Video: Union Thuggery and Intimidation In Madison, WI

I think it’s important to keep in mind that the President’s political arm, Organizing for America, bused in some of the nearly 70,000 protesters Saturday, and last week he called the bill “an assault on unions.” In fact, it’s now been said that Obama denounced Governor Walker faster than he denounced Mubarak.

Charlie Martin at The PJ Tatler directed attention to this Daily Caller story from Saturday’s protests:

Police officers in Madison detained and subsequently released a labor union operative who attempted, somewhat successfully, to destroy the speaker system at the Tea Party counter rally Saturday.

Police would not release the name of the man, or any more details, but eyewitnesses told The Daily Caller he ripped the wiring out of several different speaker systems. Part of the sound system went out for about five minutes.

It makes you wonder whose side the police are on? As Martin notes:

The puzzling — okay, it’s not puzzling, I’m more cynical than that — the striking thing here is that the police didn’t intervene when the union thug was merely destroying property to impede the Tea Partier’s right to speak; they did finally act when the thug progressed to assaulting the Tea Party guy; and they’ve already released the thug, apparently without charges.

The second man in video above described the hate-filled, and vitriolic mob the tea partiers had to walk past to get to their rallying spot.

Via Fitzworth at AoSHQ, an Independent school teacher and union member described her experience in detail:

We walked by displays set up by several socialist groups, and doctors giving fraudulent notes to teachers so they can get paid with taxpayer money for protesting. I was very surprised and disturbed by this.

At the rally supporting the bill we agreed with most of what we heard, especially “Joe the Plummer” and the last young woman who spoke: they seemed to say everything we hear around our kitchen table and from friends and family in our everyday lives.

But then there was the mob that everyone had to go through to get to and from the area for the support rally. I wish I had video taped trying to leave. I had no sign, and was not an active participant – but I experienced first-hand the intimidation and hostility of either union mercenaries, or even worse, of the good people who have been getting whipped into an exhausted and desparate state by the union sponsored liberal rhetoric and atmosphere.

They stood blocking the way, leaving only a narrow two-person-wide space for thousands to funnel through. It was scary, claustrophic, and made me feel panicked. They glared, yelled, and one guy pushed me so hard I flew two feet forward. I thought my husband was going to lose it, so we stopped and just stood to the side where we were. I watched a lot of people from the rally pass in front of me experiencing the same thing. I saw middle class, working class people who looked liked my sister, my mother, my son or daughter, my neighbors… being taunted and intimidated by a mob hoping to provoke mayhem or violence. I looked for police help to secure a path or help with our exit, but I only saw them standing in isolated clusters amongst themselves, the nearest over 50 feet away from the crowd.

She goes on to say:

As the daughter of a police officer, I’m heartbroken to experience their callous indifference for my safety, that I can only understand as their passive support for protesters, and which makes them complicit in the intimidation.

Go to AoSHQ for full story and video of Union protesters blowing whistles while the tea partiers said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Lefty protesters also tried to drive Fox News away with obnoxious taunts and chants on Saturday:


Jim Hoft Reports: Breaking: Situation Escalates in Wisconsin – RIOT POLICE Called in On Violent Leftists at 2 AM

A Conservative Teacher: BREAKING: Barack Obama Time Travels from January to Scold Barack Obama of February of his Lack of Civility in Wisconsin Budget Battle


Via Doug Ross –  Apparently The New York Times is reporting that “the White House and the DNC itself really had nothing at all to do with the public service union protests in Madison”.

Absolute nonsense.  Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic Party Communications Director, was spotted on Twitter crowing about Dem involvement:

According to Politico‘s Ben Smith, Obama’s Political arm, OFA has published at least 54 tweets promoting the rallies.

While duplicitous Dems  desperately try to project the idea that the public overwhelmingly supports their cause, the latest Rasmussen poll shows that VOTERS SIDE WITH SCOTT WALKER… Only 38% Support Radical Gov Union Workers.

See also: Theo Spark for a video featuring International Socialist Organization, revolutionary Trotskyites committed to global anti-capitalist struggle.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Union Thuggery and Intimidation In Madison, WI

  1. I hope all private sector workers are watching what is happening in Wisconsin. These Unionized Public Empolyees are protesting against every private sector taxpayer in the United States. They basically want the private sector employees to shut their damn mouths and pay for their generous retirements, full medical insurance, 5 week vacations, etc. etc. Wake up private sector! These idiots are willing to get physical if you don’t open your damn wallet and give them your money.


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