Pro-Union Demonstrators Allowed To Re-Enter Capitol (Video Added)

JS Online is reporting:

Madison — A group of perhaps one hundred protesters has entered the previously restricted and quiet Capitol and is now chanting, “Our house, our house.”

David Noyce of Madison said that he entered the building with the demonstrators after someone let them in and that a policeman flashed him a thumbs up as he entered. The protesters entered just as Gov. Scott Walker was about to start a news conference in a separate room of the building.


The protesters have been stopped by phalanx of police on the ground floor of the west wing and prevented from reaching the rotunda and joining the separate group of protesters who have been spending the night in the Capitol.


Ann Althouse reports that a Dane County judge is planning to order everyone cleared out of the Capitol.


More at  Gateway Pundit.



3 thoughts on “Pro-Union Demonstrators Allowed To Re-Enter Capitol (Video Added)

  1. JS online, let me put you straight, with the assistance of reporting from the Wisconsin State Journal – a reputable source of information:

    The state “closed the Capitol impermissibly” when it began restricting public access to the building, a Dane County judge ruled Thursday, ordering the limits be lifted no later than 8 a.m. Monday.

    The ruling led to the end of more than two weeks of protester presence at the state Capitol, as the final holdouts left the building after 10 p.m. Thursday

    Judge John Albert said the state may impose “reasonable restraints” on the time, place and manner of future protests. He also ordered the state Department of Administration to remove protesters — who have been spending the night in the Capitol — after 6 p.m. when it normally closes, saying, “If the building is closed, there’s no one to listen to a demonstration.”

    OK, now all those on the extreme right: stand up everyone who says protests should not be allowed. Come stand up, I dare you. Either you allow them, or you don’t. The likes of Scott Walker cannot have it both ways. Thankfully this country is ruled by law, not politicians.


  2. Not sure what you’re saying JS Online got wrong.

    At any rate, no one says people don’t have the right to protest. But they shouldn’t do it by taking over a building, camping out over night, stinking up and trashing a place where other people have to work. Who gets to clean up after these slobs, and who gets to foot the bill? If you’re so concerned about rights. Think of those people, too.


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