Video: Herman Cain’s CPAC Speech

As things stand right now – Herman Cane is my pick for 2012. Listen to this, and tell me if don’t agree:

video via Freedom’s Lighthouse

Cain told a blogger who asked him about his lack of experience in holding public office, “Look at all those folks in DC holding office -How’s that working out for you?”.

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12 thoughts on “Video: Herman Cain’s CPAC Speech

  1. Wow, a truly inspirational speech by a great American Patriot. HE GETS IT!!! As ‘Nana’ to five precious grandchildren, I relate to his compulsion and urgency to make the world (America) a better place. It’s not just about us, but we have a sacred duty to fight for freedom for our posterity.
    Thank you ND for posting this speech. I have been aware of Herman Cain for some time, but this speech reveals his heart, talent and skill in an impressive way. I look forward to seeing who emerges from our primary process. I will say this, America would be blessed to have this man as President.


  2. If he’s running, I’m voting. Would be proud to follow him, would be proud to have him become Commander In Chief. Run Herman Run!!!!!


  3. The Fair Tax is a non-starter. Did he ever explain why he’s for the Fair Tax instead of the flat tax before this speech?


  4. Too much fire and brimstone preachiness. He’s a good spokesman, I think he would be good for RNC head, or maybe as the head of a sustained 501 that can collect funding and spread the conservative message, but I’m still a Mitch Daniels guy. Not just because he’s my governor, but because he’s good, he knows the machine, he’s ran some stuff, and he’s just plain likeable.

    I don’t know who made the ross perot comparisson, but I think it’s unfair, he’s short and kinda goofy looking, but I think his speech was excellent.

    Cain is good but he likes the dirt too much I think, especially considering that it’s not unreasonable to expect majorities in house and senate (not supers) in 2012. A guy like Cain might be too in your face and effect unity.


  5. The Fair Tax is a non-starter. Did he ever explain why he’s for the Fair Tax instead of the flat tax before this speech?

    Good point, I oppose the fair tax, I think it is fundamentally complex, and without any reasonable method of oversight, turning too much responsibility onto either the individual or onto statisticians who are. . .well, statisticians. You can’t prove them wrong unless you hardcount stuff.

    But My biggest problem with the fair tax is that all sales taxes, or commodity taxes, are fundamentally regressive. A flat tax, or a moderate progressive income tax rate is more about production than consumption.

    Not to mention, for either to work, the legislative nightmare would make freddy kruegar do everything in his power to wake up, rather than deal with all of the non-severable tax incentives included in almost every law.


  6. Herman Cain was on Greta’s show a few weeks ago and I liked what I heard so I went to his website and read what was there and liked him even more.
    He’s at the top of my short list.
    I just hope he hires top shelf people to run his campaign….cause that alone can sink a candidate.


  7. I must add that I do like the flat tax idea better than the fair tax.
    I also think how the flat tax works is easier for More people to understand than how the fair tax works.


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  9. Herman Cain stands for the principles that will get this country back on track. He’s the real deal. Many of the rest seem to be pandering.

    It’s funny to hear VAT supporters complaining about the “complexity” of Cain’s ideas for tax reform. The governor of Indiana has plenty of flaws that I’d be more than happy to discuss.


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