Instructions for Filing Complaints Against Unethical Doctors

This past weekend we saw clear evidence of  doctors issuing  sick notes for healthy teachers so they could play hookie from school and get paid for it.  True to Dem Socialist form, these brainiacs think the taxpayers should pay for their  protest time.
As Instapundit noted,
If the doctor involved is actually signing these, he should be brought before the medical licensing board. I would imagine that criminal prosecution is possible, too. And if his name is being forged, then somebody else is a criminal.
Many of these doctors have been identified and their names can be located at Left Coast Rebel’s post, Hacks and Quacks.

For doctor reviews, ratings and general information you can visit It is a great source to find a doctor in your area.

1)  Print a copy of the Complaint Formand fill in the appropriate information.2)  If your complaint involves a health care profession, you may also print out  the Consent For Release of Information Form and fill in the appropriate information.  Completion of this form is voluntary.

3)  Mail completed document(s) to:

State of Wisconsin
Department of Regulation and Licensing
Division of Enforcement
PO Box 8935
Madison, WI 53708-8935


Michelle Malkin: Fake sick teachers may cost Wisconsin taxpayers at least $6 million


Fox News: University of Wisconsin Medical School Investigating Doctors’ Notes at Protest

Hat tip: Charles B.


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