Video: David Horowitz Confronts Muslim Brotherhood In CPAC Speech

Horowitz spoke on education reform and the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the United States, and even the conservative movement (including CPAC!) in his Saturday afternoon speech  at CPAC.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been wildly successful in its plan to become part of America’s civil culture and to infiltrate the institutions of America’s civil government, including the White House and both political parties, and the conservative movement as well. Suhail Khan is the proud son of Mahboob Khan and his protégé, as he is also the protégé of the convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi.

Sponsored by his longtime patron Grover Norquist, who has been a pillar of the conservative movement, Suhail Khan was given a White House appointment in the Bush Administration and facilitated Alamoudi’s access to the president. Suhail then became an Undersecretary of Transportation where he received a top security clearance. With Grover’s support Suhail has also been made a board member of the American Conservative Union and was the moderator of a panel on Religious Liberty yesterday at this event.

Suhail Khan used his offices in the Bush White House with Grover’s connivance to carry water for the terrorist Sami al-Arian in an attempt to ban the use of secret evidence in terrorist trials – a proposal that thanks to Grover’s immense political influence was actually endorsed by President Bush and was only thwarted by the 9/11 terror attacks.

Entire transcript at Newsreal Blog.

Video: Herman Cain Visits The Bloggers Lounge

Herman Cain graciously took questions from bloggers when he visited the bloggers lounge before his CPAC speech, Friday afternoon. He was asked why he had supported the bank bailout in the Fall of ’08, and Cain forcefully defended his position at the time:


And This Year’s CPAC Miss Congeniality Is….

Congratulations Miss Stephen Kruiser!:

And thank you for keeping your pants on!

Seriously, though.  The flowers were for the for the organizers who did the hard work that made the bloggers lounge possible: Tabitha Hale of Freedomworks, and  Melissa Clouthier (@melissatweets) of Liberty Pundits and Red State, deserve massive kudos along with many other  helpers. The roses were presented by Seton Motley of Newsbusters, Human Events, and Big Government.


The moment was captured on video, albeit, probably the shortest video in YouTube history:

Video: Ann Coulter Rocks The House at CPAC

Ann Coulter spoke to a full house on Saturday afternoon, day 3 of CPAC. As always, she killed:

video via Freedom’s Lighthouse

There were rumors that she might come and visit us in the bloggers lounge, but alas…it was not to be.

Video of Ann taking questions, (where she makes an unfortunate prediction),  here.