True Bromance: Al Gore Gushes Over Olby

Vapors rise as
Fever settles on an acid sea
Neptune’s bones dissolve

Wow, Al Gore…really, really  likes Keith Olbermann according to The Wrap:

Gore had few specifics about the network’s goals for Olbermann — or how it plans to move beyond the 58 million domestic households in which it is now available. He also declined to get into the extent of Current’s profitability, except to say, “We’re very happy.”

But if Olbermann is getting paid in praise from the former vice president, he’s a very rich man.

How will the network grow with Olbermann? How do you see him increasing your viewership, the way he did at MSNBC?

(To fully appreciate Gore’s answer you have to imagine it in his slow, condescending drawl):

Well, he’s a unique talent and he has a magnetic personaltiy and people form a relationship with him because they know that he is brilliant, they know he is speaking from his heart, they know he has passionate beliefs. He cares about them a lot. And he marries that to his formidable intelligence. And I think people appreciate his authenticity and where he’s coming from. They know he’s for real.

I think it’s no more complicated than that. In television … there’s a kind of an X factor that some people have and some people don’t. And whatever label you put on that he has it in spades. And his audience follows him passionately. That’s pretty unique.

Goodness gracious.  I’m going to go take a shower, now.

Hat tip: The Blaze.


Donald Trump On The Laura Ingraham Show: “I’m Pro Life”

Why do I keep hearing Donald Trump on radio talk shows sounding all conservativish, lately? When has Donald Trump ever been conservative?  From what I can remember, he’s always been somewhat to the left on social issues – like abortion, so imagine my surprise when he told Laura Ingraham on her show, today, that he’s pro-life:

Ingraham: You and I disagree on some social issues…

Trump: What social issues do we disagree on?

Ingraham: Pro life, I think…

Trump: I’m pro life.

Ingraham: Oh you are – okay!..

Trump: Oh! You didn’t know that…

Ingraham: No..I thought you were evolving on this a little bit…

Trump: No, no. I’m pro life.

Perhaps he’s had a change of heart on abortion, I wonder …so I search the web for some inkling on that and come up with bupkis.  As far as I can see, he’s always been pro-choice.

I support a woman’s right to choose, but I am uncomfortable with the procedures. When Tim Russert asked me on Meet the Press if I would ban partial-birth abortion, my pro-choice instincts led me to say no. After the show, I consulted two doctors I respect and, upon learning more about this procedure, I have concluded that I would support a ban.

Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p. 31-32 Jul 2, 2000

I’d like to hear an explanation for this change of heart. How did his “pro-choice instincts” evolve into “I’m pro-life!”

The On The Issues website calls Donald Trump a Liberal-Leaning Populist. Click for explanation.

Here he is on CNN, supporting  Hillary Clinton and bashing Bush back in 2007  (when it was oh-so fashionable to do so).

Oh, he also recently donated $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel’s Mayoral Campaign.

For me, that’s a WTF moment.

CPAC Starts Tomorrow…

And I’m-a goin’.

So far I haven’t weighed in on any of the controversies swirling around this year’s CPAC, but I feel the need to, now.

I don’t expect everyone at a conservative conference to agree on every issue, so I don’t have a problem with a group like GOP Proud having a seat at the table. In fact, I say, roll out the red carpet. Conservatives are not “anti-gay”. We may not agree with them on every single social issue (gay marriage, DADT), but if we agree on most everything else, I don’t see what the problem is. Melissa Clouthier’s take on this, was explained very thoughtfully, and  at length, at Red State.

Now, there’s much ado right now about the Conservative Political Action Conference because an identity-politics group GOProud has been allowed to attend CPAC. Having read founder Chris Barron’s material and seen his activism, it seems that his group fits into two circles (or in the past, referred to as two legs of the Conservative tent)–the fiscal conservative and hawk circles. Here is the group’s belief statement:

What we believe
We are conservatives who believe in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, a strong national defense and a confident foreign policy. We believe that every individual should be equal under the law. Click here to learn about our federal legislative priorities.

I’m pretty sure the “equal under the law” thing is a euphemism for gay people being married like hetero people. Otherwise, this is a fiscally and defense-wise conservative group.

