Young Wisconsin Marxists Wax Philosophic On Class Struggle and ‘Noodles And Company‘ Restaurant ’Dictatorship’

Watch, and tremble at the thought that we share this planet with such deeply flawed thinkers:

The YouTube poster notes:

Aaron Kennedy, the founder of Noodles, grew up on a farm with few to no connections to money. Like my friend Rob, Kennedy also studied at the University of Wisconsin. At 29, while eating at a Chinese restaurant, Kennedy had an idea, and scribbled his business plan on a napkin.

Scraping some money together from his friends and family and maxing out eight credit cards, Kennedy opened the first Noodles in his basement, and then put together a team with whom he’d build and operate 100 Noodles branches all on their own. It is now a $75 million franchise with 240 locations in 18 different states, providing jobs to over 3,000 employees just like Rob. This is what the American Dream looks like.

More at The Blaze.

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7 Responses to “Young Wisconsin Marxists Wax Philosophic On Class Struggle and ‘Noodles And Company‘ Restaurant ’Dictatorship’”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yep, he’s the typical clueless parrot our Marxist “teachers” turn out.
    Get a job, greaseball.

  2. CO2 Producer Says:

    Oh, that exchange at the end was priceless.

    I’ve actually bought that magazine a couple of times. Don’t hate me–it’s helpful to understand the way their thinkers think.

  3. Lily Says:

    Honestly, this is one of the most sad and alarming things I have ever viewed.

  4. nicedeb Says:

    Makes you sad, doesn’t it?

    What kind of schooling did this creature get?

  5. Deborah Says:

    No doubt about it: Liberalism is a mental disease! Clearly this poor boy’s brain has been effectively pickled by our educational teachers that have pledged their alligence — not American ideals — to the NEA that is closely aligned with the AFL-CIO who is brother to the ISO.


  6. Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere Says:

    The good news is that if you have a daughter close to his age, you can already tell her that she better not EVER bring this rocketscientist home with her.

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