Obama Fails To Implement Ideas Of His Own Fiscal Commission

How big a joke is Obama’s new budget? He’s ignoring his own Fiscal Commission’s recommendations…it’s almost like the work they did last year to come up with a plan, never happened:

“The country’s biggest challenge, domestically speaking, no doubt about it, is a debt crisis. … It looks like the debt is going to continue rising under this budget,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Presidents are elected to lead, not to punt. And this president has been punting.”

Some who worked on Obama’s fiscal panel were also disappointed by his decision not to endorse any of the major elements of their deficit-reduction plan, which calls for raising the Social Security retirement age, charging wealthy seniors more for Medicare and limiting popular tax breaks such as the mortgage interest deduction.

“I would have preferred to see the administration get out front on addressing the entitlements and the tax reform that we need to reduce long-run deficits,” said Alice Rivlin, a commission member who served as budget director in the Clinton White House. “But they clearly made a tactical decision that this is not the best way to get to a positive result.”

Erskine Bowles, the Democratic chairman of the fiscal commission, said the White House budget request goes “nowhere near where they will have to go to resolve our fiscal nightmare.”

Hot Air has video of Ryan slamming Obama for “punting” on the budget crisis.

His plan appears to be nothing more than a continuation of  the insanely irresponsible tax and spend fiscal policies that are leading the nation to ruin.

Americans For Tax Reform says there are $1.5 trillion in tax hikes over present law hidden in Obama’s budget:

  • Raising the top marginal income tax rate (at which a majority of small business profits face taxation) from 35% to 39.6%.  This is a $709 billion/10 year tax hike
  • Raising the capital gains and dividends rate from 15% to 20%
  • Raising the death tax rate from 35% to 45% and lowering the death tax exemption amount from $5 million ($10 million for couples) to $3.5 million.  This is a $98 billion/ten year tax hike
  • Capping the value of itemized deductions at the 28% bracket rate.  This will effectively cut tax deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions, property taxes, state and local income or sales taxes, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and unreimbursed employee business expenses.  A new means-tested phaseout of itemized deductions limits them even more.  This is a $321 billion/ten year tax hike
  • New bank taxes totaling $33 billion over ten years
  • New international corporate tax hikes totaling $129 billion over ten years
  • New life insurance company taxes totaling $14 billion over ten years
  • Massive new taxes on energy, including LIFO repeal, Superfund, domestic energy manufacturing, and many others totaling $120 billion over ten years
  • Increasing unemployment payroll taxes by $15 billion over ten years
  • Taxing management capital gains in an investment partnership (“carried interest”) as ordinary income.  This is a tax hike of $15 billion over ten years
  • A giveaway to the trial lawyers—not letting companies deduct the cost of punitive damages from a lawsuit settlement.  This is a tax hike of $300 million over ten years
  • Increasing tax penalties, information reporting, and IRS information sharing.  This is a ten-year tax hike of $20 billion.

Republican Budget Committee ranking member, Jeff Sessions, called the President’s plan, “a blueprint for losing the future”:

I had the opportunity to see the debut of this new Citizen’s United spot at CPAC: Obama Budget Ignores 800 Pound Gorilla:


Random CPAC Pix

Friday night:

Little Miss Attila, Obi’s Sister, Fausta, and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant…

that featured this dish on the menu:

Joy ordered and was disappointed by the size of the flaccid penne:

I won’t even tell you about the issues we had with the bill – but the tug of war for my credit card between Miss Attila and the waiter would have made a great action photo.

Back at the hotel lounge:

ND and Dale Peterson

We ran into Richard Miniter in the hotel lounge. Fascinating guy:

Fausta and Richard Miniter

Day 3:

The bloggers lounge was always a busy and  bustling place, and security was tight. No one is quite sure why, but an uncredentialed Maureen Dowd tried to push her way into the room on day 2, but was blocked at the door. By all accounts, she was seriously displeased at being refused entry.

Some of us were wondering, “how does one get the nickname, “Fingers”, and decided not to delve too deeply…

ND and Fingers Malloy

Before his keynote speech, Congressman Allen West visited the Bloggers Lounge. He spoke briefly and posed for pictures. Tammy Bruce was clearly delighted to see him, giving him a warm embrace when he entered the room:

Tammy Bruce and  Allen West

My own video of West’s keynote speech – I captured the last third:

For the entire thing, go here.

My dinner companions Saturday night:

John Hawkins, Susannah and Chris Fleetwood

Stephen Gutowski from Eyeblast, and John Sexton from Verum Serum

I finally made it to the Kruiser Cabana on Saturday night. This is after were booted out by security. (Yes, we all snuck back in):

The studs of CPAC 2011: (L to R) @keder, (not Demonsheep) Stephen Gutowski , Fingers Malloy, Chris Fleetwood, and Steve Eggleston

RS McCain, Susannah Fleetwood, and John Howting

Some of the revelers were deep in the closet – literally.

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Breitbart Talks About The Pigford Case In The CPAC Bloggers Lounge

After Andrew Breitbart’s CPAC speech, Saturday morning, he visited the bloggers lounge to touch on the subject that was to be the main topic of his speech, but he sort of veered off track. The long and short of it is – this is a scandal of epic proportions, and the media is studiously avoiding it because of PC paralysis. Breitbart needs us to help get this story out there:

I asked Andrew when the documentary would be released, and he told me that they’re still working on it. They keep finding new things to add.

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Andrew Breitbart on Pigford Lawsuit, “Bring It On”

New Media Entrepreneur declares that his voice will not be suppressed.

Andrew Breitbart and the head of Breitbart.tv sued by Pigford claimant.

Los Angeles, CA, February 12, 2011 – Breitbart.com LLC announced today that its Chairman and CEO Andrew Breitbart and the head of Breitbart.tv, Larry O’Connor, have been sued in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia by a central figure in the Pigford “back-door” reparations case. The Pigford case involves over $2.5 billion in US taxpayer money and constitutes one of the biggest cases of corruption
and politically-motivated fraud in the history of the United States. Mr. Breitbart and Breitbart.tv have been investigating and reporting on the Pigford case since late summer 2010.

Andrew Breitbart said, in response to being sued, “I find it extremely telling that this lawsuit was brought almost seven months after the alleged incidents that caused a national media frenzy occurred. It is no coincidence that this lawsuit was filed one day after I held a press conference revealing audio proof of orchestrated and systemic Pigford fraud. I can promise you this: neither I, nor my journalistic
websites, will or can be silenced by the institutional Left, which is obviously funding this lawsuit. I welcome the judicial discovery process, including finding out which groups are doing so.”


Video: CPAC Sharia Panel Takes Questions

Ayaan Hirsi, author of Infidel, and Nomad, the Hon. James Woolsey, former CIA director, and Andrew McCarthy of National Review took questions after their CPAC panel, The Sharia Challenge in the West, Saturday February 12, 2011. Clifford May, from Foundation For Defense of Democracies, moderated.

Hirsi described the Obama administration as “gullible” in the wake of the National Intelligence Director, James Clapper’s characterization of the Muslim Brotherhood, as “largely secular”.

Hirsi may be optimistic, but I’m not.