She concludes that CPAC is a good place to hash out our differences:

And I hope social conservatives don’t abandon CPAC. I have strong reservations about identity politics in conservative thought. In fact, I’m pretty sure identity-politics are antithetical to conservatism as a philosophy. Still, we need to reach more minority voters and convince them of conservatism. How do we do that and not balkanize conservatism?

That’s a real discussion that must be had. And CPAC is just the place to have it.

My only concern with this is that CPAC could become a place where we are pressured to change longstanding conservative views from groups within.  I don’t go to CPAC to defend my conservatism. I go to share what I have in common with the other attendees, and I’m hoping that’s what GOP Proud is there for, too.

Leon Wolf wrote a somewhat harsher rejoinder to Clouthier’s piece, which you can read, here.

A much more serious concern for me are reports of the influence of  radical Muslims groups on the board of directors of the ACU, the group that sponsors CPAC. Ben Howe at Red State wrote at length about that in his eye-popping post: The Muslim Brotherhood and the ACU.

At 1:00 pm on Friday in the Jackson Room, there will be a panel discussion called The Importance of Faith & Religious Liberty in the U.S. & Abroad.  It is sponsored by a group called Muslims for America which was founded by the Hasan Family Foundation and runs a blog at

It’s at this blog that Muslims for America co-founder Muhammad Ali Hasan, a self-proclaimed “proud democrat” and supporter of the DREAM Act, described the controversy around Park51 Muslim Community Center otherwise known as the Ground Zero Mosque:

Anyone who opposed the Mosque/Islamic Center was clearly being a bigot. These people have not cared for the last 9 years what was happening at Ground Zero.

Under the auspices of “caring,” the writer has labeled any reasonable opposition to the construction of the GZM as intolerant towards Islam.  This is not the only time that the group has taken this position as Ali Hasan made similar accusations on the O’Reilly Factor.

As has been discussed often by the opposition to the mosque, if Park51’s stated purpose is to improve Muslim-American dialogue, not ignoring the concerns of a populace that was attacked by the evangelists of your religion would be a great start.  But this presupposes that the writer in any way holds followers of Islam responsible for the attack.

He does not.

Read the whole thing.

Pamela Geller has been kept off the agenda for her un-pc views on Islam for years, but last year she rented a room at the Marriott, and had a SRO crowd for her conference on Jihad. She’ll be there again, this year.

Now on a more positive note – Allen West has been named CPAC’s keynote speaker this year, which RS McCain for some inexplicable reason, thinks translates to more beers for him.  I’m pretty sure there’ll be no $20 wagers over whether or not this particular keynote speaker will cry during his speech, like last year.

Here are the rest of the confirmed speakers:

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Gov. Haley Barbour

Hon. John Bolton

Andrew Breitbart

Arthur Brooks

Herman Cain

Ann Coulter

Gov. Mitch Daniels

Hon. Newt Gingrich

David Horowitz

Wayne LaPierre

Sen. Mike Lee

Sen. Mitch McConnell

Rep. Ron Paul

Sen. Rand Paul

Hon. Tim Pawlenty

Gov. Rick Perry

Hon. Mitt Romney

Hon. Donald Rumsfeld

Rep. Paul Ryan

Hon. Rick Santorum

Phyllis Schlafly

Sen. John Thune


Video: Man Buried Alive By Snowplow

A Wisconsin man’s morning visit to  his mailbox became  a 4 hour snow-packed, death-defying ordeal after a snow plow drove by and buried him in the snow:

During the height of Wednesday morning’s blizzard, Latta fell in a snow bank while trying to get his mail.

That was 5 a.m. He was stuck and things were about to get much worse.

Latta says he never heard the plow coming, but when it did come by and push the mound of snow next to his mailbox he was covered from head to toe.

He says he remembers being covered with snow, his whole body buried.

Latta laid there for four hours.

Thank goodness for lookie-loo neighbors, huh?


It’s Time To Defund Planned Parenthood.

Mike Pence took to the House Floor today to denounce Planned Parenthood in the wake of yet another Live Action Sting video, released  Tuesday morning:

Text provided by LifeNews:

“Mr. Speaker, it comes as a surprise to most Americans to learn that the largest abortion provider in America is also the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X. It’s heartbreaking news this morning that Planned Parenthood of America has now been the subject of one more undercover video showing someone posing as a pimp being facilitated by employees at Planned Parenthood in how to secure secret abortions, STD testing and contraception for child prostitutes.

