Friday free-For-All Cheesehead Edition

Via Breitbart TV: Teacher’s Union Protester Robotically Chants Slogan Instead of Answering CNN Interviewer’s Question:

Michelle Malkin is calling the showdown in Wisconsin: Apocalypse Now: Wisconsin vs. Big Labor; Plus: More out-of-state union recruiting & another teacher speaks up for Walker:

As the free-market MacIver Institute in Wisconsin points out, the benefits concessions Walker is asking public union workers to make would still maintain their health insurance contribution rates at the second-lowest among Midwest states for family coverage. Moreover, a new analysis by benefits think tank HCTrends shows that the new rate “would also be less than the employee contributions required at 85 percent of large Milwaukee_area employers.”

This modest call for shared sacrifice has triggered the wrath of the White House-Big Labor-Michael Moore axis. On Thursday, President Obama lamented the “assault on unions.” AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union bosses dubbed Walker the “Mubarak of the Midwest” while their minions toted posters of Walker’s face superimposed on Hitler’s. Moore goaded thousands of striking union protesters to “shut down” the “new Cairo” while the state’s Democratic legislators bailed on floor debate over the union reform package.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan spurned the opportunity to condemn thousands of Wisconsin public school teachers for lying about being “sick” and shutting down at least eight school districts across the state to attend capitol protests (many of whom dragged their students on a social justice field trip with them). Instead, Duncan defended teachers for “doing probably the most important work in society.” Only striking government teachers could win federal praise for NOT doing their jobs.

Yes, the so-called progressives truly believe that bringing American union workers into the 21st century in line with the rest of the workforce is tantamount to dictatorship.

Yes, I’ve actually heard union protesters comparing themselves to the protesters in Egypt.

I see this as another example of Obama’s abdication of leadership. He knows as well as anyone that budget cuts have to be made, and the Governor’s proposals in Wisconsin are modest considering the dire financial straits the state is in.

It’s the same stance he’s taken on the national budget. As Ace noted earlier this week:

Basically, Obama is going to run a platform of irresponsibility and future disaster because he trusts Americans are so stupid they’ll reward him for it. And of course the problem with this strategy — for us — is that it is 88% likely he’s right.


…he’d rather watch America burn than let his precious ego take the hit of a difficult re-election.

Interestingly though,  a new Pew poll shows union support at near historic lows:

The favorability ratings for labor unions remain at nearly their lowest level in a quarter century with 45% expressing a positive view.

And that poll was taken before these protests in Wisconsin, which I think most Americans are looking at with disfavor.

By the way, how many of these teachers protesting in Madison are math teachers? Because Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard has done some math, and it doesn’t look to me that their protests are even in their own best interests, financially:

According to the state of Wisconsin, the average teacher salary in Wisconsin is $49,093 annually. (With benefits, the average total compensation is $77,857.) With 190 school days per year, Wisconsin public education employees make about $258 per day. So in an effort to avoid contributing to their own pensions and funding 6 percent more of their own health care premiums, teachers have taken unpaid leave to protest and have given up nearly $500 – so far. . . . . What’s more, Wisconsin teachers pay as much as $1100 each year in compulsory union dues. If the legislation passes, they will no longer be required to pay those dues – returning that money to their own pockets.

The Other McCain on ‘Civility’:

Ann Althouse: “After all those efforts to paint Tea Partiers as using violent images and rhetoric, these pictures from Madison have got to hurt.” It’s also going to hurt that Democrats are issuing “demands” like … uh, hostage-takers. But as Ace of Spades says, there are times when liberals find a “Climate of Hate” useful.

The latest from Ace: Walker: I’m Sending Out The Cops:


They’ll pick one of them up. At least a couple of them are going to have to come back home at some point. Being Democrats, it’s easier for them to abandon their families, but they’ll still need changes of socks.

Alrightie, then. I’m heading for St. Louie for the weekend. Co-bloggers can add more links if they see anything noteworthy to add.

Karl Rove on the Megyn Kelly Show just called what is going on in Wisconsin, “State sponsored anarchy”.

Obama’s fingerprints are all over this.

Breitbart TV: Jurassic Commies From Chicago Join Madison Teachers’ Rally

See?  Obama’s political arm, sent out the moonbat signal, and they came a-runnin’..


A new poll from the Washington-based Clarus Group asked:

Do you think government employees should be represented by labor unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions … or do you think government employees should not be represented by labor unions?

A full 64% of the respondents said “no.”

That includes 42% of Democrats, and an overwhelming majority of Republicans. Only 49% of Democrats think public workers should be in unions at all.

Charles Krauthammer says Captain Hope and Change is standing for the status quo:


Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, Thanks!


15 thoughts on “Friday free-For-All Cheesehead Edition

  1. One of my friends from The Corps was engaged to a math teacher, we were electronics techs, so we knew a bit about math.

    apparently that’s not a requirement for math teachers in california.


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  5. I can’t believe I just listened to the entire first video. I’d really like to ask Nancy Rice to logically explain how she’s standing up for the rights and the voices of the students. Especially considering half the time she can’t string together a full sentence. Are the students of Wisconsin unable to speak coherently for themselves, so Nancy Rice feels the need to speak incoherently for them?


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  8. Not going to lie here Deb, while the teachers in Wisconsin may be going a bit far we have a similar issue in New York. The teachers in New York back home are treated like absolute bollucks, especially the aides. The unions for the teachers at home are working hard to keep our district from forcing a pay-freeze on them and I hope they win. The pay-freeze at home would freeze the wages of teachers and aides but not that of the super-intendant or his underlings. The worst part is that he makes $200,000 a year, more than the Governor of New York. I know some unions go too far (according to some people), but damn it, my mother who is an aide deserves some form of collective bargaining.


  9. Deb,
    Back home in NY they are. It is literally the Teacher’s Local vs. the Super-intendant and his underlings own private union. I am all for unions…I am a member of a few myself, but this private union of the super is nothing like the right honorable one the teachers have.


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