Video: One Lone Tea Partier Takes On Entire Pro-Union Rally

Oh my goodness… how big are this guys’  gonads? Watch to find out:

Note how our conservative friend smiles and makes valid arguments, while the Koch-obsessed union protesters respond by hurling profanities, and then try to drown him  out by chanting or booing.

Shut up, they said.

Bravo, fella.


Wondering why the guy’s smiling?

Maybe he understands this is the last gasp of the left-wing’s union stranglehold on the economy:

Via Ed Driscoll:

“Da Techguy” deposited “The Democrats in a Wisconsin mine field:”

While some members of the GOP are getting wobbilly, I say man up. The reason why the left and the unions are screaming so loud is because they are losing both the argument and the visuals: as Powerline puts it:

I agree with Roger that this is a watershed moment. I think it is George Will who supplies the appropriate term for what we are seeing: “reactionary liberalism.” The petulant public employee unions and their associated goons swarming the Wisconsin capitol remind me of nothing so much as George Wallace blocking the schoolhouse door against integration, or the scenes, played out on national television in the early 1960s, of Democratic politicians whipping up mobs and setting dogs on civil rights marchers in the South. It was a clear sign the old order, also dedicated to preserving illegitimate privilege, was collapsing.

These protests aren’t a sign of strength, they are signs of weakness as the union bosses can’t quietly slip in the goodies they want. Or as even EJ Dionne acknowledges (and deplores) the Tea Party is winning.

Via Breitbart TV.


4 thoughts on “Video: One Lone Tea Partier Takes On Entire Pro-Union Rally

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  2. The original of that line is ‘ “Shut up”, he explained.’ I don’t know where that’s from – probably one of the “hard-nosed detective” writers.

    We can pull up another reference, a movie one this time, from “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”:

    “Reasons???? We don’ need no stinkin’ reasons! ! !”


  3. makes me wonder what this young man will be doing in 10 years. I could see him arguing for conservative principles before the Supremes maybe? 🙂


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