“As a father of two teenage daughters I saw the video that came out this morning. I saw the video that came out last week and it’s an outrage to me. That employees of Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are facilitating the abuse of minor girls in this country should be a scandal to every American.

“The time has come to deny all federal funding to Planned Parenthood of America. I’ve authored the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which would deny Title X funds to Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider and Congress must act and act now to move this important legislation. Pro-life Americans and all Americans should not be forced to subsidize America’s largest abortion provider or continue to provide federal taxpayer dollars to Title X clinics that engage in this abhorrent behavior.”

Pence filed the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition act on January 7, 2011.

Planned Parenthood has fired one manager, and announced the intention of “retraining” employees nationwide as a result of these latest stings, although a better word for it would be “untraining” them, because clearly, these employees were  responding out of habit. The response most civilized human beings would have when face to face with teenage sex traffickers would be extreme revulsion and a quick call to the authorities – not to advise the miscreants on how to evade the law and take advantage of government programs.

A licensed health care facility is mandated by law to report  the abuse of minors, (girls under 16), so the fact that these Planned Parenthood employees were willing to facilitate the exploitation and abuse of  young girls speaks volumes. As the mother of two teenage and two tweenage daughters, I find it plenty “compelling” that PP didn’t call the authorities until they realized they were victims of a sting. At some point they must have put 2 +2 together – I’m guessing after the Live action duo ran into trouble in one or two of their stings – but I’m just spit-balling.

Planned Parenthood reported visits to  clinics in Virginia, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Washington and Arizona between Jan. 11 and Jan. 15.

On Jan. 25th, Crimesider reported:

Last week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, Cecile Richards, wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and requesting an FBI investigation.

“Last week” was Jan. 16- 22. The visits themselves were the 11-15th. See what I’m saying?  Planned Parenthood only reported what happened  after their own internal investigation showed that they were being punked.

The videos clearly show Planned Parenthood employees, knowledgeable about how to skirt the law, willing to help the sex traffickers, but a clueless NY PP exec pronounced in an interview that he firmly believes the videos were doctored before admitting that he hasn’t yet seen them. Media Matters watched – so he didn’t have to, I guess.

Lila Rose reports:

This endemic cover-up of abuse extends beyond the staff at the New Jersey clinic, the four Virginia clinics, and the New York clinic. For four years our investigative team has been documenting the widespread abuse cover up at Planned Parenthood. See it yourself: From 2007-2009 we released 10 cases of sexual abuse cover up in six states, and our footage has led to suspensions and firings, resignations, numerous state investigations, and probation.

Young girls are going into Planned Parenthood clinics every day, too many the victims of abuse. Three-hundred to 400 thousands children are trafficked for sex every year, and too many are taken to Planned Parenthood clinics for secret abortions. The clinics that these abused girls will walk into will not only turn a blind eye to their abuse, but would do business with their pimps and keep their abuse secret.

Planned Parenthood has poured millions of dollars (many of them taxpayer dollars) into carefully crafting a positive public image. They like to brand themselves as the “trusted provider of women’s health care.” But Planned Parenthood’s real agenda is emerging: in its daily operations, the organization is rigidly pro-abortion and pro-abuser, enabling the victimization of young girls by partnering with their abusers.

Time to defund this sleazy outfit.


Life News: Lila Rose: Planned Parenthood Deceives in Sex Trafficking Video Response:

Deception 6) “We reported this to the FBI”

Planned Parenthood wrote the FBI a letter a week (after) our investigation, only after they realized that Live Action had conducted the sting. They say this themselves. As much as they may pretend, Planned Parenthood was not attempting to help send human traffickers to jail; they were attempting to pre-empt the release of Live Action’s footage.If Planned Parenthood really cared about reporting potential sex traffickers to authorities, they would have called police while the pimp was in the clinic, or immediately after. Not wasting a minute. Planned Parenthood, where are the reports from the now SIX clinics we’ve released, that you immediately called the police?

Why did all your staffers, instead of refusing service or gathering information from the pimp about his sex ring to inform authorities, GIVE the pimp information about how to access the Planned Parenthood system for secret services?

Like I said…

Read the whole thing…She responds to six deceptions in all.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!