTV

Watch the best Robert Gibbs remix ever at Politico Video: I’m not a…

Thank God he’s “not a” Press Sec for much longer, either.


Daily Caller: Republicans likely to push for budget cuts to NLRB soon

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ranks high on the budget cut list for top House Republicans.

House Education and Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline, Minnesota Republican, is particularly concerned with some of the NLRB’s recent pro-union agenda, The Daily Caller has learned, and will take that into special consideration when it comes to what’s going to get cut from the budget in the near future. Education and Workforce’s subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions will conduct a hearing on Friday on “emerging trends” at the NLRB, which TheDC has learned will likely feature a broad discussion of the NLRB’s alleged power grabs.