Update on New Thug-Tracking Site (Update – Now Live)

I had hoped to have the site up by last weekend, but it took our tech guy until today to get to it. I should have it ready to go by tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. The site is ready to go, I just need to fill it with content, which I’ll work on after dinner. Obviously, I have a lot to work with.

Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse was the top vote-getter in my poll. Hubby’s been helping me with the header – tell me what you think of it, (so far):

Oh, I see some of it got cut off. Here’s a smaller copy:


The email for the new site is thugtracker@gmail.com. Send me your tips.


The site is now live, but it’s still a work in progress: Left-Wing Institute For Civil Discourse.


Poll: Vote For Your Favorite New Thug-Tracking Website Name

Hey, Maybe It’s Time For a Conservative Counterpart to “Tea Party Tracker”



9 thoughts on “Update on New Thug-Tracking Site (Update – Now Live)

  1. Well that is certainly disgusting and accurate. What a header. Perfect examples of left-wing civil discourse. How are you possibly going to have time to post the avalanche of videos you will be getting NiceDeb?

    – the photo at center bottom is blurry. Maybe replace it with another example?
    – aren’t Kaczynski and Loughner really severely mentally disturbed individuals rather than typical moonbat thugs?


  2. aren’t Kaczynski and Loughner really severely mentally disturbed individuals rather than typical moonbat thug

    Extreme leftism is a type of mental disorder. I think we’ve seen that played out over and over again in recent weeks.

    The way the left reacted to the Giffords shooting was in itself, psychotic.

    Loughner’s friend said he was very far left when she knew him, and to the degree that any of Loughner’s political ideas could be determined, they were mostly left-wing. The Unibomber was an extreme environmental wacko – a lefty. Of course they were nuts, too.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center claims to this day that Loughner was a right wing extremist. Consider this pushing that meme right back in their face.


  3. The bottom center could be redone. It’s a screen grab from the video. It’s hard to get a clear still when they’re moving, and I wanted it to be an action shot.


  4. You will definitely be in their faces with this new website NiceDeb. I think it will become a valuable resource for readers and bloggers. Thanks for you and your hubby’s efforts!


  5. Fantastic idea and work, ND (hubby too). I am amazed at all you accomplish. You are a great Patriot using your multiple talents in a way that helps so many.
    God Bless!


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