Poll: Vote For Your Favorite New Thug-Tracking Website Name

Yesterday, as new reports of Dem thuggery continued to roll in, I was reminded of the professional left’s farcical, “Tea Party Tracker” which was launched by the NAACP, Media Matters, Think Progress and New Left Media. Their site hasn’t had much to report because as we all know, tea partiers are peaceful, reasonable people who just want their voices to be heard. As of yesterday, it hadn’t even updated since 10/20/10. It’s almost like it was launched primarily as a pre-election stunt to smear the right.

But it got me to thinking – if the left is going to create a site to try to prove that tea partiers are racist (which they aren’t), why don’t we have a site set up  to expose the violence and moonbattery on the left? Yes, we have an army of Davids posting these videos and stories on their own blogs, YouTube, and Facebook accounts as they come in, but I thought it would be helpful in countering the media narrative (teaparty: racist hatemongers – leftwingers: peaceful and righteous) if we had one place to store all the videos and news accounts. This site will have little commentary – just videos and news accounts of left-wing thuggery and/or moonbattery. I’ll set up a new email account for tips, which people can access at the site.

This isn’t a stunt. And it’s not an unfair smear. Right wing activists have been aware of extreme  left-wing thuggery for years, but the public at large doesn’t see it because the Make Believe media doesn’t like to cover it.

My post, Hey, Maybe It’s Time For a Conservative Counterpart to “Tea Party Tracker”, got a good response, with many great suggestions for names for the new site. Today, I ‘m asking people to vote on their favorite name.

Please share this poll, I’d like a good response.

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24 thoughts on “Poll: Vote For Your Favorite New Thug-Tracking Website Name

  1. Hmmm. Perhaps. He seems to be posting sporadically and incompletely. There have been many more incidences of Union thuggery in the past week than I’m seeing posted there. I’m sure there’s room for two of us.

    I’ll email him.


  2. Posted a link at Gateway Pundit.

    I suggested this a year ago, when Ms. Bautsch had her bones broken in New Orleans*. Even then, it was so common that I thought, “We need a ‘Religionofpeace dot com’ sort of site to track all this violence from the left.”

    I’m glad someone is going to do this.

    (*and, apparantly, nobody could pay the NOLA cops enough cash, drugs, or hookers to actually investigate this, so the leg-breaking Leftists are still on the loose.)


  3. I dunno. It has to be something simple, snappy and all-encompassing.

    Unionxxx, (“my daddy was in the union, but he would not like how things are going”). Progxxx covers progressives (I despise your political party because you don’t go far enough, and will admit to a dem label only because it’s all you’ve got). Demxxx covers dems (I am a democrat, and abhor violence, but let me tell you about my really deep thoughts about Gabby Giffords).

    Gollum watch? It’s the only (lame) thing I can come up with that covers all the bases. Misguided, informed by avaricious short-sightedness, supported by lunatic and circular reasoning, finally driven to dangerous acts.

    I’ve often thought about the similarities between that character, the dem/prog/unionists and addictive behavior.

    And the self-described cool kids really hate it when you hijack one of their own.


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