Chris Matthews Still Spooked By Michele Bachmann’s: “Manchurian”, “Queen of Diamonds”, “Hypnotic Trance”

Here is Michele Bachmann’s appearance on Meet The Press, Sunday. I thought she did a masterful job of getting her main talking point out there (which was unfortunately ignored), and of fielding questions from an interviewer whose main objective was to trip her up:

Now watch Chris Matthews’ rather unhinged reaction to that:

Geoffrey Dickens at Newsbusters wonders what the big deal is:

Leave it to Chris Matthews to look at a typical, by the book, recitation of talking points appearance by Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and describe it as a sign of conspiracy or lunacy. On Monday’s Hardball, after Matthews played clips of Bachmann on NBC’s Meet the Press, he wondered if she was trained by “a group in Virginia that teaches right wing people” to “use the most wild language” and repeat it or was she simply “behaving like a zombie?”

I’ve watched entire interviews where the Democrat refused to answer a single question, and instead blathered on and on about his own self-serving talking points.
And I’ve watched the liberal interviewer allow him to get away with it. Michelle Bachmann had a story- a 105 billion dollar scandal that she desperately wanted to break on a highly rated Sunday talk show, an which the supposed journalist who was interviewing her had no interest in following up on…what more,  all  liberal pols can talk about today is that she dodged a question.

As Ace explained earlier today, there’s a very good reason why Bachmann dodged the “Will you shut down government” question.

David Gregory relentlessly stayed on his own message: asking and re-asking if Bachmann would shut the government down over these “political” spending questions. (Later in the show, he made a strict distinction between spending cuts which are “not political” and spending cuts — to liberal favorites NPR, Planned Parenthood, and ObamaCare — which are “political” and therefore unreasonable. He never explained why cuts to programs other than these should be considered “not political.”)

Let me turn to Gregory’s agenda: He kept asking the same question. He was attempting to get Michelle Bachmann to commit to either shutting the government down or not shutting it down.

It’s a trap question, because any answer she gives helps Obama. If she says she’ll shut the government down over these “political” spending cuts, then Gregory and Obama can paint her as an “extremist” who refuses to “compromise” and therefore pressure the GOP to relent on these questions — Heads Obama wins.

If she says she’s willing to compromise and give on these points, then she has absolutely no negotiating position when she goes to the table, and Obama himself can threaten to shut down the government because he knows Bachmann will fold — in this case, she would have already announced she’d fold, after all. Tails Bachmann loses.

Chris knows all of this very well. He’s not new to politics. He understands how the game is played. His attacks on Bachmann have nothing to do with how she answers questions…the attacks are meant to deflect attention away from the Master.

He may also be a little sore about this.

6 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Still Spooked By Michele Bachmann’s: “Manchurian”, “Queen of Diamonds”, “Hypnotic Trance”

  1. You’re right ND, Bachmann did a masterful job in above interview. She did exactly the right thing in response to the trap Gregory was trying to catch her in. What an annoying man he is and reveals his shallowness.
    Bachmann is a smart, knowledgable, courageous Patriot who is a tremendous asset to the R party in DC.
    Gregory and Matthews embarass themselves, they are very little men.


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  5. This is indeed a scathing indictment; however, it begs the question, “Why did it take the Republican congresswoman and former Congressman Ernest Istook of Oklahoma two years to uncover and expose the pre-funding of 105 billion dollars?” It seems that the chickens are coming home to roost after all. The Democrats stole Uncle Sam’s car and took it for a joy ride while the Republicans were asleep at the gate. And now Ms. Bachmann cries, “Fowl!”


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